Best Big and Tall Office Chair Buying Guide

Big and Tall Office Chair

If you don’t fit the mold of average height and weight, most office chairs won’t meet your needs. You may be sitting right now, knees raised above your chair, calves tired and cramped beneath your desk. Maybe you feel the pinch of a chair that just can’t handle your size. Our custom-fit, big and tall chairs satisfy your body’s ergonomic demands.

Big and Tall Office ChairTaste relaxation for the first time. Experience what it’s like to walk out of the office with a spring in your step, instead of a pain in your back. Don’t let a substandard chair conform your body to an unnatural posture. Let us assemble a chair specifically for you.

Ergonomic Chairs for Tall People (for those over 6’1″)

Large Ergonomic Chairs for those weighing 300-700lbs

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