Best Rice Cooker Reviews

There are millions of rice cookers being produced each year, and each year there are new features and innovations that are added to the functions of these appliances, it is a world of rice cookers in which anyone can get lost and end up buying a disappointing rice cooker, we are here to help you avoid that and buy the perfect rice cooker for you and your family.

A rice cooker capacity is measured in cups of rice, uncooked rice that is. But the measure isn’t really of a full cup; you should count on ¾ of a cup for better cooking. best buy rice cookerEvery rice cooker has included a measuring cup, so it should be easy to measure the rice you will use. The only problem with measuring the rice is if you cook small quantities of rice in a large rice cooker, probably the rice will turn out brown. The time rice cookers take to cook is more or less the same.

If you leave the rice in a rice cooker too long, the bottom will become brown and crunchy, some people like to eat that part of the rice, and others don’t, if you don’t then you should look for a fuzzy logic rice cooker.

So it is important to choose a rice cooker that has the right capacity for you and your family.

Find The Best Rice Cooker Brands and Types

If you don’t want to burn at all your rice, there are some essential features that you should look for in a rice cooker: a glass lid will help you to see how the rice is cooking and if it is ready; lids should have a little hole in them to let the steam out, otherwise it will be messy coming out from the sides of the lid; a steamer tray is convenient if you want to steam vegetables or other foods while cooking the rice, this is something that you’ll really appreciate to have; and if your rice cooker doesn’t have a non stick pan, do not buy it.

Choose your rice cooker by your favorite brand, type or by cup capacity, from 1 cup all the way to commercial rice cookers. In the end it is your choice and we are here to help you make the best choice and find the best deal.


Best Food Processor Cooks Illustrated

A food processor can help you make a variety of great different meals, and is one of the most treasured appliances in our kitchens. There are lots of different food processors on the market today, but not all of them are worth the money.

In this lens, we’re going to be taking a look at what you should be looking for in one of these products. We’re also going to be listing three food processors that we think are really worth it.With the information in this guide, you’ll be able to make a smart purchasing decision. The items we’re listing have a great Amazon review score, and that’s importa

Food Processor Reviews

Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB Prep 9 Food Processor Review

Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB Prep 9 Food Processor ReviewThis 600 watt, 9 cup food processor is well received by pretty much everyone who’s tried it. The stainless steel design makes it easy to keep clean without any hassles, and the 9 cup mixing bowl is virtually shatterproof.

This food processor will provide years of trouble free mixing, and the mixing bowl goes in the dishwasher, making cleanup a snap.

The extra large feeding tube allows you to fit whole food pieces into the machine without chopping them. This speeds up prep time and allows you the freedom to get more done. This makes it a good way to deprive the need for other appliances in the kitchen. No more endless chopping! Just an easy flip of the switch and the processor will have you ready to prepare world class meals.

When mixing dough, the speed will automatically adjust itself for the perfect consistency. There is an included recipe book and even a DVD that shows you how to use it. So if you’re ready for a food processor that TV chefs swear by, consider picking up the Cuisinart Prep Plus 9 Cup Food Processor. It’s a good value for the money.

Product Features:

600 Watt Motor

9 Cup Lexan Mixing Bowl

Stainless Steel Finish

Cuisinart Supreme Large Chute Feed Tube

Total Of 4 Blades/Discs

3 Year Limited Processor Warranty And 10 Year Limited Motor Warranty


Can slice and chop items without pureeing

Highly recommended by home cooks and professional chefs

Make homemade breadcrumbs, mince herbs, chop cooked meats into bite size pieces, make salsa, and much more!

Bigger mixing bowl than older models – Allows easy food prep for a whole family

High Quality – Makes a great replacement for worn out food processors

Surprisingly powerful at only 600 watts


Handle part has to air dry because a towel doesn’t fit

Multiple pieces have to be assembled when changing blades


Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor Review

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor ReviewThis food processors is one of the greatest on the market today. The Breville BFP800XL is everything you need to make kitchen yummies that will be remembered for years to come.

