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Kitchen Appliance Storage Tricks

Kitchen appliance

If you have multiple smaller kitchen appliances you probably have a hard time finding space for all of them. One of the most commonly used small kitchen appliances is the Kitchen Aid stand mixer. This appliance has become extremely popular over the past couple of years. There are many different ways you can store and hide this mixer so it is not always sitting out in the open on your counters.

One way to store your mixer is to install the hideaway shelf. This conveniently pulls out of a cabinet and can hold the weight of the mixer and other bowls. It locks into place to ensure proper mixing without falling back into the cabinet. These can be installed in different sizes to accommodate the style and size of your kitchen cabinets. This is a great way to store your mixer because you can easily bring it out to whip up some cookie batter and put it back into the cabinet immediately after you are done.

A couple other appliances that are commonly used are a microwave and toaster.  There are hideaway rolling cabinet doors that are easy to use and install. These will pull out and cover an entire cabinet space then roll back to look like they were never there. In this cabinet you can hide your microwave, toaster and your Kitchen Aid mixer in the same area. This makes it very easy to clean up your kitchen when you have company or a get together. You can keep these appliances hidden behind the rolling cabinet door until you need to use them. If you put multiple shelves in this cabinet you can even store the accessories for these appliances.

68f2362efe73af0b4058495aa9b46d36Some people use a larger blender to make smoothies and salad dressings. These blenders can become a hassle to move around if they are left sitting on your kitchen counters. This goes the same for a tea pot or even a pitcher. There is a very simple and stylish way to keep these products stored so they are not in the way of your everyday activities in the kitchen.

Using one of the cabinets under the counter, you can install what looks like dishwasher drawers. These can be pulled out and can store multiple items next to each other without worrying about the wood drawers or cabinets getting wet. Keeping these items together is a great idea to keep your kitchen well organized so you know exactly where every item is kept.

A dream kitchen will include all of these appliances but in spaces where you cannot see them. The trick is to make your kitchen look spotless and organized while you are not cooking. Your kitchen will then look well used and fully equipped when it comes time to prepare a meal or bake some cookies. You will have your guests excited and intrigued when you whip these appliances out of their hiding spots.

Storing your Pots and Pans in Style

pots and pans storage

If you are like any other person who enjoys frequently cooking, you probably have a few draws or cabinets filled with pots and pans. You also probably have a drawer full of different sized lids that do not have a matching pot or pan to it. If you are more of a baker, your glass bake ware might be completely disorganized to the point where you cannot find the one you want when you really need it. There are solutions for all of these problems. You no longer have to search the entire kitchen for that one pot, that one baking dish or that missing lid.

The first task to tackle is to organize your lids that belong to your pots and pans. There are small rails you can screw into the doors of your cabinets. This lets your lids rest easily against the rail so they are readily available to you when you open your cabinet door. This technique also helps clear space from other areas in your kitchen. You no longer have to designate one drawer or cabinet for your lids. You can install these rails on every cabinet and store your lids all over your kitchen. The best thing about these rails is they fit all sized lids. Whether the lid is for a small frying pan or a large cooking pot, they will fit side by side on these rails.

d609a50ddb59629e5bb439f49eb01b6bIf you are someone who likes to keep your lids with the corresponding pot or pan, this next trick is for you. In your pull out drawers you can install wooden dividers to make individual compartments. These compartments can be individualized for each pot so they fit perfectly. You can store your pots and pans with their matching lid in one drawer so you will never get the two separated.

These dividers do not have to be fancy and expensive. A simple piece of particle board would be sufficient enough to separate the different pots and pans from each other. Another way to keep the pots with the lids is to invest in a tree cookware organizer. This will hold four different sized pots with their matching lids in the shape of a tree. You only need to designate one cabinet space for this product and you will be able to store up to 8 different pots and pans. Along with storing the pots in the tree shape, there are some hooks on the corners so you can easily hang some pans by their handles.

Some cooks don’t use lids or don’t bother keeping them stored together at least. If this is you, you should look into installing some hooks on the underside of your counter in your cabinets. This is a cheap and easy way to store your expensive and fancy cooking pots and pans. You can hang these items by their handles so they are suspended in the air and not touching any part of the cabinets. If you have the lids available, you can store them under the pots to keep them in the same vicinity. These hooks can be found at just about any department store or hardware store.

