What is the Best Office Espresso Machine ?

Best Office Espresso Machine

Very often I find someone who asks me, what is a good office espresso machine for their office? Some of them want the hows and whys, while others simply want a straightforward recommendation. That’s why I decided to write this article to cater for both types of office espresso machine seeker.

Best Office Espresso Machine
Let’s go into the points of a good espresso machine for an office first; if you want to skip this just scroll down to my recommendations.

An office can make do with any coffee maker but if it wants an espresso machine, it is looking for something that is:

  • Not expensive or too high end
  • Easy to use
  • Mess-free and easy to clean
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space

Most important of all, the espresso machine must make a good strong cup of espresso drink fast, to let the office worker get back to his job without delay and with a boost of new-found energy.

Does any espresso machine fit the bill? You bet! Here are my top pick espresso machines for an office.

Espresso Machine for Office Use

Nespresso CitiZ

Nespresso CitiZ Best Office Espresso Machine
This compact and stylish looking espresso machine is something your office must have. Using Nespresso pods (which are easily available online or in stores), the machine makes one serving each time, whenever and only if you need it. Everything is automatic except for filling up the water tank; you just put in the pod, place the cup and press the button for espresso shot or lungo.

For frothed or steamed milk, simply fill up the milk frother to the indicated level and press the button. You can’t go wrong with this machine because everything is such a no-brainer!

Cleaning up only consists of emptying the removable used capsule container for every 11 drinks made; and if you like, running a clear shot without the pod.


Nespresso C100-US-AERO Essenza

Nespresso C100-US-AERO Best Office Espresso Machine
The Nespresso C100-US-Aero works similarly to the Citiz, the only difference is in the design. The milk frother is separated, allowing more flexibility in storage. Its water tank is smaller though, only about one-third of the size of Citiz’s 1 liter tank.

On the bright side, the C100-US-Aero can keep up to 14 used capsules, and it is cheaper than the Citiz. For a smaller sized staff this could be your choice of espresso machine for the office.

How to Choose the Best Office Espresso Machine

1. Sturdy and replaceable parts
Two points here, actually. Sturdy, because you want it to last longer; and replaceable, because you want it to last longer still! Most above mid-end espresso machines have replaceable parts now, and everything can be found online.

2. Quality boiler(s)
There are 3 types of boilers in espresso machines out there: aluminum, stainless steel and brass.


– Cheaper but might corrode in the long run. Corrosion happens because of chloride in tap water. Luckily I always used distilled water with my Gaggia 14101 Classic

Stainless steel – Won’t corrode easily but said to be bacteria friendly.

Brass – Best material for boilers in espresso machines because it won’t corrode or breed bacteria, but contributes to the price. My Rancilio Silvia has added this value to its price tag!

3. User-friendly
Do you have family members who are not a good barista like you? You might want to consider getting an espresso machine which is easier to operate for their benefit. Super automatics are much more user friendly than semi automatics, of course, and among super automatics I think the Bosch Benvenuto B30 is the most user-friendly.

4. Heats up fast
You might or might not need this feature. If you’re the kind who are always on the go, then it’s better to look out for machines that make your coffee real quick in the mornings.

5. Accessible and adjustable spouts
Everyone wants a different size of coffee? No problem if you have adjustable spouts with your machine just like the Bosch Benvenuto B30 but bad luck if you have a budget machine like DeLonghi EC155 which can only accommodate shot glasses or espresso cups.

6. Safe design
Safety is no doubt an important thing. Check whether the model you intend to buy has any safety issues with other users.

7. Easy to clean
This actually depends on how good you are at cleaning. I have written a guide on how to clean your espresso machine; take a read and see whether you think that’s too difficult to achieve. If it is, go ahead and buy a super automatic machine that has automatic cleaning cycles.

Why Should I Clean My Espresso Machine Often?

I’ve learned from experience that even the best espresso machine, best grinder and best coffee beans all combined could not make the best espresso, if your machine is sitting in rancid oils and stale milk!

You know of course that the delicious crema on the finest espresso comes from the essential oils in the beans. So logically that must mean the oils are also present inside the machine when you make your coffee, right?

These oils will emulsify over time and hang on to the water screen, filter basket and portafilter. After a while, they turn bad and develop a smell that will go into your espresso every time you make one. Ew!

As for milk, there will be some residue on the steam wand and in the nozzle every time you use it. If you let it be, milk turn sour very quickly and will become a sticky layer of white. Yuk! Now can you imagine what goes into your cup of coffee if you don’t wash the machine? I think you can!

Well, that is the main reason I clean my Rancilio Silvia very regularly, but there is another reason as well. Espresso machines, just like any other inventions that man made to make life better, need to be serviced and maintained to preserve its lifespan.

Simply put, treat your espresso machine well and it will serve you for many years! Those who still can’t be bothered, just don’t come complaining when the filter is clogged, the steam wand spits and chokes, or when the boiler is a gone case.

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