The included five special multifunction discs and 3 blades make a variety of different food possibilities. All these blades and discs make for a great value that’s really tough to beat.

There are 24 different variations to the cutting discs, which is amazing to say the least. Customize your slicing efforts from .3 mm all the way up to a super thick 8.0 mm in width.

Most vegetables and fruits can be fit into the 5.5 inch super wide chute without cutting, making preparation faster than most other food processors. The mixing bowl holds a total of 16 cups and comes with a 2.5 cup mini bowl accessory.

The 1200 watt motor on this unit is one of the strongest in the industry, and if you think it’s cheaply made, think again! The Breville BFP800XL comes with a 25 year warranty on the motor. Besides that , they’re is a one-year warranty on the rest of the unit to keep you safe from any factory errors.

Product Features:

1200 Watt Induction Motor

16 Cup Bowl Capacity, Along With a 2.5 Cup Mini-Bowl

Five Cutting Discs and Three Blades

Count Up And Down Timer

1 Year Warranty On The Processor with a 25 Year Warranty On The Motor


A total of 5 discs (Julienne, Adjustable Slicer, Grating and Shredding, Emulsifying Disc, and French Fry and Vegetable Disc)

Three blades (Micro Serrated S Blade, Dough Blade, Mini-Processing Blade)

Mini-Bowl allows you to make smaller portions conveniently

Super large 16 cup capacity bowl is exactly what you need for larger meal blending/slicing/pureeing operations

Highly recommended in the Amazon reviews

1 year replacement warranty keeps you safe from factory defects


Blades get hot after continued use, but this happens with all food processors. You must be careful not to burn your hands on the blades

One report of dough being beaten too hard by the powerful motor


Ninja Kitchen System 1100

The Ninja Kitchen System 1100 is an amazing, time saving, all-in-one countertop appliance that dramatically alters the way a kitchen chef thinks about preparing food. Everyone is looking for some way to save time in their daily lives, especially when trying to cook meals at the end of a long day. Using a multi-purpose kitchen appliance that juices, blends, kneads dough, crushes food, chops vegetables and meat along with making amazing shaved ice beverages, all in a matter of seconds, is a dream come true.

Stainless Steel Rotor Blades

Equipped with six rotor blades, the Ninja Kitchen System 1100 is a versatile tool that can perform the duties of a food processor, mixer, blender and a juicer. With 1100 watts of pure churning power, it can perform all these duties in seconds, making tasty soups, snow cones, smoothies, juices, appetizers and complete dinners. It can also make the most delicious frozen Margaritas, Piña Coladas and Daiquiris.

Makes Nutritious Healthy Juice Every Time

Because the Ninja Kitchen System 1100 is a juicer, and not an extractor, it produces high-quality juices that contain all their nutrients, pulp and fiber, making a healthier and tastier beverage. It can easily chop and blend vegetables in a matter of seconds, to make delicious soups and purées. It is powerful enough to grind nuts into nut butter, providing a healthy alternative to process peanut butters sold at the grocery store. With the Ninja’s ability to puree most fruits, vegetables and meats, it is easy to instantly create healthy and nutritious baby food.

The Ninja set includes a 72 ounce pitcher and a 40 ounce bowl that both come with the blade and removable lid. Also included are a dough hook, and a dough paddle and whisk attachment. All of the paddles, hooks, pitchers and bowls of the Ninja Kitchen System 1100 are dishwasher safe.

With the dough hook and dough paddle, it is a breeze to make all different types of dough for breads, pizza, cookies and pie crusts. Using the dough hook and dough station, the Ninja can make up to 1 1/2 pounds of high quality regular or whole-wheat dough.