You don’t want to forget about your glass cooking dishes when it comes to organizing your kitchen. These are some of the most important accessoriPots and Pans Storagees in anyone’s kitchen. They can be used for baking cakes, cooking casseroles and many other things. The first thing to do is place a piece of peg board in the bottom of any drawer. This gives you the freedom to design a space to store your glassware as you see fit. You can place the pegs in different patterns to hold your items depending on the size of the dish. You will be able to easily store your large cake pan, your small bread pan and even your round pie dishes all in the same drawer.

Using these ideas will turn any ordinary kitchen into an organized and trendy kitchen. Don’t spend any more time searching for your pots and pans and their matching lids. You will now know exactly where every item is and able to create your dishes in no time.

Herb and Spice Organization Ideas

Herb and Spice Organization
Shooting in the kitchen at home,

Most kitchens have a spice rack or spice organization area somewhere. Whether you have a premade spice rack you purchased or a unique storage solution for your spices, you have them stored somewhere in your kitchen. This is important because if you like to cook, you most likely have a decent amount of spice containers. No one wants their spices making a mess in a drawer or taking up counter space by the sink. It is best to keep these spices hidden in a storage space or organized on a rack. This blog will show you a few different solutions to help get your spices organized and hidden at the same time.

Herb and Spice Organization Ideas

One way you can organize your spices is by using the Rubbermaid Pull Down Spice Rack. This is great because you can have them easily store up in a cabinet but pull them down when you need to use any of them. This gives you the best of both worlds. A hidden spice rack in your top cabinet and ease of reach with the pull down feature. This one in particular can hold up to 15 different spices and takes up very little space in your cabinet.

If you like arranginHerb and Spice Organization Ideasg your kitchen items as you please to let your creativity shine, this next idea is perfect for you. The HEX 24 jar kit comes with 24 jars with magnetic lids. Unlike other magnetic kits that make you use a piece of metal, these stick directly to your fridge. You no longer have to find room somewhere in your cabinets to stick your spice rack. You can now simply let them hang onto your fridge door and have them easily accessible for everyone who uses the kitchen. The other great thing about this idea is you can arrange the jars in any pattern you wish. If you like to keep them clumped together, you can do that or you can spread them out according to the type of spice in the container.

Some kitchens come with limited cabinet space but tons of drHerb and Spice Organizationawer space. If this is the case with your kitchen, a Rev-a-Shelf drawer spice organizer will be perfect. You can keep your spices stored at an easily accessible level in one of your cabinet drawers. Sometimes having the spice rack in a top cabinet makes it hard for anyone who is vertically challenged to reach. This drawer organizer is universal and can be altered to fit just about any size cabinets. The angle the spices are stored also makes it very easy to read which jar has which spice in it. You no longer have to pick up each individual spice container before finding the nutmeg you need.

There are many people who collect spices throughout the year who Herb and Spice Organizationcan stock up any of these organization ideas. There are also people who do not collect spices and need to purchase a spice rack with the spices already organized within. A great starter spice rack would be the Cole and Mason spice rack. This is on a carousel so you can easily turn the rack to view all of the spices. There are 20 different glass spice jars included with this spice rack to get you started in any cooking environment. They are very durable and will last a long time so you don’t have to worry about the jars or the carousel falling apart anytime soon.

Any of these spice organization ideas will help you keep your kitchen tidy and neat while keeping it fully stocked with the essential herbs and spices. You can either buy the racks by themselves and stock them with your own spices or buy the racks with the spices in them already. Both methods will give you a new look to your herb and spice collections.

Halloween Treats and Drinks

Halloween Treats and Drinks

As the Halloween is just around the corner, there are many different creative things to do when it comes to preparing snacks and drinks for your costumed guests at a party. Whether you want to keep it kid friendly or strictly for adults, there are tons of different things you can do with simple ingredients in your kitchen.

One of the most popular Halloween themed food items is a Hot Dog Mummy. This is simply wrapping a raw crescent roll around a hotdog to mimic the look of a mummy. Bake these in the oven and you have a tasty treat that is also Halloween ready. Drizzling ketchup over the top can add the look of blood if you want to take that extra step to make it gory.

