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A Guide to Buying The Best Cordless Iron

It  may be surprising to learn that there is a wide variety of cordless irons to choose from when considering the purchase of this all too necessary appliance. The prices of steam irons can range from the $10 dollar store model up to the hundreds that can be spent on semi-professional steam pressers. There are many features available in all price ranges. One of the more recent innovations is the cordless steam iron.

Cordless steam irons generally range in price from $50 to $130. In the $100 price range, there will be many features and hi-tech designs. Good reasons for spending more money on cordless irons is that the more expensive models are likely to have a higher steam output and a longer period of use before needing to be recharged.

Cordless steam irons need to be placed in the charging cradle frequently while in use. These appliances are not like most cordless devices that charge up until use and then function until the charge is spent. These irons need to be recharged while in the process of ironing.

In addition to maintaining the temperature level, the frequent recharging ensures optimal steam output. Cordless steam irons do not produce as much steam as corded ones. They just don’t reach or maintain a hot enough temperature to sustain much steam which is one of the reasons they need to charge so much. Most cordless steam irons will maintain temperature and steam for around 10 minutes before needing to be returned to the cradle for charging.Panasonic Cordless Iron

The convenience that the cordless steam iron offers is mostly in the handling. Since it doesn’t have the standard electric cord, it is easier to maneuver and ironing is comparatively faster. The enhanced maneuverability also makes difficult pieces such as collars and pleats easier to iron. These irons also tend to weigh less than corded irons by a pound or more.

Another point of convenience is the water container of the cordless models. Usually, it is removable allowing the user to retrieve water separate from the iron. Though it may require more frequent filling, it takes away the need for placing the entire iron under the tap or bottle for filling.

Cordless steam irons are easy to use for items that do not easily fit on the ironing board. Steaming drapes and table cloths is much more convenient with a cordless steam iron because they can remain intact.


7 Ways A Vacuum Cleaner Can Help Prevent & Relieve Allergies

Anyone suffering from allergies will find dirt and dust can aggravate their symptoms. Making sure that all of the dust and hair is removed regularly is key to keeping allergies at bay. Even if you don’t have allergies at the moment, regularly vacuuming can make your home a healthier place to live in. This guide will look at 7 ways a vacuum cleaner can help prevent & relieve allergies.

1. Cleaning Every Area of your Home

If you ever take a look behind the sofa or under the bed, you will certainly notice a collection of dust. Although it might not be easy to see the dust in these unreachable places, they can still cause problems for allergies. Moving heavy furniture may be out of the question, but a vacuum cleaner makes life much easier. It’s possible to choose a vacuum which has long extension accessories. These can be used to clean even the most inaccessible of places easily. Vacuuming under the sofa can actually make a huge difference for anyone suffering from allergies.

2. Cleans without Disturbing Dust

Dusting is the most common way of removing dust around the ceiling, however this will disturb the dust particles and make them airborne. This can create problems for anyone with allergies since they can breathe the particles in. Instead of dusting, the vacuum can be used to suck the dust away without disturbing it. A long reach accessory is a good way to vacuum around the ceiling and clean your home quickly, safely and healthily.

3. Cleaning furnishings

Although your curtains and other soft furnishings might not look like they are dusty, they are almost certainly harboring lots of microscopic dirt particles. A vacuum cleaner might be great at cleaning flooring, but it can also be used with any other soft furnishings. Using the correct attachments you can clean every piece of furniture in your home. Not only will this remove all dirt, but it is also very gentle. This ensures that no damage will be caused to your soft furnishings. Even cushions can be vacuumed off.

4. Vacuum Cleaner Bags Lock Dust away

Although bag-less vacuum cleaners might be marketed as the future of vacuum cleaners, bags are actually better. Every time you tip dust away from a bag less cleaner you are releasing small quantities into the air. The bag however can be thrown away which ensures all dust stays firmly trapped where it can cause you no harm. Vacuum cleaner bags act as an additional filter to ensure the dust cannot aggravate your airways.

5. HEPA Filters Trap More Dirt

All vacuum cleaners have a filter system to prevent as much dirt as possible from being kicked into the air. However, the best allergy vacuum cleaners use HEPA filters. These are state of the art filters capable of trapping more dirt than a standard vacuum. To work efficiently, HEPA filters will need to be replaced according to the manufacturers guidelines. A HEPA vacuum cleaner is a must for anyone with allergies.

