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Best Turkey Fryer Reviews


It is that time of year again to start pulling out your fine china and baking ware. If you have never fried your Thanksgiving turkey, this is your chance to try it. It can be hard to find the best turkey fryers because many of the department stores do not carry them. If they do carry turkey fryers, it is only for a limited time during the Holiday Season. Here is a list of the best turkey fryers and their reviews to help you find exactly what you are looking for this Thanksgiving season.

Types of Turkey Fryer


Bayou Classic 30 Quart Outdoor Turkey Fryer

Best turkey fryer

There are a few different versions of turkey fryers out there these days. This is one of the most basic versions of a turkey fryer you will find. This Bayou Classic turkey fryer kit comes with quite a few items. You get the 30 quart cooking pot, outdoor gas burner stove, 10 quart fry pot, poultry rack, steam/boil basket and even includes a stainless steel thermometer. This kit has essentially everything you will need to correctly fry your Thanksgiving turkey. Once the fryer is completely assembled, it measures 33 x 16 x 16 inches. It is meant for outdoor use and would be perfect to fry your turkeys in your backyard on a nice day. You no longer have to worry about taking up oven space with a huge pan. You can fry your turkey outside and cook the rest of your Thanksgiving meal in the kitchen. This will be the best $200 you will ever spend and will be able to use this best turkey fryer for years to come.

PROS                                                     CONS

– Thermometer included                 – Cleanup time consuming

– Extra smaller fry pot                     – Assembling required

– Burner stand very sturdy

– Heat oil very fast

– Can hold a large Turkey


Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer


If you are like most Americans, you might not have the luxury of a backyard at your house. It is almost impossible to use an outdoor fryer with no access to a backyard. Now you can fry your turkey in your garage or even in your kitchen. This Masterbuilt indoor electric turkey fryer is great for people like you. You can purchase this fryer in a black finish or stainless steel finish. You can also purchase this fryer in two different sizes. The large size holds up to a 14 pound turkey and the extra-large size holds up to a 20 pound turkey. Either way, you are looking at spending around $180 for this electric turkey fryer to be shipped to your house. You will definitely get your money’s worth with this fryer simply because you don’t have buy gas for a gas burner. You just plug it in and start cooking. You can also fry potatoes to make French fries using the clip on fry basket that is included.

PROS                                                     CONS

– Use 33% less oil                              – Only holds up to 14 lbs

– Heats oil quickly                             – Power cord short

– No need for gas

– Can use indoors

– User-friendly control panel

– Fries multiple food types


Waring Pro Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer


This is one of the best turkey fryers because of how professional it is. This resembles the fryers you would see in a commercial building to cook the food. The Waring Pro fryer can hold up to an 18 lb turkey which is the perfect size for a small gathering for your Thanksgiving this year. The heating element has 1800 watts powering it and can hold up to 2.5 gallons inside the reservoir. Included is a rotisserie basket than can hold 8 pounds of food great for frying vegetables or other side dishes. You will not have to use nearly as much oil when you use the rotisserie function on this fryer. This is an electric fryer and rotates the food while it is being cooked to ensure an evenly cooked turkey all the way around. For around $250 you will get this professional grade turkey fryer that can be used to cook all sorts of different foods.

PROS                                                     CONS

– Fits on counter top                        – Cleaning is time consuming

– Fits medium size turkey               – Only holds 2.5 gallons

– Uses less oil

– Rotisserie feature

– Timer included


Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-Less Turkey Fryer


If you love eating fried food but do not like risks of using hot oil in your home, this next selection on the best turkey fryer list is perfect for you. The Big Easy turkey fryer uses a patented infrared cooking technique instead of the usual hot boiling oil in a pot technique. Using this new technology eliminates any hot and cold spots on your meat and ensures an even cook all around. You can cook a turkey up to 16 pounds in this handy fryer. One of the biggest risks people take when using a hot oil deep fryer is getting the oil splattered on them. This oil is so hot it can physically burn your skin. This fryer completely eliminates that risk for you. There are a few different items included with this fryer. For only $124.00 you will get the cooker, a lifter, quick start cooking guide, a cooking basket and even a meat thermometer. You will have almost everything you need to complete your turkey masterpiece for this years Thanksgiving dinner.

PROS                                                     CONS

– No more burning oil                     – Smaller than most fryers

– Even cooking                                   – Cleaning is time consuming

– Healthier cooking

– Works for multiple foods

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