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Best Car Vacuum Cleaner Reviews & Buying Guide

Our cars are among our most prized possessions and keeping your car in good shape sums it all up. No eating rule in your car doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be clean as other factors play a role. Mud from shoes or fur from your pets will also mess up the state of your car. A car vacuum cleaner comes in handy when you want to tidy up your machine to ensure that how it purrs matches how it looks inside.

At times the most expensive vacuum cleaner doesn’t necessarily mean that its output matches it The decision to purchase a certain type of vacuum cleaner should be as a result of critical analysis of it to ensure that it serves you right. Below we are going to look into how to arrive at this decision with a guideline to buying the best car vacuum cleaner. The outlined factors are the bridge between the best car vacuum cleaner and one that only sucks your money and not the dirt.

  1. Portability

The ability to move your vacuum cleaner when necessity calls should be a preference. Some vacuum cleaners are very heavy in terms of weight and hence you will always break a sweat when moving them around while cleaning your car. Choose a portable vacuum cleaner and you will reduce your workload while cleaning your car.

  1. Power

The sucking power of a vacuum cleaner goes hand in hand with the amperage. You have to consider how much power you will require to clean your car. The best bare floor vacuum doesn’t necessarily mean it has the most power. Consider the source of power for your cleaner. Will you be using your car battery or a wall socket? Generally, the wall powered vacuum cleaner is more powerful as the battery is prone to power lose as the battery depreciates.

  1. Size of the vacuum

The Size of the vacuum also decides the sucking power. The size of the vacuum cleaner you wish to purchase should go hand in hand with the size of your car, Especially if you will be carrying it around such as when going for an outing somewhere.

  1. Type of vacuum cleaner

The upright vacuum cleaners are the most popular and have been in store for long. Just as the name suggests they stay upright. Canister vacuum cleaners will clean carpets and car floors fairly well as the upright ones. We also have central vacuum cleaners which normally use the mains power and often quite expensive. Due to rising state of technology, we also have robotic vacuum cleaners which are more expensive, but will do the work for you while you are sited on your sofa. Newer versions can even be controlled with an application on your smart phone! Hand vacuums are another type. They are either corded or cordless. They are most efficient, but however lack power and capacity of full sized models

  1. Noise

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the noisier the vacuum cleaner, the more its workload or efficiency. At times much noise may be as a result of machine parts rubbing each other leading to a lot of friction. This will eventually lead to wear and tear and before you know it, you will be back shopping for another vacuum cleaner.Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Check vacuum factors

Some factors such as a switch which puts the brush on/off are crucial. This will help when it comes to cleaning bare floors as it protects them. It also reduces the scatter of debris all over as this will result into more work. Also brush that uses a motor cleans better than one powered by suction only

  1. Price of vacuum cleaner

We all have a notion that the more expensive a product is, the better its performance and efficiency. In some instances its true but for you to get the best car vacuum cleaner, let price be a secondary factor and go for more solid factors that we have discussed. If the price matches its quality, then go for it

  1. Ease of use

We all desire something that is not so complex in nature and you require minimal assistance to operate the device. Some vacuum cleaners are so much complex in their modification and bungled with sophisticated technology such that operating them becomes a nightmare. Choose something easy to use with no necessity to even read the manual. This is essential in that even your kids can clean up your car with minimum supervision. Let you vacuum cleaner be just like a plug and play program.

  1. Bags and bag less models

If you opt to buy an upright or canister vacuum cleaner, its crucial that you choose between a disposable bag and a reusable bag. Bags tend to hold more dust but the problems arises in telling how full it is not unless you remove it from the cleaner while disposing bags are known to release less dust into the atmosphere but you have to copewith the issue of buying replacements regularly. Dustbin models are now the order of the day with their transparent bins allowing one to tell when they are full. You will however be required to replace the filter but it is more convenient than constantly buying bags.

  1. Presence of high efficiency particulate air filter. This term sounds complex but all it terms is that the vacuum cleaner removes mold or smoke from the air. Generally that’s what all filters are there to do but we have a much more expensive variety that does this at a higher percentage. An asthmatic or allergic individual would go for this type of vacuum cleaner to ensure the atmosphere in the car is appropriate for them.


Purchasing a Best Car Vacuum Cleaner may look daunting and insurmountable but the above key things are the most crucial in arriving at a best car vacuum cleaner purchase decision. If a vacuum cleaner fulfills all the above, then you have nothing to worry about and you can go for it. Remember that for every price level, there is a good vacuum cleaner. If you think expensive is the solution to a clean car, then you are trending on the wrong path.


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