How To Choose A Mug For Those With Special Needs

A mug for special

If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive gift, there is an array of mugs available. Most of us think of mugs being the thick mugs most of us use at home.

When deciding on the right mug to buy, as a gift, or even out of necessity, the needs of the user should be considered. There are multiple types of mugs that are not just decorative, or cute, they actually fit the needs of the individual that will be using it.

Ergonomic mugs, among others are a great choice.

Mugs For Disabled-Special Needs-Daily Challenges

Ergonomic and Adaptive Mugs

There are those who may need a special style of mug because they may have developmental issues, small hands or daily challenges due to a disability or other special needs.

Easy to grip mugs are ergonomically designed for those who may have problems with gripping the typical coffee mug, or drinking without spilling, possibly harming themselves.

There are those who may have large hands which make it difficult to use the traditional mug. The disabled with large hands are also at risk for spillage that can be dangerous to those with spinal cord injuries which affect their senses such as not being able to feel a hot drink that just spilled on their skin.

Even medical issues, such as arthritis may make it difficult to grasp and hold onto a mug.
There are ergonomic as well as adaptive mugs which fit the needs of individuals perfectly


Easy To Grasp Mug For Adults

Miam.Miam Solar Metallic Mug, Molten Metal
Miam.Miam Solar Metallic Mug, Molten Metal

Easy to grasp the body of the cup through the handles. Those with large fingers can handle this cup easier than the traditional mug. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Keep your hot drink hot.

Dignity Mug by Granny Jo Products

Dignity Mug by Granny Jo Products

This 8 ounce mug can be used by adults, as well as older children who may not be able to handle the single handle mug yet, if at all. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Miam.Miam Fall Connect


Children Need The Right Mug

Special Needs Kids May Benefit From an Adaptive or Ergonomic Mug

A child needs a cup that they can hold comfortably and manage to eliminate spills, yet allowing them to enhance their fine motor skills and the delight in drinking a cup of hot chocolate with the family without needing help.

Mugs for little hands with designs that appeal to a child are perfect for toddlers and children who are not ready to handle an adult size mug.

Mugs For Special Needs Children

Although we may see these as a child’s cup, adults who cannot hold the heavier ceramic mugs may be able to manage their hot and cold drinks more easily.

Double Handle Mug

Double Handle Mug

Kids will do well with this mug to drink any cold drink, whether they are just learning to use a cup or maybe need the two handles due to developmental issues so that they can refine their motor skills and become independent which is important for all of those with daily challenges.

Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Cup

Reed & Barton Sterling Silver 5-Ounce Double Handle Child Cup

Sterling silver and holds 5 ounces of milk or any other drink, with a 100 year warranty. This cup might be a bit elaborate, but it would not only make a great gift, but can also be handed down from generation to generation and be used rather than be packed away in a box to forever.

2-Handle Plastic Mug – Each

2-Handle Plastic Mug - Each

This clear plastic allows the user or caregiver to see how much liquid remains without having to remove one of the two lids that control the flow of fluids into the mouth. Those who may have difficulty in swallowing liquids from traditional cups and glasses may fair better with this one.

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