Create Soft Serve Ice Creams and Sorbets

With the Ninja Kitchen System 1100, it is easy to make sorbets and creamy soft serve ice creams. Included in the box is an instruction manual along with pages of recipe ideas to help you create delicious food, meals and beverages. The Ninja is constructed with stainless steel blades, a two-foot cord. Additionally, the plastic pitchers and bowls are all BPA-Free. The unit comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Ninja Kitchen System 1100 is a powerful, state-of-the-art professional machine. It can be used for blending, pureeing, ice crushing, chopping, grinding and control processing. It has a unique capability to knead dough perfectly for pretzels, cookies, breads and pizza. With its contemporary sleek design and amazing performance, it comes highly recommended for anyone interested in owning the perfect all-in-one kitchen tool. The Ninja is truly an asset for any kitchen, and can be purchased directly from the company at their official online website, to be delivered directly.

Food Processors Buying Guide

Food Processors Buying GuideSo you’ve finally made the decision to get a food processor! Great! Now check out the contents of this buying guide for some fantastic information that will help you get exactly what you need.

Not all food processors are created equal, and through reading this guide you’ll be able to get one that not only suits your life, but one that will last for many years as well. Here are the buying factors you should be aware of.

1. Motor Wattage

Wattages vary greatly between the different models and manufacturers. Anywhere from 600-1200 watts is ideal for a food processor. Usually, the size of the processor will determine the wattage. Bigger food processors will have higher wattages, while smaller units will have less.

2. Bowl Size

The size of the food processing bowl will determine how much food you can process at a time. Most food processors are between 9-16 cups. Depending on your needs, you should air on the side of caution and choose a bowl size that is a little bigger than you think you’ll need. Having too small of a bowl means that food processing tasks will take more time.

3. Attachments

Great food processors will have a variety of different attachments that you can use to blend any number of fantastic dishes. Some attachments include mini bowls, whipping blades, chopping blades, citrus juicers, and more. The more attachments you have, the more types of food you can prepare, thereby increasing the value of the food processor. For example, with the whipping blade tool, you can make your own homemade cream instead of having to buy it at the store.

4. Sealed Bowl

A sealed bowl is able to prevent leakage and overflows. The top lid makes it easy to keep all your food contents from spraying everywhere or flowing over the top. Not all food processors have this feature but it’s one you should look for.

5. Variable Speeds

This is an essential component of any high quality food processor. Variable speed settings make it easy to chop, blend, puree, knead dough, and complete other tasks. The more speeds, the better. Food processors with around 14 speeds work well and give you the widest variability of what you’re able to accomplish. Other food processors will automatically increase or decrease the speed for the task at hand.

6. Amazon Reviews

While we may have mentioned this before in other buying guides, we can’t stress enough just how important it is to thoroughly read the reviews at Amazon. If the product you’re considering is frequently defective or has other signs of not being a good product, you’ll know it through the user reports. On the flip side of the coin, you’ll be able to see the glowing reviews if the product is truly worth buying.Best Food Processor

7. Warranty

Warranties are great to keep you safe from factory defects. Should the food processor you purchase be damaged in some way, you can always return it for a refund. Look for at least a 1 year warranty on any product you’re considering.


How To Find The Best Food Processor?

It is a well known fact that food preparation takes a lot more time than it does to finish up the food that’s served. And not every household have the members to help out in the food preparation, which is why it is only logical to have an electronic food processor for it not only cuts down on time and effort but opens up new recipe and meal ideas as well. If you catch yourself asking if you need to get one, the simple answer is YES as these things help in cutting down the work of even the most complicated culinary endeavors.

Food prep appliances these days also have the versatility to match or even do away with a kitchen counter full of manual tools. If you are new to this kind of thing, then don’t fret for the first thing you need to know is that a food processor should suit your needs and lifestyle, and we will help clarify why it is important to know the specs that matter when choosing one. Below are some major points to help you decide finding the best food processor for your needs:

Food Processor Bowl Capacity/Motor Power

The bowl size determines the maximum capacity that a motor’s power can process and the case usually is the bigger the motor, the higher bowl capacity it can efficiently work on. So depending on the number of mouths you have to feed, look for a machine with a work bowl that has appropriate size to suit your needs and a sturdy base that houses the motor.

You might also want to consider that the size and shape of the bowl and that the base does not exceed your kitchen’s counter space. Work bowl capacity normally starts at 7 cups to as large as 20 cups, but if you require less, look for the mini-chopper variety which ranges from 1 to 4 cups in capacity as these are highly efficient at small jobs and takes up even less space.