One of my favorite food items at any party is a taco dip with tortilla chips. Most of the taco dips out there follow the basic same recipe. You layer your taco meat, beans, salsa, sour cream, cheese and guacamole into some sort of boring container. Instead of layering the sour cream with the other ingredients, you can create a spider web design on the outer layer to make it fit the Halloween theme. This will let you keep all of the same ingredients you want while making it look creative at the same time.

Halloween Treats and DrinksA fruit dip is always a hit at family get togethers. You can take the simple route and create a pumpkin spice yogurt dip for apples and cookies. Or you can take the more unique route and put this dip into a carved out miniature pumpkin. This will be a huge hit at any party. Blending the tastes of pumpkin spice with apples and cookies will win over your adult guests and even the children. The fact that you are serving this dip straight out of a miniature pumpkin puts the cherry on top of the cake.

There is a more festive approach you can take to keeping your bottled and canned beverages cold instead of using a boring cooler. Take a fairly large pumpkin and cut off the top completely. You then need to completely scoop out the insides and put them in another container. If you enjoy baking pumpkin seeds make sure you put them aside to use for a later dish. Once your pumpkin is cleaned out you can fill it with ice cubes and place your drinks in there. This will keep your drinks cool while fitting the Halloween theme perfectly.

There are many different Halloween drink ideas you can play around with as well. For the adult party guests, a great thing to do is put Jell-O shots into plastic syringes. To make them look realistic, a red colored Jell-O should be used. These can be made with or without alcohol depending on your guests likings. Make the Jell-O in a bowl and fill the syringes with the unfinished product. Leave the syringes in the fridge for a few hours to give the Jell-O time to harden up. By the time your guests arrive the will be ready to squirt into their mouths.

A more kid friendly beverage that would be a hit is the candy corn punch. This drink calls for a few different ingredients but the end result has orange, yellow and white layers to resemble that of a candy corn. You make the lemon Jell-O and let it set at the bottom of the pitcher. You want to leave it long enough to thicken but not completely harden. You then pour an orange soda over that layer using a wooden spoon to keep the layers separated. Top the punch off with some whipped topping and your kid friendly candy corn punch is complete.

Using some of these recipes and ideas for your Halloween party will ensure your guests have a great time and enjoy some tasty treats and drinks!

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

There are an endless amount of kitchen gadgets on the market. There are ones that aren’t very useful for most people and there are the others that are pretty much genius. Most of the gadgets out there are very unique and not what you would normally consider using in the kitchen. I have comprised a list of useful kitchen gadgets you didn’t know you needed.

Spill StopperKitchen Gardets

If you are like me, you enjoy cooking and eating pasta morez than any other food in your kitchen. If you happen to walk away for a minute, or even simply look away from the pasta, it starts to boil over. There is nothing more I hate than hearing the water boil over and hit the hot stove top. I have found the solution to this problem! The spill stopperlays on top of the boiling pot to prevent any hot water from boiling over. You can now cook your pasta without having to stand over the stove watching the water boil. This is a product that everyone should own if they plan on cooking pasta at any point in time.

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One Click Butter Cutter
Kitchen Gadgets

Slicing butter with a knife can be very strenuous on your joints if the butter is not softened yet. Instead of letting your butter sit out to soften or melting it in the microwave, use the one click butter cutter. This makes it much easier to get perfectly portioned slices of butter every time. The other issue that comes with cutting butter with a knife is the fact that you can never get the same amount of butter with each slice.  Now everyone at the dinner table can get the same amount of butter by simply squeezing the butter cutter. I don’t know what I would do without mine in my kitchen.

