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Top 5 Toasters You Must Have



  1. West Bend TEM4500W Egg and Muffin Toastertoasters

This 1800-watt toaster is one of the best because of the versatility it offers. There are four slots to toast four slices of bread at once. This is great because instead of only making one sandwich at a time and making others wait, you can make two sandwiches at the same time. If you keep your bread frozen in the freezer to keep it fresh longer, you no longer have to let it thaw in the fridge for a day. There is a defrost option on this monster of a toaster that will work with bagels, breads and even croissants. Just like all other toasters, you are able to control the level of toasted-ness you want for your bread.

The feature that sets this toaster apart from the others is the additional tray that is attached on the side. This tray has two purposes. You can use it to cook your eggs or to warm your meat, fruit or vegetables. For the egg purposes, you can easily cook them to your liking. Whether you like your eggs scrambled, over easy or even poached, this toaster will accommodate your taste. You can even hard or soft boil up to 8 eggs in the basket attachment. If you would rather warm your precooked meat, you can simply place your meat or vegetables on the tray and heat them up according to your preferences. You will definitely get your money’s worth with this amazing toaster/egg cooker combination.

        2. Breville Die-Cast Smart Toaster

Toasters Technology is slowly taking over everything we use in our daily lives. This includes small kitchen appliances. This toaster is called a smart toaster because of the extravagant LED panel. There are 900 watts behind this machine to help produce the perfectly toasted bread. The great thing about this brand is you have the option of purchasing a two-slice toaster or a four-slice toaster depending on your preferences. There are a few different push button controls on the top of the toaster that are backlit by the LED panel. These buttons can control whether you want to defrost, toast, lift and look at the product or if you want to toast a bagel.

The outside appearance of this toaster is what sets it apart from the others. The metal housing is actually brushed metal and a die-cast housing. The sleek curves and shine this toaster has will attract your eye in seconds. Instead of the annoying buzzer some of the other toasters have, this one has a beep that goes off at the end of a cycle. When you purchase this toaster, you will not only get what you paid for, you will also get a 1 year warranty to ensure nothing goes wrong with your applianToastersce.


3. Hamilton Beach SmartToast Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

If you like a simple toaster with a little bit of flair, this is perfect for you. This two slice toaster is available in black or apple red to make it easy to fit your stylish needs in your kitchen. Some toasters get extremely hot while they are on and working. This toaster, on the other hand, has an exterior that is cool to the touch at all times. You no longer have to worry about burning your fingers when you try to get your toast out of the appliance. If you are still worried about the heat, this toaster comes with heat friendly tongs so you don’t have to touch the machine at all.

If the toast gets jammed in the appliance, it will automatically shut off to ensure your safety. Another safety feature this toaster offers is the shock-resistant heating elements. If you are always worried about getting shocked or burning your fingers when you are making toast, you should invest in this toaster. You will no longer have to worry about getting hurt while making your breakfast in the morning. Just like other toasters, you can control the heat setting to ensure the perfect level of toasting. You will also be able to choose between toasting a bagel, defrosting bread or cancelling the toast all together with the three buttons on the front of the machine.

4. Cuisinart CPT-440 Touch to Toast Leverless

The latest and greatest thing when it comes to toasters is the ease of using the machine. The easier an appliance is to use, the more popular they are.Toasters This toaster is the epitome is easy when it comes to usage. There are three different push buttons on the front of the appliance. These buttons are bagel, defrost and reheat. There are two of each of these buttons, one for each side of the toaster. You can perform two different functions at the same time with this toaster. Instead of only toasting 4 slices of bread, you can toast 2 slices and defrost 2 slices at the same time.

Unlike other toasters that have a lever, you don’t need to push anything for the toast to pop up with this one. This toaster contains a motorized lift with an LCD countdown feature. You won’t have to worry about running to the toaster when you hear it buzz and pop up. The timer will let you know when it is about to be done and the pieces of toast will slowly rise up with the help of the motorized lift. Another great thing about this toaster is the internal cord wrap. Instead of taking up a ton of space on the counter, the cord wraps up under the toaster for easy storing and a neat display.

5. Kalorik Glass Toaster

If you are looking for something new and innovative to place in your modern styled kitchen, this glass toaster is calling your name. The main feature of this toaster is clearly the glass panels. Instead of only seeing your toast from the top, you can sit back Toastersand view your toast from the side. This is great for children because they love watching things work like this. You can stick two slices of bread in this toaster, watch them turn into toast and pop out minutes later. Another great function about this toaster is its setup. Instead of two slots side by side, this one has one long slot to fit two pieces of bread in the same slot at the same time.

There is a great auto-centering guide to ensure your bread will receive an even toast all the way around. Some toaster ovens are hotter towards one end and toast your bread more on one side. You will now have perfectly toasted bread almost every time. The knob for the browning function is also adjustable to ensure you don’t burn your toast. You can toast your bread and bagels, reheat and defrost your food, and cancel the toaster at any time with the control buttons. This toaster is one of the best buys for the price especially with the sleek glass paneling design.

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