Best Shower Head under $100

Best Shower Head under $100: Mostly, the first thing we do in the morning is take a warm or cold shower which makes us ready for the day. This not only helps us to maintain personal hygiene but also makes us feel fresh as we get ready for our daily activities. This is one of the main things that help you in improving your immunity and staying healthy.

Showers are something that replicates the natural phenomenon of rain and hence all of us have a natural instinct to stand in the shower. It is really important to take the shower daily and you can make your daily shower more fun by installing a cool shower head.

Why shower heads?

Today, the best shower heads under $100 are available with various different settings and they can make this morning routine really fun. You can switch between a massage shower and a rain shower with just a flip of a button and the best part is that they are modular. You can choose to buy combo sets which include a handheld shower and a mounted one or you can simply choose one of these depending on the bathroom and the need.

A lot of modernized showers come with a filter that can help you in getting rid of debris in the water or which can help you in dealing with hard water. We would certainly recommend those models and it is also worth looking at the models that you can use even with the low pressure in pipelines.

If you are now planning to install a new shower head then we have some good news for you. To help you with your purchase, we have compiled a list of some of the best shower heads under $100 that you can purchase online.

 Best Shower Heads Under $100 Reviews

In this section, we have listed the top 10 best shower Heads that you can purchase for less than $100. We have also listed a short review of the shower so that you can judge the showerhead and apart from this, we have listed the pros and cons that can help you in deciding the trade-off that you want to choose. Don’t wait any longer and check out the list of top 10 shower heads under $100 that you can buy today.

1. Aqua Dance High Pressure 6-Setting 3.5″ Chrome Face Handheld Shower

If you are looking for a shower head that can be installed to your existing fixed assembly but at the same time if you would like to have a lot of flexibility then you can check out this shower head from Aqua Dance.

This shower head comes with an easy-to-install kit that can be installed on your existing setup and the angle of the shower can also be adjusted with the help of the bracket that is included in the pack.

This comes with a chrome finish which looks quite attractive but if you are looking for something different then you can opt for a brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze finish as well. Overall, this is a durable and easy-to-use shower head that also comes with 6 settings for the water pattern and flow.


  • Available at a very affordable price and in 3 finishes
  • Comes with an angle-adjustable overhead bracket and also has 6 settings
  • Can be installed even without tools as it fits standard shower sets.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

2.HO2ME High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Powerful Shower Spray

If you often face low water pressure at home then you might want to consider a shower head that can work even in low pressures. This is going to be the perfect one in that case as the shower can help you in taking a relaxing shower even at the lowest pressure.

There are three settings in this shower head which include powerful spray, massage, and powerful spray + massage. The jet nozzle is made of silicone which ensures that there is no mineral build-up and hence the shower doesn’t get blocked.

The brand also offers a water flow regulator that can be installed if the water flow is too strong at your property. Overall, it is a perfect one for people who often get troubled by low pressure.


  • Comes with 3 functions which include powerful flow, pulse massage, and a mixed shower.
  • Works really well even with the low pressure in the pipeline.
  • Comes with a silicone head which ensures that there are no scale deposits on the shower head.


  • No warranty information is available

3. AquaDance 7″ Premium High Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Combo

If you are not able to decide between a relaxing rain shower and a powerful jet then you can actually purchase both with a versatile model like this one.

This shower head is a combination of two shower heads that can work together or separately as per your needs. The angle of the shower is also adjustable and the 7-inch head provides a really relaxing experience.

In total, there are 6 settings in this showerhead. Apart from the details mentioned, it should be noted that the second shower head is actually a handheld shower head with a diameter of 4 inches. These showerheads can also be connected without the use of tools.


  • Available in 3 amazing finishes to match your style.
  • Dual shower heads can be used independently or together with each other.
  • Has 6 different settings which really enhances the experience. Also very easy to install which eliminates plumbing costs.


  • As reported by some of the users, the pressure is not very strong.

4. Spark Pod Shower Head – High Pressure Rain

Do you really love high-pressure showers? Are you tired of the low pressure in the pipelines? Well, have a look at this model from Spark Pod which is quite an amazing showerhead for your existing fixed assembly.

