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A Guide to Buying The Best Cordless Iron

It  may be surprising to learn that there is a wide variety of cordless irons to choose from when considering the purchase of this all too necessary appliance. The prices of steam irons can range from the $10 dollar store model up to the hundreds that can be spent on semi-professional steam pressers. There are many features available in all price ranges. One of the more recent innovations is the cordless steam iron.

Cordless steam irons generally range in price from $50 to $130. In the $100 price range, there will be many features and hi-tech designs. Good reasons for spending more money on cordless irons is that the more expensive models are likely to have a higher steam output and a longer period of use before needing to be recharged.

Cordless steam irons need to be placed in the charging cradle frequently while in use. These appliances are not like most cordless devices that charge up until use and then function until the charge is spent. These irons need to be recharged while in the process of ironing.

In addition to maintaining the temperature level, the frequent recharging ensures optimal steam output. Cordless steam irons do not produce as much steam as corded ones. They just don’t reach or maintain a hot enough temperature to sustain much steam which is one of the reasons they need to charge so much. Most cordless steam irons will maintain temperature and steam for around 10 minutes before needing to be returned to the cradle for charging.Panasonic Cordless Iron

The convenience that the cordless steam iron offers is mostly in the handling. Since it doesn’t have the standard electric cord, it is easier to maneuver and ironing is comparatively faster. The enhanced maneuverability also makes difficult pieces such as collars and pleats easier to iron. These irons also tend to weigh less than corded irons by a pound or more.

Another point of convenience is the water container of the cordless models. Usually, it is removable allowing the user to retrieve water separate from the iron. Though it may require more frequent filling, it takes away the need for placing the entire iron under the tap or bottle for filling.

Cordless steam irons are easy to use for items that do not easily fit on the ironing board. Steaming drapes and table cloths is much more convenient with a cordless steam iron because they can remain intact.

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