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Vegetable Slicer
Kitchen Gardgets

How often do you find yourself chopping your vegetables in very thin slices? Do you ever wish you could just stick them in a machine and voila they are sliced? Well now you can slice your vegetables with ease. Using a vegetable slicer makes cooking fun and simple again. You can stick many different types of vegetables and fruits on the skewers and they will be turned into long, thin, spiral slices. There are different blades you can attach to have some sort of variety with your veggies. This is definitely a must have kitchen gadget, especially if you have children who love to help out in the kitchen

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Cake Layer Slicer

Kitchen Gadgets
There are many people who bake cakes on a regular basis. Baking cakes can be fun and easy if you have the right tools. No one can cut a straight, thin layer to create a multiple layer cake. Using a cake layer slicer will take the trouble out of slicing the cake. Making a layered cake is much more enjoyable and tasty than just one cake with frosting on it. This lets you use your creativity when it comes to making different flavored fillings to put inside each layer. My kitchen is finally complete now that I have this layering kit.

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If you find yourself needing other kitchen gadgets you cannot live without, let the world know so we can all keep our kitchens fully stocked with the essentials.

Best Food Processor Reviews

Food Processor Reviews

How often do you find yourself finely chopping your vegetables and other various ingredients? If your hands are getting tired of constantly using sharp knives to cut your ingredients, its time to switch to a food processor. These food processors reviews will show why you should purchase one and which one would be best for your cooking.

Top Food Processor

Cuisinart DLC-10S Food Processorfood processor reviews

Cuisinart has been one of the top producers when it comes to kitchen appliances both small and large. This food processor is one of the best of its kind on the market. Food processors reviews are there to help you weed out the bad products and find the perfect one for your kitchen and your budget. This food processor is great because it can hold 7 cups of food. That means you don’t have to mix your ingredients for something in multiple batches. You can mix everything all at once and prepare your meals in half the time. With this appliance you will get a mixing/chopping blade that is made of stainless steel, a dough blade, shredding disc and a medium slicing disc. These different attachments let you prepare just about any sort of ingredients you can possibly imagine.

The feed tube is extra large in size to make it better for slicing whole fruits and vegetables. There is no need to cut the food before you put it through a food processor. This processor inparticular comes with both a small and a large pusher to help get the food down the feed tube. The disc stem is detachable and it also comes with a spatula. One of the best things about this item is the fact that it can knead bread dough. Most people have to buy two separate appliances to chop food and knead dough. Now you can achieve multiple goals with one piece of equipment.

PROS                                                     CONS

– 7 Cup capacity                                      – Many pieces

– Dishwasher safe

– Great attachments

– Recipe book included

– Free shipping

– Kneads dough

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KitchenAid Food ProcessorFood Processor

Many of the food processors reviews you read state the max amount of food they can hold is around 6 cups. This KitchenAid food processor holds an amazing 14 cups of ingredients. This means you can combine all of the ingredients for your stew into one container. All of the vegetables will fit through the feed tube, slice thinly and mix with your other ingredients. There are 700 watts of power backing the motor up so you know it will not quit while you are using it. The stainless steel blade can work as a multipurpose tool because it can do multiple things at once. There are two feed tubes to make your chopping experience more efficient. You can put two different ingredients in at the same time to be chopped together.

One of the greatest things about this food processor is the sealed housing. It is durable enough to block out any noise. Most of the mini appliances are extremely loud and you have to make sure no one is trying to relax when you start to use them. This one creates barely any noise so you can prep your meals while there is a sleeping baby in the other room. another great feature of this food processor is the mini bowl with the matching blade. If you only need to mix a few ingredients for something small, this 4 cup bowl will be perfect for you. The bowls, blades and the discs are all dishwasher safe and the base of the processors wipes down very easily. You can pick the color you want for a reasonable price and free shipping.

PROS                                                     CONS

– Multiple colors                                      – Price

– 12 Cup max

– Dual feed tubes

– Mini bowl included

– Sealed housing

Breville Sous Chef Food ProcessorFood Processor

If you are looking for a more professional food processor for bigger cooking projects, this Breville one is ideal for you. This might be one of the best food processors within the food processors reviews because of its size, power and professional look. You can order this in 3 different colors; stainless steel, black sesame and cranberry red. This makes it easy to match the color scheme of just about any kitchen. With this processor, you will receive 3 different blades and 5 discs that are multifunctional. The feed tube measures 5.5 inches to leave enough room for just about any sized vegetable or fruit. The sky is just about the limit for what you can feed through the tube on this processor.