6. Makes cleaning easier – clean more often

Vacuuming is often much easier than sweeping or dusting. For this reason it should be much easier to get into a good habit of cleaning your home more often. The more often you clean your house, the less chance dust has to build up and create an issue. As the vacuum can be used to clean virtually every surface in your home, it shouldn’t take long to finish.

7. Vacuum Your Bed

Beds can be infested with dust and mites which can cause major problems for anyone suffering from an allergy like asthma. A standard vacuum cleaner can remove a lot of this dust quickly and easily. Simply use the soft furnishings attachment to clean the top of the mattress before you put the sheets on the bed.


Carpet Cleaning Tips for Long Lasting Carpet

When you feel so proud of your house, of course, the last thing you’ll want is a carpet that will embarrass you every time you have friends over. And while they may be a great addition to your living room floor and feel great under your bare feet, it may be quite challenging to keep them clean.
So how do you do it? Well, a good carpet washer and a few carpet cleaning tips for long lasting carpet will work the magic.

What’s the trick?

The trick is to regularly maintain your carpet, of course. You’ll surely need a few strategies and tips to help you keep it looking fresh because, despite your everyday efforts, your carpet is still likely to be dirty.
From the buildup of everyday dirt to coffee stains, you’ll be faced with an even more challenging task of cleaning if you fail to maintain your carpet regularly. Here are some tips to help you keep your carpet looking new.

Tip #1: Deal With Any Spill Immediately

The longer you leave a stain to react to the carpet, the harder it will be to clean. Place a clean, dry cloth over the stained area to absorb the spill. Work water gently after absorbing the spill in the stained area using a damp towel until all the stain is gone.
No matter what your first reaction to the spill will be, resist the temptation of rubbing as this will not only push the liquid further into the carpet but equally damage its fibers.

Tip #2: Don’t Forget To Vacuum First

Vacuuming makes your work much easier when washing aside from preventing your carpet washer from clogging up. When dirt accumulates in your carpet and scratches the fibers, it’ll appear dull.
To avoid this, vacuum high-traffic areas at least twice in a week with a quick pass over any low-traffic area. Ensure you vacuum slowly to get rid of as much dirt as possible.

Tip #3: Remember to use the Right Solution

Although you may be tempted to avoid your manufacturer’s recommended solution, a poorly manufactured works on all’ solution could severely damage your carpet. As part of a few carpet cleaning tips for long lasting carpet, it’s important always to use the right solution – the recommended solution – for your carpet.

Tip #4: Pre-treat

Deeply stained or very dirty carpets would produce the best results if pre-cleaned. Before you begin cleaning, spray a pretreatment solution onto the dirtiest areas and leave it for a few minutes to break down any stain.

Tip #5: Make Good Use of the Pros

While you may be able to clean your carpet correctly, a highly trained professional may come in handy especially when deep cleaning is required to remove greasy residue or allergens. It is, therefore, important to hire a professional at least once in a year to take care of your carpet using specialized equipment.

Don’t settle for anyone, though; ensure you take time finding the best who’ll charge for services within your budget although this will equally depend on the type of service you’ll need, the job size and carpeting type.
Final Thought

Now that you have learnt some carpet cleaning tips for long lasting carpet, you can be able to maintain your beautiful living room addition properly. While an everyday vacuuming will help keep your carpet looking excellent, a regular wash would equally leave it looking new and last longer.

10 Carpet-Cleaning Secrets From the Pros

Most people prefer carpet to flooring; this is because of their warmth and the attractiveness they add in the room. Keeping your carpet clean is a daunting task. This is because it is bound to be spilled on drinks, stepped on with dirty shoes among other incidents. Getting your carpet sparkling includes extensive labor and maintenance.Implementing the best cleaning strategies from experts is paramount and necessary to getting a sparkly carpet and also in ensuring that your carpet lasts long.Here are tips that will help you get rid of stains and dirt from your carpet;

1. Avoid rubbing stains
Doing this only gets the stains to stick on the carpet making it even harder to get rid of them. The advised way is to blot; blotting is putting pressure on the stain using a clean cloth. Make sure you begin from outside going inwards this will help prevent the stain from spreading.

2. Shaving cream
Many people have not noticed that the solution to getting rid of those stains in their carpets is actually some shaving cream. The best thing is that It can be used on all types of stains. What you need to do is to apply a portion of shaving cream directly on the stain and leave it there for approximately 45 minutes. Then using a dry clean cloth blot the stain away. Then mix vinegar, water and spray it on the blotted area and wipe the area. The results will amaze you.