Food Processor Discs/Blades

food processor blades
High quality stainless steel blades and discs make everything easy from slicing and shredding to chopping and grating. Food processor discs normally range from thin to thick although a medium disc is considered versatile enough to do most jobs.

For those who demand or are used to precision slicing, there are available adjustable blades that can be ordered separately if one does not come with your chosen device. For those who love to bake, a blunt dough blade is an essential tool for kneading so check for these things if it is included with the machine.

food processor accessories

Food Processor Attachments/Accessories

This is the part where different brands try to outdo the other. Make sure that the included attachments and accessories are what you need to use because anything less than that is just a waste of money. Look for a clear work bowl with a feed chute, a cover and food pusher as it will come useful. Blades and discs are also normally listed as attachments as well as the spatula so check for these as well.

For models that offer feed tubes, find one that is wide enough to accommodate larger portions of ingredients as it helps to just dump it in than to still slice them up. If your chosen machine comes with extra work bowls and covers, specialty discs, juicer/carafe attachments for a reasonable price, then you have found a bargain.

Food Processor Safety Features

It can never be stressed enough that safety is always an utmost concern when handling electric food processors as the blades alone are made to be so sharp to cut through meat. Common sense will tell us to find one which covers all safety precautions before machine operation.

Look for features such as blade locking mechanisms, lid/cover locks, and bowl-lock alignment, to name a few. If the food processor base has a cord storage feature, that will come useful too as nobody wants to trip over a machine that still has blades in them.

Food Processor Controls/Speeds

Controls can be any of the following: push-button with variable-speed, electronic touchpad or the traditional toggle switches. Touchpad controls are easier to clean than traditional ones and some even have LED lighting. Push button control allows you to run the machine in brief spurts for that extra precision. Some models even have speed control settings to enable you to adjust the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the motor to deliver the most optimal results.

Food Processor Price/Performance

Not all things are equal, and so is the pricing for the different brands, makes and models of food processors. Price is affected primarily by size, power, controls, attachments and other accessories. But regardless of variety, the price should reflect the performance so you will get what you pay for.

Performance not only includes how the machine works in different settings but in also how it appeals to the eyes of the beholder as it sits on your kitchen counter top.

Everything considered and to sum things up, a food processor’s efficiency is the key in order for it to perform well. When you have already set your sights on one, ALWAYS read the instruction manual and familiarize yourself with the functions before giving it a go.

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Best Home Meat Slicer Reviews

A meat slicer for home use can be quite a convenience. It can be a time and money saver for families that entertain a lot. Deli sliced meat is convenient but the premium the butcher charges can be outrageous. Not to mention the line at the butcher counter. With a best home meat slicer you can save both time and money.

Meat, cheese and other slicable items can be purchased in bulk at a discount and you can do the slicing yourself choosing the exact quantity you need. Actually using these slicers is quite fun! I’ve even found myself slicing much more than I need because it was so enjoyable to watch the perfect wafer thin slices peeling off one after another!

While best home meat slicer are not cheap, you really can justify the price if you take into consideration the time and money you will save. I’ve found it a great convenience to buy large quantities of meats and cheeses when they are on sale, cut them in one batch then freeze them for future use.

There are several different types and styles of home meat cutters on the market. The typical meat slicer for sale for home use is electric. They usually have a small 1/4 horsepower moter and are suitable for use for an average size family or typical home entertaining. The blade sizes range from 8″ to 14″ and it is the blade size that determines the cutting quantity limitations of a machine. The smaller bladed machines are typically less costly and more suited for lighter use. The larger bladed machines can get quite pricey but can handle much larger cutting jobs.

In addition to general purpose home electric slicers there are various other slicers on the market:

Bacon Slicer

Bacon slicers are typically only found in industrial food production. They are high speed machines capable of 900-1500 slices per minute! While I love bacon, this is way to much bacon for me.