The bowl attached to this processor holds 16 cups of ingredients. That is one of the largest bowls when it comes to food processors. That is what makes this a professional grade food processor. You don’t have to keep emptying the bowl when it starts to fill up because it will rarely fill up. There is also a 2.5 cup miniature bowl for the smaller projects you might have. This machine is very easy to use and to clean up. There are only a couple of buttons on the machine to control the functions. The cups and blades are all machine washable and the base is easy to wipe down. You will not be sorry with this sophisticated and professional food processor.

PRO                                                       CONS

– Professional                                          – Price

– 16 cups                                                   – Only 3 colors

– Extra 2.5 cup bowl

– 5.5 inch feed tube

– Free shipping

Magimix Food ProcessorFood Processor

This brand, Magimix, is not as widely known as the others in these food processors reviews but do not count them out of the running. They have taken the difficulty out of using small kitchen appliances. Most of them contain multiple buttons with tons of different functions. Having too many options can be very confusing for someone trying to cook. This appliance only has 3 options to choose from when it comes to the buttons. You can hit the auto button to let it run for a little while, the pulse button to constantly pulse chop your food, or the stop button to turn it off. They don’t get much easier than that when it comes to functionality.

The bowl can hold 12 cups of food and the 650 watt motor will power it for a while. The motor is technically a commercial-grade induction motor. That means you are spending the money for a food processor for your home that is generally used in professional kitchens.  This motor even has a 30 year warranty to back it up. If the 12 cup bowl is too large for you cooking project, you can choose between the 10 cup bowl or the 6 cup bowl that are both included. All of the bowls and blades are dishwasher safe. If you prefer a stainless steel appliance you can choose that option. If you have all white appliances in your kitchen, you can choose the white processor.

PROS                                                     CONS

– Commercial-grade                              – Price

– 3 Bowl sizes                                          – No extra blades

– 650 watt motor

– Ultra quiet motor

Cuisinart DFP-14 Food Processorfood processor

Cuisinart has done it yet again with their kitchen appliances. This food processor is similar to the other ones they make but is bigger and better. The lexan bowl can hold 14 cups of ingredients instead of only 12. This lets you put even more food in the food processor than before. The feed tube is bigger and better to ensure you don’t have to prechop your food before sticking it into the processor. It also comes with two different food pushers. If you have large fruits or vegetables to put through the tube, you can use the larger pusher. If you are sending small pieces of something through the processor you can use the smaller pusher. They have made this very customizable to your cooking needs.

The best part about this food processor is the stuff that comes with it. Along with the durable bowl, you will receive two different discs and two different blades. There is a slicing disc and a shredding disc both made of stainless steel. There is a chopping blade and a dough blade that are also both made from stainless steel. You also get a spatula and recipe book to get your creative juices flowing. All of the bowls and blades are dishwasher safe. This would be a great addition to your kitchen or a gift for someone else’s kitchen.

PROS                                                     CONS

– Multiple attachments                         – The shredding and slicing blades are not adjustable

– Dishwasher safe

– 14 cup limit

– 720 watt motor

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Bodum Chambord French Press

Bodum Chambord French Press
If you spend a ridiculous amount of money on coffee from retail stores you are in dire need of this product. The Bodum Chambord French Press will become your new best friend. The secret behind the greatness of these coffee presses is how they extract the perfect amount of acids and essential oils from the coffee bean. This in turn produces the maximum flavor for your coffee. Instead of waiting in line for 15 minutes, you can create your own coffee masterpiece at home.
Bodum Chambord French PressThese fancy coffee presses look fragile and dainty but are in fact completely dishwasher-safe. When you are done making your coffee in the morning, you can stick everything in the dishwasher and start your day. This press in particular can produce 8 cups of coffee at one time. The glass is heat resistant and very durable. At a price of only less than $40 you can make your own coffee and not have to wait in line at the stores.

Stand Mixer Reviews

stand mixer reviews

Stand mixers have become some of the most popular kitchen appliances in the last couple of years. They have revolutionized the way we mix our ingredients to bake different desserts and even cook whole meals. These stand mixer reviews will showcase some of the different name brand appliances you can find for a reasonable price. They all pretty much have the same end result but have different features and colors for you to choose from.