3. Ice cubes
What do you do with a stuck chewing on your carpet? The mess is gross and no one can stand it. Well if this happens rush to your fridge and takes ice cubes. Place them on the stuck chewing for close to a minute. After doing this pick a spoon or spatula and scoop it.While lifting it up cut the strands of carpet making sure you do not damage the carpet.

4. Do a thorough cleaning
This is very essential and should be done regularly. It leaves your carpet sparkling and fresh. It is recommended that you use steam cleaning. The results of using this method are remarkable this is because all the dirt accumulated into the fibers of the carpet are removed as opposed to other cleaning methods that clean the outer surface. Apply this method after 3-5 months for best results.

5. Dishwasher detergent
This is the best method for getting rid of grease. Mix some drops of the detergent and water then put it in a spray can.Spray into the stain then using a clean cloth blot it.Repeat the process until you get the desired results.

6. Flatiron
This is best recommended when your carpet gets candle wax drips. What you should do is to get a clean dry white cloth and place it on top of the affected part then put a warm iron on top for around a minute. After this remove the iron and the cloth. Scrap off the candle wax using a knife and be careful so as not to damage the carpet.

7. Baking soda- This works in getting rid of bad smells. Use small pieces of potatoes and baking soda after spreading them on the carpet clean them up using a vacuum cleaner.

8. Alcohol
To remove glue on your carpet, wet a piece of cloth with alcohol and rub the glue.

9. Milk and cornstarch
If your carpet has some ink, mix the two to form a paste and then rub it on the ink stain. Leave it overnight then clean it the next day.

10. Lemon juice
use this to get rid of a stain after pouring some lemon juice on the stain, sprinkle salt on top and get rid of it using a wet cloth.

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What Is The Best Home Remedy For Dog Mange?

Dog owners may find their beloved pets such as dog infected with mange, but what causes mange on dogs?
Mange is a kind of skin disease that infects pets or animals, most common found on dogs and cats. Mange symptoms usually appear as inflammatory bruises at one or more spots along the dog’s body, that’s why we need to look at the best home remedy for dog mange.
If you see your dog frequently scratching or biting a particular part of his body and you are aware that its hair starts to fall at that particular body part, it may be a clear indicator that your dog has suffered from mange. Mange is caused by mites. The reason why it causes hair loss is because those mites burrow into your dog’s skin and settle inside his hair follicles. If your dog suffers from mange, you have to treat him at once to end his suffering.

Symptoms for Mange on Dogs

The general symptoms of mange have already been mentioned above. However, it is important to know that there is not just one mange type, but two; therefore, for each mange type, there are different symptoms that may appear. What are the symptoms for mange on dogs for each of those two mange types? Here is the explanation:


  1. The Red Mange (Demodectic mange)

The first mange type is demodectic mange, which is caused by demodectic mange mites, whose Latin name is Demodex canis. Those mites live on the skin of all dogs raised by their mothers, regardless of whether or not those dogs are healthy. What are the symptoms for mange on dogs of this type? When those mites attack, the most common symptoms that appear include hair loss, bald spots and sores.

Demodex are microscopic external parasites that naturally exist on the skin of all healthy people and animals. However, when dogs become immune-compromised because of other conditions such as allergies, Cushing’s disease, Cancer or Ringworm, demodex mange mites multiply and cause demodectic mange. It occurs most often in younger dogs that are under one year old.

Best Home Remedy For Dog Mange

Dogs with a low immune system are unable to control the growth of mites, as a consequence, the dog will get reddish bruises followed with loss of hair on particular parts of its body.

Symptom of Demodectic Mange

The most common symptom of demodectic mange is hair loss, particularly on the face and feet. This can be seen either as a thinning of the hair in those areas or the dog will lose patches of fur. Localized hair loss is when the patches of missing fur are all in one area, and the hair loss is considered generalized if it spreads to the trunk and is throughout the whole body. Sometimes, the skin will be red and scaly in these areas as well.

Red mange also appears differently on dogs, it could be just a single spot of mange with about an inch in diameter, known as localized demodectic mange. Or, it could be over 5 or more spots on the dog’s body. The rest is known as generalized demodectic mange. Fortunately red mange is not contagious to humans.

Because demodectic mange happens due to underlying immune insufficiency, it’s important for the cause of the immune problem to also be identified and treated. Most often, a veterinarian will recommend topical treatments be applied on the affected areas or a combination of topical and oral antibiotics if there are any secondary skin conditions present. Depending on the age of the dog and the amount of affected areas, demodectic mange may clear up in just a few weeks, or over several months. It typically clears up faster in younger dogs than in older ones.


