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Must Have Cookware Set Reviews


Whether you are moving into a new home or need something to buy for a friend, a cookware set can never be a bad gift to receive. To find the best cookware set you first must search through tons of cookware set reviews. These reviews will show the top brands for the best price.

Types of Cookware Sets

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Cookware Setcookware set reviews

Cuisinart is one of the top brands when it comes to everything in the kitchen. They make no exception when it came to their cookware set. This set in particular comes with 10 different pieces. There aren’t too many cookware sets that come with that many pieces for such a great price. Each piece is constructed with stainless steel that has a mirror finish. These pots and pans are so attractive to look at, you might not want to use them! The handles on these items are very solid and come with rivets to ensure the sturdiness of them. there is aluminum in the base to give the absolute best and even heating possible.

The ten pieces that come with this set include a few different types of pots and pans. You will get two different skillets. There will be at 8-inch skillet and also a 10-inch skillet. There are two covered saucepans as well in this kit. Both the 1/5 and 3 quart sauce pans come with matching lids. The sauté pan you will get comes with a cover as well and can hold 3.5 quarts. The last items are an 8 quart stockpot with the matching cover. You will not be sorry when you purchase this set or give it as a gift to someone else. It is one of the best ways to get a new home started or welcome someone to the neighborhood.

PROS                                                     CONS

– 10 pieces                                           – No skillet lids

– Aluminum base

– Built to standards

– Mirror finish

– Stainless steel

T-fal Ultimate Stainless Steel Cookware Set41SoaHfhRRL

T-fal is an extremely well known company when it comes to cooking products. They produce top notch cooking pans and pots and use a wide variety of materials to ensure even cooking and nonstick features. With this set, you will get 12 different pieces to add to your kitchen or a family members kitchen. There are two fry pans included, one 8 inches and one 10.5 inches. This is great because you can never have too many fry pans in your cookware collection. You will also get three different sauce pans. You will get a 1-quart, 2-quart and 3-quart sauce pans. This is great because now you can cook multiple things at the same time instead of waiting and washing one pan over and over again. The last cooking pot you will get is a 5.5 quart dutch oven with a matching cover. The other two items that make up the 12 are a slotted turner and spoon.

All of the pots and pans are constructed with stainless-steel with multiple layers in the bases. These layers consist of aluminum, copper and steel to ensure even heating throughout the pan. The handles are stainless-steel as well and riveted to the pots. You no longer have to worry about the handle falling off and your entire meal landing on the ground. There are glass lids for the pots to lock in the nutrients, heat and moisture. It will also look in the flavors and keep everything very tasteful.

PROS                                                     CONS

– 12 pieces                                           – Price

– Stainless-steel

– Glass lids

– Free shipping

WearEver Pure Living Cookware Set41ENlvjcBQL

There are a few things too look for when reading cookware set reviews. You probably want your cookware set to be scratch resistant and nonstick. You would want this because no one likes it when their food gets caked onto the frying pan. It can also be harmful if the material in the frying pan gets scratched up and you ingest it. These Wearever pans have 3 very important features. The first is the superior scratch resistance. You wont have to worry about finding flakes of your frying pan in your eggs. The second feature is the durable ceramic aspect. Every piece of cookware is coated with a ceramic material. The last great feature is superior stain resistance. A lot of the other cookware sets that have a color to them end up with stains from the grease that is used. These will not ever be stained no matter what you decide to cook.

This set is available in two different colors. If you like the generic color of cookware sets, the gold set is perfect for you. If you like adding a little bit of color to your kitchen, the red set is ideal. Both sets come with 10 pieces of cooking pieces. You will get one big stock pot, two frying pans, one sauté pan and a sauce pot. Three of those come with matching lids. You will also get a spatula and a spoon to add to your kitchen.

PROS                                                     CONS

– 10 pieces                                           – Price

– 2 color options

– Ceramic coated

– Nonstick

– Nonscratch


Paula Deen Signature Porcelain Cookware Set81Tqh4VkmdL._SL1500_

Everyone knows how popular Paula Deen is. She has many recipe books and videos that people can purchase and use to learn how to cook. Paula actually makes a well-polished and durable cookware set. This set in particular has 15 pieces in it. These pieces include 1 and 2 quart covered saucepans, a 6 quart covered saucepot, a 2.75 quart covered sauté pan, an 8 and 10 inch skillet and an additional measuring spoon set with 5 spoons. One of the best things about this cookware set is the vibrant blue color of the exterior of the pots and pans. You no longer have to look at boring black and silver cookware sets in your kitchen.

There are more great features about this Paula Deen cookware set that some other cookware sets don’t address. The interior of every pot and pan in this set is coated in a specific nonstick material. This material is a DuPont Teflon created to make your foods not bind to the cookware. The exterior of these items are all created with porcelain enamel. This material is completely stain resistant, easy to clean and extremely durable. You wont have to constantly buy new cookware sets after you purchase this one. You can cook up to 350 degrees in the oven with these pots and pans. That means you no longer have to only use the stove top to make your dinner creations. The price might be a little higher but it will be worth the money when you can keep using it for many years.

PROS                                                     CONS

– Blue exterior                                   – Price

– 15 pieces

– Nonstick

– Porcelain coated

– Easy to clean

Cooks Standard Stainless Steel 10 Piece Cookware Set71Gm349yHXL._SL1500_

When it comes to cookware sets, you don’t want to skimp out on quality even if that means spending a few extra dollars. This Cooks cookware set is the perfect set that combines quality with a good price. This set is completely stainless steel and not only has a great usage feature, but also a fantastic look to it. There are 10 great pieces that make up this cookware set. You will get two saucepans with matching lids. The two sauce pans are a 1.5 quart one and a 3 quart one. There are also two open skillets in this set. You will get an 8 inch skillet and a 10 inch skillet. These do not come with matching lids but most of the stuff you cook in a skillet do not require a lid. There is an 8 inch stockpot with matching lid and an extra item as well. This extra item is a steamer insert that is completely covered and great for steaming vegetables.

There are 2 layers of stainless steel on each item in this set. Between these two layers is an aluminum core that ensures even heating all around. The handles are stainless steel and solidly riveted to each piece. This allows the handles to stay cool to the touch so you don’t have to worry about burning your hands when you pick the pans up. The lids are a perfect fit to each item so no heat leaks out. One of the best features of this set is the pieces are safe in up to 500 degrees in an oven. That is almost twice as much heat as others in this review.

PROS                                                     CONS

– Stainless steel                                 – Only 10 pieces

– Aluminum core                              – Price

– Oven safe to 500 degrees

– Riveted handles

– Secure-fitted lids

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