Types of Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Classic Plus Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

This is the one you have been waiting for with stand mixer reviews. KitchenAid has paved the road for stand mixers when it comes to efficiency and professional look. There are many other stand mixers out there but none compare to this one right here. There might not be as much power backing up the motor, but the 275 watts of power is more than enough to get the job done. There are 10 different speed settings that allow you to slowly mix some eggs or dry ingredients or quickly mix your cake batter to make it perfect.

The locking tilt-head function is fantastic for cleaning and simply using the machine. The entire appliance is made of metal which makes it more durable than most other stand mixers. One of the best things about KitchenAid is the attachments are universal. There are tons of different attachments available that fit all of their stand mixers. You can add a meat grinder, pasta roller, dough hook and many other attachments. This classic stand mixer comes with over 15 attachments initially. You will get the wire whip, dough hook and flat beater to get you started.

PROS                                                     CONS

– Universal attachments                        – Price might be a little higher

– Tilt-head

– 10 Speeds

– Perfect size

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Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Stand Mixerstand mixer reviews

When you think of a stand mixer you usually don’t think of Hamilton Beach. This company actually produces one of the popular stand mixers on the market. Some of the cheaper stand mixers use the generic double whisking action as you use with a hand held mixer. This stand mixer uses one mixer that covers the ntire bowl to give more mixing coverage. There are 300 watts behind this powerful motor to ensure even the toughest ingredients will be mixed with ease. The mixers with one beater end up mixing better and more efficiently than those with two beaters.

There are 3 different attachments that come with this Hamilton Beach stand mixer. This gives you a wide variety of how you can use this mixer. You don’t only have to make cookie dough or bread dough anymore. There is a large whisk so you can mix your dry ingredients easy before adding your wet ingredients. There is also a dough hook to make kneading your dough a breeze. You no longer have to wear out your hands by kneading your dough manually on the counter. This particular appliance is available in two different colors: black and chrome.

PROS                                                     CONS

– 2 Beater                                                 – Bulky

– 3 Attachments

– 2 Colors

– 300 Watt motor

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Sunbeam Heritage Stand MixerStand Mixer

Sunbeam is another company that makes tons of different appliances for kitchens these days. When it comes to the stand mixers, most people don’t want a boring silver color for their kitchen. The stand mixer will usually get used multiple times in a week and might end up getting left on the counter permanently. If that is the case, most cooks would want a colorful stand mixer to accent their kitchen color scheme. This Sunbeam stand mixer comes in an amazing 8 different colors.

Aside from the color of the appliance, the functionality is also very important. There are 12 different speeds with this stand mixer. This allows you to start on the softest speed and slowly work your way up to the strongest speed at your own pace. The bowl and beaters are synchronized to give you 3-way mixing action. This appliance has 350 watts of power backing the motor. The bowl is off-center and this allows the user to add the ingredients while it is mixing. There are chrome beaters and dough hooks to give more variety when it comes to what you can mix in this stand mixer.

PROS                                                     CONS

– Durable                                               – A little expensive

– 3 way mixing

– Stable operation

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American Era Stand Mixer

Stand Mixer
American Era is a brand that is not as widely known as the others in the stand mixer reviews. Don’t count this one out yet though. The layout is pretty different of this mixer than other stand mixers. The base is much larger and the top that holds the beater is larger as well. There is only one beater with this mixer, which means it has a better mixing efficiency. There are only 4 speeds of mixing but there is a pulse function as well. Other mixers don’t have a pulse control function. This makes it easy to mix tough ingredients without having to leave the mixer running for a while. This pulse feature is also great because it gives you a quick start and stop control.

There are 3 different mixing blades included with this package. The first is the generic beating blade that you will use for the majority of your cooking projects. The next is the dough hook that helps knead all types of dough. The last is the whisk attachment that is great for mixing ingredients that involved eggs and dry ingredients. The mixing bowl is made of stainless steel and holds 6 quarts of material. This appliance comes in a metallic red to give it a modern feel.