Mandolin Food Slicer

Mandoline food slicers are fabulous little manual machines that make slicing bread, meat, vegtables, fruits and cheeses a snap. These little wonders come in a huge array of styles and prices. The main idea of a mandolin food slicer is an angled slicing mechanism supported by an angled stand. Mandolin food slicers usually come with several attachments for slicing and grating and are adjustable to select the thicknes of the desired slice.

Industrial Meat Slicers

An industrial meat slicer is simply a larger and more durable version of a meat slicer for home use. Typically industrial meat slicers have larger motors and are fabricated out of higher durability materials such a stainless steel.


Types of Meat Slicers

There are three main types of meat slicers which are expounded on in details below:

Light Duty/Entry Level Meat Slicers

These are the everyday home meat slicers. Their blade sizes are around 7 inches and their motor’s power consumption is around 5 watts only. They are mostly suited for those meat slicing operations that would ordinarily last an hour or two per day. They generally lack many safety and convenient features of the higher end models. The most popular light duty meat slicers in vogue today are: Maverick, Chef’s Choice, Hobert Meat Slicers, and Maverick.

Medium Duty/Mid Tier Meat Slicers

They are meat slicers that are mainly used in food joints, restaurants, and other eateries. Their blade sizes range from 8 to 14 inches; their motors are powered by 100 to 130 watts of electrical energy, and are able to withstand more regular usage as compared to the light duty varieties. They come along with more safety features and may operate for extended duration.

Commercial-Grade/Premium Meat Slicers

Larger enterprises such as schools and hospitals inevitably require larger and more powerful meat slicers. These extra-large, heavy duty and powerful meat slicers are called the commercial-grade meat slicers. Their motors are powered by 1/4 horsepower of electrical energy, are generally more durable than ordinary meat slicers and can handle tougher and more diverse workload. Some of the most outstanding commercial-grade meat slicers in the market today are: Globe Commercial Meat Slicer, Hobart Deli Meat Slicer, Chicago Food Machinery CFM Meat Slicer, and KWS Premium Meat Slicer.

Here are one of the best home meat slicer;

Chef’s Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer

Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: Measures around 11.8 inches long by 16.5 inches wide by 12.5 inches tall
  • Product Weight: Weighs 10.3 pounds (4.7 kg)
  • Made of cast aluminum and stainless steel
  • Versatile,
  • Rugged
  • Powerful, cool-running, high-torque electric motor
  • Reliable, smooth gears
  • Tilted food carriage
  • Cantilever design
  • Large trays and platters
  • Large-capacity food carriage
  • 7-inch, multi-purpose, stainless-steel blade
  • Intermittent “on/off” switch
  • Handy cord storage
  • 1-year limited warranty

    Chef's Choice 609 Premium Electric best home meat slicer


  • Safe and Secure: The food slicer is equipped with a safety fuse at its base that is intended for power surge protection. Users are therefore relieved of the dangers of electric shocks.
  • Highly Portable: With a weight of only 10.3 pounds (4.7 kg), this slicer is extremely light in weight and is hence convenient to lift around as need may be. It is consequently deployable in very remote locations such as camping sites.
  • Durable: Its key structural components are made of cast aluminum and stainless steel which are both very resistant to the elements of wear and tear. It is therefore able to discharge its duties for a very long duration of time and is also less prone to frequent damages and breakdowns.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: The slicer’s major parts and components that are prone to the accumulation of dirt such as blades, food pusher, food carriage, and thickness guide are all removable, a fact that greatly bolsters their ability to be cleaned and maintained.
  • Minimal Attention: It comes along with an intermittent “on/off” switch that automatically regulates the cutting exercising. This absolves the users from having to actively monitor and undertake the cutting process themselves.


Limited Capacity: Its relatively small dimension of just about 11.8 inches long by 16.5 inches wide by 12.5 inches tall severely limits the amount of food that can be sliced at any given time. For this reason, the slicer may not be suitable for large families.


 EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer

Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: Measures around 16.3 inches long by 12.4 inches wide by 11.9 inches tall
  • Product Weight: Weighs approximately 11 pounds (6.35 kg)
  • Made of cast aluminum and stainless steel
  • Gear-driven, cool-running, high-torque motor
  • 7-inch, multi-purpose, serrated stainless steel blade
  • Provides fast, efficient slicing from deli-thin to 3/4-inch thick slices
  • Tilted, large capacity retractable food carriage
  • Cantilever design
  • 1-year limited warranty

    EdgeCraft 610 Chef's Choice Premium Electric best home meat slicer


  • Safety: The safety of the user is guaranteed by the existence of the safety fuse that is located at its base which prevents the risks of electrocution due to possible power surges and a food carriage that has the ability to lock into position and in so doing limit access to the blade whenever the unit is out of use.
  • Ease of Cleanliness and Maintenance: A number of its constituent parts and components like 7-inch multi-purpose stainless steel serrated blade, food carriage, food deflector, food pusher, thickness guide, are all removable and hence enables easy cleaning.
  • Ease of Use: Two key components enhance the usability of this food slicer. These are: its precision thickness which controls the sizes of the slices from deli-thin to around 3/4-inch thick; and its large capacity food carriage that retracts fully so as to permit the slicing of extra large hams, roasts and other foods.
  • Larger Capacity: Its dimensions are fairly larger than those of its standard version. It measures around 16.3 inches long by 12.4 inches wide by 11.9 inches tall. It is therefore able to cut more food as compared to its standard version.
  • Efficiency: Its highly reliable, extremely smooth and very powerful cool running high torque electric motor ensures that the task of cutting foods is carried out with maximum efficiency and uniformity as do its 7-inch, multi-purpose, stainless steel serrated blade.


  • Intricate: The successful operation of this slicer requires a fair mastery of technical skills which the average user may unfortunately not have. Many potential users may therefore find it a bit intricate to use.


Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer

Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: Measures 15 inches long by 11 inches wide by 11 inches deep
  • Product Weight: Weighs 10 pounds (4.5 kg)
  • Versatile, rugged slicer
  • Multi-purpose 7-inch stainless steel blade
  • Easy clean design
  • Special button
  • Intermittent on/off switch
  • Handy cord storage
  • Large trays and platters
  • Tilted food carriage and cantilever design
  • A serving tray is included
  • 1-year limited warranty

    Chef's Choice 615 Premium Electric best home meat slicer


  • Long Lasting: The slicer is very long lasting indeed owing to the fact that most of its critical constituent parts and components are made of materials like cast aluminum and stainless steel that are naturally very resistant to the elements of wear and tear.
  • Extremely Light Weight: It is very light in weight. It weighs only 10 pounds (4.5 kg). It may therefore be carried around and deployed to the intended location of use with relative ease.
  • Operational Efficiency: The appliance features a very powerful, cool-running, and high-torque electric motor which has very reliable smooth gears. These parts ensure that the process of slicing food is carried out as efficiently as possible.
  • Accurate Slicing: The blades may be adjusted to deliver uniform slicing of dimensions ranging from deli-thin to 3/4-inch thick slices.
  • Enhanced Safety: The safety of the users are taken care of by the fact that the slicer’s food carriage are lockable into position whenever it is not in use to keep the blades from harming small children and other unsuspecting persons.


  • Less Durable Gears: The appliance’s gears are made of plastic which are less durable. Prolonged use of the appliance inevitably leads to eventual breakdown.


Chef’s Choice 632 International Gourmet VariTilt Electric Food Slicer

Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: Measures 17.1 inches long by 12.9 inches wide by 12.2 inches deep
  • Item Weight: Weighs around 11 pounds (4.99 kg)
  • Made of rugged plastic and stainless steel
  • Versatile food slicer for household use
  • Works upright for meats, cheeses
  • Tilts to “”gravity-feed”” vegetables, bread
  • 7-inch surgical-stainless-steel blade
  • Hidden childproof safety switch
  • 100-watt condenser motor
  • 7-inch, surgical stainless-steel blade
  • Calibrated thickness-adjustment knob
  • Automatic on/off switch
  • Plastic tray
  • One-year warranty