This shower head comes with a water filter to block the debris from entering the shower and it also has a swivel ball joint which can make it really easy for you to tilt the shower head in the direction that you like.

The nozzles are specially designed with silicone so that you can simply wipe off the calcium buildup with your fingers. You can also install this 6-inch shower head without any tools.

Apart from this, the shower head is made of ABS plastic but it has a chrome coating which makes it look quite attractive.


  • Comes with a water filter that can be installed along with the shower head.
  • No tools are required to install the shower and it is quite a durable option.
  • Quite an efficient option as it has a water flow of 2.5 GPM which saves you water heater bills.


  • Nothing as such.

5. AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set 15 Stage Shower Filter

If you have always been worried about the harmful chemicals in the water then this shower combo is especially for you. This shower head basically comes with a shower filter that removes chemicals like chlorine and other harmful elements from the water.

The filter is a replacement cartridge that offers 15-stage filtering to you. Apart from this, the shower head also adds Vitamin C and Vitamin E to the water. This is designed with a very premium metal and you can replace both cartridges.

The installation part is also quite easy so you do not have to worry about sending hours in the installation process. The whole assembly is available in a very attractive pack and the lifetime of the cartridge is 6 months.


  • Comes with a 15-stage filtering system which also infuses Vitamin C and Vitamin E in the water.
  • The cartridge is replaceable and it is available at quite an affordable cost for you.
  • Best for people who do not have a central filtration system at home.


  • Slightly expensive

6. Dream Spa 3-way 8-Setting Rainfall Shower Head and Handheld Shower Combo

Another amazing brand available in the market is Dream Spa and this is a shower combo for people who need both the fixed shower and the handheld shower head. The advantage here is that you can use both heads simultaneously or you can use them separately.

The fixed one has a diameter of 7 inches and the handheld one has a diameter of 4 inches. In total, there are 7 settings included in the shower head which are power rain, hydro mist, pulsating massage, eco rain, rain/mist, water-saving pause, and rain/massage.

The angle of the shower head can be adjusted and you also do not need any tool to install the shower. Apart from this, it is also easy to clean the shower head.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
  • The dual shower combo which has 7 settings in total really enhances your experience.
  • You can use these shower heads independently as well.


  • No option is available to choose the finish as only standard chrome finish is available.

7. Handheld Shower Head High Pressure 5 Spray Settings Massage Spa

If you are looking for a simple handheld shower with some spray settings then this could be the perfect choice for you. It is affordable and it is also easy to use.

The adjustment lever allows you to choose between 5 spray settings which include pulsating massage, rain massage, power rain, rain mist, and power mist. All of them offer a different experience to you.

The shower head contains 19 powerful ABS nozzles and 47 self-cleaning medical nozzles in total. Yes, that is right, these nozzles are designed with silicone so you do not have to spend time cleaning the nozzles.

Overall, this is an affordable yet very durable handheld shower that you can purchase and the quality is also unmatchable.


  • A simple and affordable handheld shower with a quality finish.
  • Comes with 5 spray settings which include pulsating massage, rain massage, power rain, rain mist, and power mist.
  • Easy to install and the pack contains everything that you might need for the installation of the shower.


  • Nothing that we could notice

8. Dream Spa Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Combo

A lot of us like the big square shower head that can replicate the spray pattern of the rain. If you are looking for one such shower then you really need to check out this model from Dream Spa.

The handheld shower in this combo pack comes with a push-button flow control that makes it even simpler to use the shower. The fixed shower head has a 9-inch face which replicates the range and it also comes with angle adjustments.

The size of the handheld shower is 4.75 inches. You can get a high-power rain, aeration massage, or even a waterfall setting with the help of the handheld shower. Both of them feature an all-chrome finish which looks very premium.


  • A dual combo shower at a very affordable price for the users.
  • Comes with a push-button flow adjuster which is a lot easier to use when compared with other models.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty on this model


  • Some customers complain of low water flow.

9. 12 Inch Square High Pressure-Rain Showerhead with 11 Inch Adjustment Extension Arm

At number 9 we have a shower head from MeSun and this is a fixed shower assembly. The shower head can fit on your existing assembly but the good part here is that it comes with an extension arm so that you can actually experience the real rain.

