Toto Ultramax II Toilet Review

TOTO UltraMax II toilet is undoubtedly one of the most widely used toilets across the globe. Loaded with superior features, the toilet boasts of top-of-the-line performance and reliability. According to online TOTO UltraMax II Reviews, most people love the toilet for its convenience and efficiency.

If you are looking for a toilet that will be worth your money and one that will make your bathroom stand out, then this is the toilet for you. This one-piece toilet is made reliably to bring about efficiency and performance.

Toto Ultramax II Review

Product information

Item Weight
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer
Installation Method
Item Package Quantity
Water Consumption
Flush Type
Included Components
Batteries Included?
Warranty Description
99 pounds
1.28 GPF
Floor Mounted
1.28 Gallons per Flush
Water-Saving Toilets
One-Piece Elongated Toilet
One-Year Limited Warranty


TOTO pays great attention and concern to the home appliances they design and build. True to this, the UltraMax II toilet is designed with a universal height. This makes the toilet to be ideal for use by all classes of users including kids and seniors. With a height of 17.25 inches, the toilet meets the universal toilet requirements for functionality and maximum comfort. Due to its compact design, the toilet measures 28.3 by 16.6 by 28.8 inches. Consequently, this makes the toilet ideal for installation in any bathroom; whether large or small.

Design and build

This TOTO toilet features a wonderful design and a strong, sturdy, and flexible design. The bowl is not only elongated but also sleek. As such, the toilet has a curvy and classy smooth appearance that enhances the décor and liveliness of a bathroom. This aesthetically pleasing toilet is comfortable and perfect for use by people with back problems.

The modern design of this TOTO toilet also features a slim tank. The combination of the elongated bowl and slim tank provides a better and larger seating capacity. This combination also makes it possible to sit on the bowl for longer when relieving themselves. Featuring a Sanagloss cotton white shade finish, the toilet remains sparkling clean and attractive to the eye.

The flushing mechanism

The UltraMax II toilet by TOTO features a unique Double Cyclone flushing system. Like other high-end toilets, this TOTO model relies on the force of gravity to push water into the bowl from the tank using a 3” flush valve. The flushing system is quite powerful and effective.

The system uses two nozzles that form a powerful centrifugal action that cleans the bowl and rim excellently in just a single flush. When flushing, water enters the bowl through a large siphon jet at the tip of the bowl. After flushing, the water is then channeled to the trap way.

The best thing about this flashing system is that it does not spill water when flushing. This ensures that your bathroom remains dry at all times. Additionally, the refilling is silent and fast, thereby eliminating the unnecessary refiling noises that are common in substandard toilets.

Ease of installation

The best thing about the installation of this TOTO toilet is that it is quite simple and straightforward. If you are confident in your DIY skills, you do not need to hire a professional plumber. The toilet comes with an installation manual that is clearly defined with step-by-step guidelines.

Being a one-piece toilet there are not many parts that you will need to assemble. You just need to connect the toilet to the plumbing system and the 12-inch standard rough to the waste pipe. The only setback that you are likely to encounter when you are installing the toilet is that it might be hard to lift it around in the bathroom.

Water usage

One of the most unique aspects of this TOTO toilet model is that it is water efficient. As such, it only uses 1.28 water gallons for every flush. As such, it conserves more than 20% water thereby eliminating the likelihood of wasting water. Moreover, the flushing system in the toilet is efficient and clears all contents in just a single flush. What is more amazing about this toilet is that the toilet does not have any leakages and does not clog easily.

SoftClose seat

There is nothing more annoying and unpleasant than a banging toilet seat in the middle of the night. This is not the case when you invest in this TOTO toilet model. This is because the toilet comes with a soft close seat that closes easily and quietly without slamming. This in turn ensures that you can comfortably use the toilet in the middle of the night without causing any nuisance whatsoever.

The inbuilt Soft-Close hinge system in the toilet allows you to lower the seat slowly and quietly. However, the toilet is delicate and hence may not be ideal for use by your kids who are not likely to take the best care for it.

Easy to clean

This TOTO toilet model has a non-stick SanaGloss ion barrier that not only keeps the toilet clean but also ensures that it is effortless and easy to clean the toilet. This is because the barrier guarantees that nothing sticks after flushing.

As a result, the toilet saves you the trouble of having to scrub the toilet hard to remove stubborn stains and dirt. Additionally, since the toilet features a one-piece design, it is worth noting that there are no hard-to-reach areas in the toilet.

Passing standards

The UltraMax II toilet by TOTO complies with all ADA standards and regulations. In addition to this, the toilet also meets EPA Water Sense regulations. Compliance with these requirements guarantees that the toilet is not only a worthy purchase but also designed to meet the needs and preferences of every user.

The toilet comes with a colonial white shade color that highlights its elegance and beauty. The best thing about this color is that it rhymes well with the interior décor in most bathrooms. As such, the toilet will be a great addition to any bathroom.


  1. Easy to clean and has a non-stick barrier
  2. No leakages and clogging
  3. Easy to install
  4. 1.28 GPF hence water efficient
  5. Comes with a universal seat height
  6. Meets quality standards


  1. Installation can be quite tricky for beginners

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Overall, the TOTO UltraMax II toilet is a worthy investment that gives the best value for money. The toilet not only focuses on its aesthetics and style but also promotes water efficiency. The great design of the toilet makes it a perfect choice for remodeling and improvement projects. This impeccable toilet has a heavy-duty performance as well as a luxurious style. This combination is hard to achieve even from the most sophisticated toilet models.

Most people who own and have used the toilet have that it is a superior quality toilet with an amazing design. The design of the toilet makes it comfortable to use for everyone including people with back issues and seniors. Users have it that the toilet hardly clogs but when it does, clearing the clog takes only a few minutes.

What is more amazing about the toilet according to most owners is that it is efficient in water consumption. Additionally, the sturdy and solid construction of the toilet ensures that it lasts for a long, and with the best care and maintenance, the toilet rarely requires any repair or replacement whatsoever. The color of the toilet is a favorite option for most people due to its uniqueness and uniformity with most bathroom interior décor designs.