    Chef's Choice 632 International Gourmet VariTilt best home meat slicer


  • Greater Slicing Precision: The slicer has a calibrated thickness-adjustment knob that permits slicing from paper thin size to about 3/5 of an inch. This slicing precision is higher than most of the other leading food slicers.
  • Simplified Cleanliness and Maintenance: Most of the slicer’s dirt-prone parts such as food tray, blades, thickness guide, deflector, and food guide all disassemble easily and in so doing enable simplified cleanliness and maintenance of the slicer.
  • Versatility: The appliance is suited for handling a wide variety of foods and vegetable including but not limited to bread, cheese, fruits, sandwiches, ham and cheese.
  • Extra Security: Its hidden childproof switch which prevents it from turning on work hand in hand with its automatic on/off switch on the thickness control knob to provide extra security to the users and their children.
  • Minimal Attention: The food slicer’s on/off switch which can be set for continuous operations greatly relives its users from the need to be physically present and constantly monitor a cutting session. They may thus devote the extra time to other equally important matters.


  • Energy Inefficient: Its motor consumes around 100-watt of electrical energy which is way too high. Regular and prolonged use of the appliance may have the potential to exert unusual financial burdens to the users in the form of high utility bills.


2.5. Weston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Food 9-Inch Slicer

Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 12.1 inches tall by 19.4 inches long by 14.4 inches wide
  • Product Weight: 14.8 pounds (6.7 kg)
  • Rugged quiet running 150 watt motor (120 volts, 60 Hz)
  • 8-5/8 inch rotary
  • High quality stainless steel blade
  • Adjustable thickness controls from deli-thin to 1/2 thick
  • Removable blade and tilt-out food tray
  • Tested for safety and health
  • Compact design
  • On/Off safety switch

    Weston 9-Inch best home meat slicer


  • Quiet Motors: This food slicer’s rugged quiet running motors exude minimal noise. The appliance is hence suitable for use in areas that are sensitive to noise pollution such as libraries as it exerts minimal interference.
  • Accuracy: The slicer’s adjustable thickness control is very accurate and delivers very uniform and consistent slices ranging from deli-thin to over 1/2-inches.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: Both its high quality rotary stainless steel blades and the large capacity stainless steel food tray are removable. This makes them very easy to clean and maintain in the very best shapes and conditions.
  • Larger Capacity: It can accommodate higher amounts of foods making it quite ideal for large families or for larger gatherings of people.
  • Versatility: The slicer may cut vegetables, bread, fruits and many other everyday foods. This means added convenience and greater returns of value for money.


  • Exorbitant Costs: The cost of the slicer when weighed against the potential benefits that users stand to accrue as well as those of its competing products is way too prohibitive which places many a potential user especially of low income at a severe disadvantage.
  • Bulky Size: It is too heavy (weighs around 14.8 pounds/6.7 kg) which imposes a limitation on its portability. It may not be deployed in remote locations easily.

How to Choose the Best Home Meat Slicer

If you are tired of all the fuss of cutting meat at home and want a solution that makes the whole process a neat, healthy and convenient then a best home meat slicer is what you had been looking for all along. No more cutting meats in one swipe alone.

If you are the sort who does not hesitate to call in guest whenever a suitable occasion presents itself then this appliance has the potential to make your cooking life a bit easier. They cast around $100 for a new model and if you are hard pressed for money you can always contemplate a used meat slicer which is in mint condition and cost significantly less. But you better watch out!

If you make errors in judgement about your needs and the make and model that fits it best you just wind up wasting the whole amount. The following tips should considerably increase your chances at choosing the meat slicer that is just perfect for your needs.

best home meat slicer

Do not be naturally inclined towards cheaper options

If you are buying a meat slicer it is best if you concentrate your buying efforts in evaluating its features and how suitable it is for you rather than be driven by price factors. You will end up saving a whole lot of money with a good meat slicer that will make you well satisfied with the Return on Investment provided by the humble meat slicer. Often it is found that sliced meat is almost thrice more expensive when compared to what you have pay if you slice them all on your own with your trusty meat slicer.