PROS                                                     CONS

– 6qt Capacity                                         – Size

– Pulse feature                                        – 4 Speeds

– Free shipping

– Skid-resistant feet

– 3 Blades

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Cuisinart 12 Speed Stand Mixer41BNoePRinL

Cuisinart has yet again made an appliance that is very popular and widely used. This stand mixer in particular is extremely durable and can mix at a very powerful speed. There are 800 watts of power backing up this motor to let you mix and knead all kinds of ingredients no matter how thick they are. It is available in 3 different colors: brushed chrome, white and black. Each housing unit is made from a die-cast metal which makes it very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The head of the machine has a tilt-back function which makes it easy to add ingredients and to clean out the bowl.

There are 12 different speeds that begin with a slow-start function and include some gentle-fold functions for kneading dough and other ingredients. One great feature about this mixer that others in the stand mixer reviews don’t have, is the countdown timer. There is a 15 minute timer that will constantly mix for up to 15 minutes. This is great for recipes that call for constant mixing for a certain amount of time. T

PROS                                                     CONS

– 12 Speeds                                            – Expensive

– 3 Colors                                               – Bulky

– 800 watt motor

– Countdown timer

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Top 5 Garlic Chopper Reviews For the Money

Garlic Chopper

Best Garlic Chopper

1: Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic Crusher


Garlic ChopperThis garlic crusher has a very unique design.  You may have even seen it being used on some popular tv shows!  The chopper is simple to use, simply place a peeled clove on a cutting board and rock the garlic crusher right on top of it.  The garlic will be minced and pushed through the device where it can simply be scooped off with a spoon and added to whatever you are cooking.  This ranks at the top of out list because it is an elegant solution with no parts to break  and best of all it’s easy to clean.

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2. Chef’n Garlic Zoom Rolling Garlic ChopperGarlic Chopper

This little guy is not only a fun gadget to have around the kitten but its very functional.  It’s simple to use, just place a close into the snap together clear case and roll the wheels back and forth along any surface.  It does a find job of chopping and you can get different consistences depending on how long and quickly you roll it.  It has a very sharp stainless steel blade that slices through the garlic with ease and is removable so cleaning is a bit quicker.  One of the only downfalls to this product is that it does have a few moving parts that may wear out or break over time.  For the price this is a neat and effective tool.

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3. Zyliss Susi 3 Garlic Press


Garlic ChopperThis inst exactly a chopper but it does get the job done.  The Zyliss Susi Garlic Press is a good alternative to a chopper.  It takes care of mincing garlic by forcing an entire clove through a pattern of small holes.  This breaks up the clove and makes it into small pieces in one shot.  One convenience about this press is you can add an unpeeled clove and the skin will not make its way through the holes.  It might take a little more strength than the other choppers on the list but it can put the garlic where you need it in one move.

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4. NexTrend 3rd Generation Clear Garlic TwistGarlic Chopper

This is yet another style of garlic chopper that works extremely well.  The NexTrend Garlic Twist works by trapping a clove of garlic between two sets of counter rotating sets of plastic blades.  As you twist the device back and forth you are able to mince up a clove in no time to any consistency you desire.  This devise is a little bit harder to clean than some of the others because garlic gets stuck between the blades, but it does come free with a good rinse while the garlic is still fresh.

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5. OXO Good Grip Mini Chopper


Garlic ChopperThis chopper is just like slap chop or other similar style choppers you may have seen.  It has retractable spring loaded blades that will chop each time you push the plunger down.  The blades also rotate so each push is sure to chop a new peice.  One good thing about this chopper is that it is a little larger and you can fit more than just garlic in it.  It works great but has many parts and is a little tough to clean thoroughly but it still makes our list.

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Black & Decker Dustbuster Hand Vacuum Review

Black and Decker Vacuum

This hand held vacuum is great for those hard to reach places. If your regular vacuum cannot reach under the bed or the couch, this cordless vacuum will get the job done. The nozzle is very slim and rotates to get into tight corners. Many of the other handheld vacuums have extra pieces that need to be stored elsewhere.

This vacuum has storage compartments for a crevice tool and brush so everything stays together. The main characteristic that separates this vacuum from the other hand held vacuums is the cyclonic action around the filter. You no longer have to worry about the power weakening because of debris and dirt getting caught in the filter. Before using this product, be sure to charge it for 24 hours to ensure full battery life while cleaning. At an affordable price, you can receive this product in two days and get your house clean in no time.

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