The size of the shower head is 12 inches and the material used to manufacture this shower head is highly corrosion resistant. The extension arm provided with this shower head is 11 inches in size and it is made of brass so you do not have to worry about breaking the arm or the leaking arm.

There are no tools required to complete the installation and everything that you need is available in the pack.


  • Offers really good pressure even when the pressure in the pipeline is low.
  • Comes with an extension arm which is not available with other shower heads.
  • Has an ultra-thin design which doubles up as an air booster for the shower head.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

10. Ezelia High Pressure Shower Head, 5-Settings Hand Held Shower Head

With this, we have reached the last shower head on our list and this is a handheld shower that comes with a 60-inch hose for the flexibility that you might need.

The shower head has a mixed power mode and it also has a spa spray mode for you. It also comes with a check valve to avoid backward flow.

The Ezelia head is made of ABS plastic and stainless steel which improves the durability of the shower head. Apart from this, it’s also quite amazing when it comes to the usability factor.

The long hose provides you with the kind of flexibility that you might need. Apart from these details, the shower head has good pressure as well. Overall, it is an affordable option in the handheld shower segment that you can opt for.


  • Comes with a sturdy build quality that holds on for years.
  • Has a flexible 60-inch hose which offers versatility to you.
  • Comes with all the required attachments and tape.


  • Some people do not like the quality.

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What To Consider When Buying a  Shower Head under $100

best showerheads under $100With so much variety and options available in the market, it has become tough to choose the right model for yourself. Every company claims to be the best manufacturer of shower heads and this adds to the dilemma of the end-user.

We are going to get you out of this swirling confusion as we compiled this buying guide for you which will help you in choosing the best shower head under $100 guide. Look at the points below

Type of Shower

The first thing that you can consider is the type of best showerheads under $100 you need. Here, we are talking about the shower assembly and you will have a lot of options. For example, you can opt for a wall-mounted fixed shower head or you can opt for a handheld shower system. You can also opt for the dual shower heads which come in a combo back or choose to buy the shower towers but they can prove to be quite expensive.


The next thing to check is the number of settings that the best shower heads under $100 have. We would recommend you opt for the shower heads which have these types of settings and do not opt for something without any additional settings. These settings enable you to adjust the flow and the pattern of the water. You can switch to a rain pattern or you can switch to an aerated mode. You will also be able to switch to a massage mode with the help of such settings.

Low-Pressure Support

There are times when people experience low pressure in the pipelines. You do not want to spoil a good opportunity to take a shower because of the low pressure so opt for the models that come with low-pressure support. These showers will be able to deliver a great shower for you even when the pressure is low in the pipeline.

Size of Shower

You can look at the size of the best showerheads under $100 as well. This is an important feature especially when you are buying a fixed shower. You can really ignore this while opting for the handheld versions. The size would also be an important factor that decides the pattern of the shower and at the same time, you also need to look at the shape of the shower. They are available in square and circular shapes.


best showerheads under $100

Another important thing to check is the filter. There are some best shower heads under $100 models that come with a filter that is installed behind the showerhead. The advantage is that it clears the water of any debris or scales that may block the shower head. This means that you would not have to worry about cleaning the shower head after every few months. Certainly, a feature that we would recommend but it is mostly available for fixed setups.

Ease of Installation

Look at the ease of installation of the best shower heads under $100 and this way you will be able to save the cost of installation that you might incur with the plumber. There are some models that can be installed without the tool but we would recommend you opt for something that has a strong hose attachment even if that needs some basic tools for installation.

Finishing Touch

The last thing to check is the finishing touch that you are getting. The most common ones are the chrome-plated but you can also opt for the models that have elements of glass in them. They certainly look better and they are worth the premium price as well.

Final Verdict About The Shower Head under $100

We have practically covered everything that you should know about the Best Shower Head under $100. If you had the slightest of confusion while choosing the shower head then you can shoot away that confusion by looking at some of the critical points in the buying guide.

With all these details, we are sure that you will be able to order a showerhead for yourself and your family. Ensure that you are using a good quality one and you might need to clean the shower head on a regular basis if you use hard water. In such a case, we would recommend you install a water softener which can really yield a lot of positive results for you.

For any other information about the shower heads in the list, you can visit the corresponding Amazon link and we are sure that you will find the best deal ever.