2. Sarcoptic Mange (Canine Scabies)


The second mange type is sarcoptic mange. This mange type is caused by sarcoptic mange mites (Sarcoptes scabei). Dogs always get demodectic mange mites from their mothers, but they may get sarcoptic mange mites only from other diseased hosts. So, sarcoptic mange mites basically do not attack all dogs, but only attack the diseased ones.

What are the symptoms for mange on dogs of this type? The most apparent symptom of this mange type is intense itching. If your dog appears restless all the time and if he scratches and bites his skin vigorously, you should check his skin. If you detect such symptoms as skin reddening, scabs and sores on his skin, you need to have your dog treated. Sarcoptic mange may also cause hair loss.

Best Home Remedy For Dog Mange

This type of mange is found on dog’s elbows, ears, legs, and faces,then quickly spreads all over the body. Dogs with this kind of mange usually have had a bad living condition such as lack of healthy food or a nice shelter. This condition could get worse due to decreasing of the immune system or bruises from continuous scratching or biting.

Severe scabies can affect dog’s eating habit because of continuous biting that lead to even worse health condition. This mange could be infectious to human, resulting to a rash or red bumps on your skin, so be careful.

These two types of mange on dogs could be treated using home remedies or with veterinarian’s help. Severe levels of mange could be avoided from early detection as long as you monitor your dog more often.


Knowing the Symptoms

Yes. Before you know which home remedy to use, you need to understand the symptom mostly by observing his skin and other parts. Unfortunately, this can be hard with dogs that have lots of fur unless it has noticeable or severe itching.


How to Treat Dog Mange

How should we care for our dogs?

So, basically, everything that you can use to eliminate your dog’s mange can be found at home. Here are two effective ways to treat mange using home remedies:

  1. Bath your dog using a non-perfumed soap.
  2. Soak your dog with a solution consisting of 2 tablespoons of borax and 1000 ml of water with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide in it.

Those two treatments are easy to do and you can do them immediately after you get the answer for the question what are the symptoms for mange on dogs and after you detect the symptoms.

Prevention by maintaining a healthy animal is the best way to avoid mange. Some of the ways to keep your dog healthy is to keep them up to date on vaccines and dewormers, provide the best nutrients for them, and give your pet plenty of attention and exercise which will help prevent them from getting stressed.

Occurrences of demodectic mange have shown up more frequently in certain lines of some purebred dogs which means there may be a genetic connection in regards to susceptibility. For this reason, it is important that dogs which do have demodectic mange that have no other obvious immune problems not be used for breeding.

In more severe cases of demodex mange, the treatment will often include using medications to kill as many mites as possible to give the animal’s body a better chance at fighting off the remaining ones and to give the skin time to heal. This is sometimes provided as a topical medication in the form of a shampoo, but can also be given orally or as an injection which causes it to work from the inside of the body.

With regular maintenance, a dog can be returned to normal. Consider some of the following important points. Dogs are animals that like to play no matter where you put them, outdoors or indoors. Make sure to check on him thoroughly.

You need to wash them constantly with a medicated dog shampoo  especially when you notice the symptoms of mange. However, the best way is to optimize your environment. Also, keep an eye on your kids that love to play with your dog.

So, what if it gets worse?

Indeed, there are many cases when the dog became restless and they often bark. You will never know about their suffering but they experience itching terribly and thats when you might need to visit a vetenarian for other medications.

The only way for demodectic mange to be diagnosed is for a veterinarian to do a skin scraping. When the veterinarian looks at the skin scrapings under a microscope, they can diagnose a dog as having demodectic mange when there are a number of demodex mites present along with the hair loss. Finding more than one of these mites is important as they occur normally.

To obtain optimum results, take note of the rules from the vet. Typically, the dog will be given regular care, including bathing with a particular shampoo. Actually, you can also do it at home. Well, did the method in detail and thoroughly so that your dog will be completely clean.

Make sure to offer a clean environment in your home. Caring for a dog will cause a huge responsibility. You should always pay attention to the health of your dog and good hygienic  practices at home.


Final Verdict

No matter what type of dog mange treatment options your veterinarian gives you or whether you go for home remedy for dog mange, it’s important that you follow them carefully and follow through with them. With oral medications, make sure you continue giving them even if you see that your dog is getting better because they are working at a microscopic level. It’s also important for dogs that show an immunologic susceptibility to demodex mites be spayed or neutered and not used for breeding so this trait is not passed down to the next generation.