Best Family Tents For Bad Weather

Best Family Tents for Bad Weather

Camping tents come in all kinds of different colors, sizes, and materials. We know you want to get the best family tent for bad weather deal for your money, and this buying guide will make your future purchasing decision an easier one. Family camping tents have come a long way in recent years, with all kinds of new innovations and features. Here are some quality things to look for in a camping tent.

Family Camping Tents Buying Guide

1. Easy Assembly And Collapse

Being able to quickly set up a tent is something that you weren’t able to do with tents of the past. Tents made years ago required all kinds of maneuvering and setup to get the darn things to stand up. And even then they were prone to falling over. These days, things are totally different. Tents will go up easy and without error. Look for tents that are easy to setup and collapse as well.

2. Weatherproof Design

A tent that’s really worth the money will be weatherproof as well. Wind and rain are no match for a weatherproof tent. They withstand high wind conditions and rainy weather, while you stay snug as a bug in a rug inside the tent. The thread, zippers, and webbing should all be weatherproof to keep you as dry and comfortable as possible when the rain and wind start to pick up.

3. Long Lasting Material

The tent you choose should also be able to last for many years. That’s what makes tents such a great deal, they last for so long! Tents made within the past five years are generally more durable and longer lasting than tents of the past. Scour the amazon reviews and see if you can find any information on how long people have owned the tent you’re considering. You may be pleasantly surprised and elated to know that the tent is going to last.

4. Family Size CapacityBest Family Camping Tents

The tent you’re considering should be able to hold around 8 people comfortably. It should also be at least 14X10′ in size to accommodate them. Even if you don’t plan on going camping with 8 people, the extra room will be a luxurious experience with everyone able to sprawl out exactly the way they want. With a full 8 people, a family size tent can offer you a snug yet comfortable sleeping experience.

5. Windows

A great family sleeping tent comes with windows too! That means you’ll be able to enjoy the picturesque landscape while staying comfortable and dry inside the tent. Being able to see outside can also alert you to possible dangers like wildlife or fires. It’s best to have windows with the family tent you’re considering.

6. Warranty, Amazon Review Score, Manufacturer

The warranty, the Amazon review score, and the manufacturer of your family camping tent is important as well. Some great manufacturers of tents these days are Coleman, ROKK, Wenzel, and Swiss Gear. A review score of at least 4 stars pretty much ensures that the product you’re looking at is worth the price. Finally, a the tent should definitely come with a warranty period so you can return the item if it’s defective.

Best Family Tents for Bad Weather Reviews

Coleman Instant 8 Person 14X10 Foot Tent

If you have been considering getting a Coleman Instant Tent, look no further. No matter what size you need on your camping trip, it will amaze you each time you go to set up your tent because they are all easy and quick.

The poles are built in so there is no guessing on where each pole goes. All that needs to be done is you lay it out, extend and lock each of them into place. It could not get any easier or faster than that.

Taking a look at the Coleman 14×10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent, you couldn’t find more room and space if you tried. Although you will find this tent very versatile, it is still just as strong and just as weatherproof as ever. It has its distinct WeatherTec system which helps to protect you from the elements while you are camping.

These kinds of tents are built with polyester fabric that is coated and is combined with webbing, zippers and anti-wicking thread and all made to ensure you stay dry when it begins to rain. The Coleman 14×10 has a welded floor that is waterproof and inverted floor seams while drastically increasing water resistance by tucking away the needle holes away from the weather in the tent.

All campers are going to love the wind-responsive frame that is super strong as well as the poles that are built in. Anchor your tent with the guy-out triangles and increase performance.

Product Features:

    • 2-room, 8-person tent made for fast assembly; made in 2011
    • Tent includes pre-attached poles which ensures fast setup of 1 minute or less
    • Includes the distinct WeatherTec system with welded floor and waterproof walls that are thick
    • Includes 7 windows, 2 doors for full ventilation and removable divider for room separation
    • Measures at approximately 14 x 10 ft. base; 6 ft. x 5 in height and comes with a 1 year warranty

Final Analysis:


This tent has a super-fast set up; takes less than a couple minutes and is really roomy. It is great to be able to open all the windows which totally ventilates the tent and gives you a screened in house effect.

It is fairly easy to pack up as well and the bag that is supplied has extra straps and is ample. Held up in rain with no leaks; even rain that was ankle deep. This was even without spraying or waterproofing.

The tent fabric is well sealed and sturdy and the poles lock in place with no problems.


There could have been a little more storage or compartments for the size of the tent to hold items. It does not include access holes to the outdoors.

This is not intended as a backpacking tent because it is heavy. However, the Coleman Instant Tent is perfect for camping and is really a quite spacious tent and recommended for those who love being outdoors.


Wenzel Klondike 16X11 Feet Cabin Dome 8 Person Tent Review

The Wenzel Klondike 16X11 Feet Cabin Dome 8 Person Tent will be your ideal accommodation for your trip. It is a perfect tent with plenty of room for an entire family wishing to go out in the wilderness and explore.

Both weather-resistant and spacious, the Wenzel Klondike can hold up to eight family members inside the two rooms which make it very suitable for larger families or even small families with a lot of equipment and gear.

This is a tall tent standing at over 6.5 ft tall which enables campers to stand up when they are inside it. Also, it has a screen room attached to it that keeps insects out and allows the breeze to come in. On bright days, the screen room works like a sun shelter while on lazy afternoons; it works like a room to nap in.