Being the most expensive does not necessarily mean that it is the best option

While you should make it a point not to make price a constraint in your buying decision, that does not mean the most expensive meat slicer out there is the best and most suited to your needs. Ravage the net for authentic reviews of the makes and models out there in the market. Refer to several reviews and only then take a final decision on which meat slicer you want to buy. A meat slicer that does not do a good job is of little use.

Can it be cleaned with ease?

The ease with which you can clean a meat slicer is also an important factor to take into account before actually making the purchase. Most of the meat slicers out there have four main parts- the food carriage, the blade, the thickness plate and a food pusher. It should also be relatively easy for you to dismantle as well as assemble. Meat juices have the propensity to accumulate in the food carriage’s groove and could pose a considerable headache for you. Dodge the bullet, by opting for meat slicers without carriage grooves.

The blades and the power of the motor

Meat slicers which are driven by electricity usually are accompanied by motors of 0.25 or 0.5 of horsepower. The more the HP the faster the meat cutting process. It is that simple. Another factor to weigh in while considering a meat slicer the blade size of the slicer. Usually, they vary from 8” to 14”. 10” blades would work fine if you meant to cut meat exclusively at your home. However, professional cooks and those who provide catering services would show sagacity if they opt for a bigger 12” or 14” blade.

How Thick is the thickness plate?

The thickness of the plate of meat slicers dictates the way the meat is cut. There are varying sizes in this respect and one has the option to opt for pieces that are thin as wafers to those are 1” thick, a statement that holds ground for the majority of the meat slicers out there in the market. But some of these appliances have small carriages which may, in turn, prohibit you from slicing your meat in large sizes.
If you are the diligent sort of person who does their homework well and are cautious about splurging money, then the tips listed above should help you choose the correct slicer, irrespective of whether it is a used meat slicer or a brand new one. Meat slicers are a great option for those faced by the stiff challenge of slicing their meat on a regular basis and provides great convenience besides saving you a considerable sum of money.

Intended Nature and Frequency of Use

Different users are confronted with different workloads. Some users such as those in ordinary homes have far less work compared to those in schools, restaurants and hospitals. The setting in which the meat slicer is to be used, the amount of workload as well as the frequency with which the appliance is to be used should all be considered while making a purchase.

Power Consumption

In order to minimize power wastage and to prevent excessively high utility bills, the prospective user should see to it that the power consumption rate of the meat slicer of choice is well within his means.

Maintenance Requirements

To greatly minimize frequent breakdowns and constant repairs and maintenance, the best meat slicer must be made of very tough and durable materials such as stainless steel and cast aluminum that can effectively withstand the elements of wear and tear such as scratches, dents, corrosion, and breakages.

Construction and Design

The safety and wellbeing of the users must be treated as a matter of priority by the meat slicer. Consequently, the best meat slicer must have top-notch safety features such as child safety locks and automatic on/off switches.


This refers the possible range of uses to which the appliance may be put. These appliances are primarily intended for cutting meat. However, the ideal meat slicer should also be in a position to handle other common types of food such as fruits, vegetables, cakes, bread, cheese, and ham to guarantee maximum returns of money invested to the users.


A good meat slicer has to have very sharp blades, larger cutting capacity, smooth and efficient gears to ensure that the task of cutting the various types of foods is carried out with as maximum efficiency as possible.


The ultimate decision as to whether or not a meat slicer is to be acquired largely depends on the cost of the respective appliance. The best meat slicer must be very affordable and must ideally be accompanied by manufacturer’s warranty and hot discounts.


The field of meat slicers as do just about every other electronics appliance is rapidly changing so much so that, a fairly sophisticated and advanced appliance today may be rendered obsolete within a very short duration of time. The long-term authenticity of the top 5 best meat slicer reviewed in the foregoing best home meat slicer reviews cannot therefore be guaranteed in the long run. It is therefore incumbent upon the prospective user to conduct through due diligence before settling on a product of his choice.