On nights full of mosquitoes, it makes a great getaway room. The walls in the screen room can be zipped up to make a second sleeping room. You also get a full-mesh roof option which many campers love. This allows for plenty of ventilation in the evening. It is made rugged, has double stake power corners that keep the tent stable during windy days and it is weather-resistant with special coating to keep water out.

Product Features:

    • Spacious dome tent that holds up to eight people; screen room attached
    • Made with weather-resistant special coating
    • Includes a full-mesh roof option as well as double stake power corners to keep the tent stable
    • Screen room can work as an extra sleeping room, sun room or getaway room to ward off insects
    • Measures at approximately 16 by 6.5 by 11 ft. and weighs 27.3 lbs.

Final Analysis:


It takes less than 30 minutes to get the whole tent set up, even in the dark with only a couple flashlights for light. The first room in the tent is perfect for leaving your cloths, bags, shoes and whatever else you bring.

Also, it has a floor, not like many two room tents where you are walking on dirt. Pack in an entire family in this tent with dog included. You can add things like games, chairs or more in the front room as well.

The back room has enough space to fit a couple queen blow up mattresses as well as two people in sleeping bags.


During cold weather, the tent does not keep the warmth in due to the screen ceiling, so this is probably not an ideal winter tent. It does not include a power cord port, which is not a big deal, but a lot of tents do include these.

Only minor issues though and overall the Wenzel Klondike Tent was a great addition to a fantastic camping adventure.


Coleman Red Canyon 17X10 Foot 8 Person Dome Tent Review

The Coleman Red Canyon 17X10 Foot 8 Person Dome Tent is just the tent for you. Anything that Mother Nature decides to bring on, you will be prepared for it. This spacious tent makes camping with friends and family a blast.

The set up instructions are sewn right into the bag, the poles are color coded and separate in bag and it is super easy to set it all up. The material of the tent is weather resistant with waterproof floors.

eight people can slerpcomfortably in the Coleman’s Red Canyon tent. It is the perfect tent to bring along on family weekend camping trips and features privacy walls that are removable so you can create separate rooms.

Regardless of the elements, you will stay comfortable and dry. To complete the whole package, you even get welcome mats and interior pockets to keep everything tidy on your trip.

Product Features:

    • Measures at approximately 17 x 10 ft. and 72 in center height and can hold up to eight people
    • Comes with room divider walls to create separate rooms
    • Stay comfortable and dry during unexpected elements with the distinct Weathertec System
    • Quick and easy set up with shock-corded poles and simple to follow instructions for assembly; has separate storage bags for stakes, poles and tent
    • Easily adjust access gear and airflow with the Cool-Air port/Variflo venting system

Final Analysis:


This is a large tent and is really easy to set it up. It keeps you dry even in downpours and looks much better than the image on the website shows once it is set up.

The bucket floor works great. Even during a thunderstorm with water gushing underneath the tent; still dry inside. Both set up and tear down was a cinch.

You have plenty of space to get everything organized and settle in without bumping into everyone else in the tent.


It is too bad the vents at the top do not include zipper enclosures. Although the rainfly keeps everything dry and the seams didn’t leak, while setting up the tent, a little rain did escape in before the rainfly was put on.

Other than this, the Coleman Red Canyon Tent is a must have if you love to go camping with friends and family.


Wenzel Kodiak Family Cabin Dome Tent Review

Wenzel camping tents are very popular and well known because of their attention to detail and high quality like welded floors, waterproof threads, double-stitched seams, zippers and seams.

These tents are just like sleeping in a cabin. The Wenzel Kodiak Family Cabin Dome Tent is just another amazing tent. It sleeps up to 9 people and if you are a smaller 4 to 5 person family, it will allow ample space for longer camping trips in comfort.

This tent can be considered a home away from home due to its 2 room, high-ceiling, straight-walled design. You get over 168 sq. ft. of space well ventilated with a huge mesh Dutch “D” door, and fully vented roof with 2 picture and two bay windows.

It has a welded polyethylene floor and full cover rainfly to keep you dry and protected during wet weather. During clear or sunny weather, you can erasily roll back the fly and look up at the stars without having to worry about insects.

This tent is very easy to get set up, even though it is so large and it features central hubs which connect steel uprights to the roof as well as a easy to use pin and ring system.

Product Features:

    • Enjoy a large, 2-room cabin tent that comes with two gear lofts, steel stakes, mud mat, two hanging pockets and a storage duffel
    • Maximize interior space with the straight sidewalls; welded polyethylene floor and full coverage fly help protect against elements
    • The tent includes 2 bay windows, two picture windows for visibility, Mesh Dutch “D” door and screen roof for proper ventilation
    • Solid steel frame with hub connections as well as pin and ring system to make it simple for setup
    • Holds up to nine people

Product Analysis:


Best Family Camping TentsVery simple to set this tent up. Even a single person can do it all by themselves. There is a lot of space and you can add in a double-high queen mattress as well as any other gear and equipment you might need to bring along.

When you step inside this tent, you do not feel claustrophobic like many other tents. The square floor plan is big and simple. The good is that the walls do not slope like other dome tents.

In addition, if you remove the rain fly, you get an amazing view of the stars and you still get your privacy as well.

Cons:  Although this Tent is a rugged, solid tent, during very high wind conditions, it might as well rip or tear. Hence, you should try to use in decent weather; don’t push it. This is to be expected with all tents.

Overall, you could not ask for a better, more spacious tent to get away and relax in.

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