Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand 60 inch

Electric Fireplace TV stand 60 inch: Are you looking for a way to renovate the indoors? Then, you should start with purchasing a decent TV stand that will bring the essence of class. Here, you will get the best 60-inch electric fireplace TV stand options. We try to cover almost every range and segment- from different materials to unique wooden designs.

So, you won’t have any problem selecting the best of the best from the first glance. The electric fireplace TV stand is the essential, relevant, and complete package of a heater, TV stand, and place to put accessories. There is a wide range of choices from vintage to something modern layouts. Thus, let’s dig deep in to get a perfect stand!

Buying Guide for Electric Fireplace TV Stand 60 inch

But before that, let’s understand what things you need to consider before buying an electric fireplace TV stand unit. You can ditch this part in the case where you know about the stuff. If you are not aware of it, this section will hugely contribute to finding a dream unit for first-time buyers. So, stay tuned till the end!

What To Consider When Buying An Electric Fireplace TV Stand?

There are primarily three things that you need to focus on, which are given as follows-

Size and Design

In terms of size, you have to choose according to your room size as well as what colors are on the wall. Plus, you have to pick from different styles such as vintage, classic, and modern. It depends on your taste and what exotic thing you sowth for. In this guide, you will notice several unique sizes and shapes below.

Flame Effect

You need to find the perfect flame effect that fits your requirements. Several brands provide different LED lighting effects to recreate the flame effects, majorly the effects need to showcase realistic quality and enjoyment.

Heat Output

What amount of heat can a heater produce? This an important thing you should concern about it. In a typical case, the temperature goes from 64 to 84, which is quite enough according to the standard. Also, check the range of heat effects to pick the aptest one that will become your best companion on cold winter days.

Top 7 pick electric fireplace TV stand 60 inch

If you are looking for an exotic yet elegant electric fireplace TV stand, then you should consider looking at the Ameriwood Home library where you will get some extremely simple and fashionable products. They got tons of amazing products, and especially in terms of TV stands and fascinating accessories to decorate your home. They offer a wide range of merchandise, and their best offering is the Farmington Electric Fireplace TV console.

What is more intriguing is that you didn’t worry about the warranty and safety as the company provides extended warranties and service options. Plus, you will get the best value. Moreover, they give several tempting offers that can’t be overlooked.

1. Barrow Creek Fireplace TV Console

Classic Vintage design

  • Combo of Glass and Wood
  • Side Glass Doors
  • Custom Flames

Our second one is yet another Ameriwood Home, which will fulfill the need for a 60″ inches TV stand. Unlike the previous one, here, you will get a glass window shelf around the electric fireplace and they give this entertainment center a vintage look. But, like most pieces of furniture, it slightly lacks the round of premium touch. Still, if you prefer vintage over the standard, then this one is a decent call-out.

As for its primary feature – heating the surroundings, you will notice the 23″ inches heater and its range is sufficient for a small and cozy room without any particular issue. In this set, you will get a bit of a squarish electric fireplace while it does its job spectacularly regardless of the shape and size. With this, you will have to assemble on your own you can hire a professional. Besides, it’s relevantly smaller in size.

Why should you pick?

The Ameriwood Home Barrow Creek Fireplace TV Console is a tempting treat for a small room and the heat will provide a warm atmosphere on a chilling cold day for sure. Moreover, you can set the flames from 62 to 82 and change the level of heat up into four parts. It holds magnificent curved looks and will look superb in your living room.


  • Vintage curved design
  • High quality and sturdy build
  • Affordable and stylish
  • Isn’t so noisy


  • Relativity small size fireplace
  • Damage parts take to arrive

2. Jackson Electric Fireplace TV Stand


  • Sleek layout
  • Value-packed option
  • Better cable mangement

This TV stand is the first and maybe the last entire from the company e-flame USA. Besides, the company is a relatively new and fresh bit, but their electric fireplace products are top-notch in quality and render amazing worth. In terms of their electric fireplace, the warm cherry finish version is the best you can get while you have purchased the heater separately, which is odd. Anyway, the design aspect is quite excellent and refreshing with a bit of a touch of vintage and modern style.

It can easily hold up to 60″ inches flat panel TV and the spacious shelf inside the glass door allows you to put your important stuff such as books and DVDs. There are four shelves in total. In the upper cabinet, you put your cable box and gaming console and manage the cables and wires thanks to the opening in the back.

Why should you pick?

The e-flame USA Jackson Electric Fireplace TV stand comes with a 59.8″ (W) x 33.3″ (H) x 17.9″ (D) dimension console in which you can place an inch virtual/electric fireplace interset. Besides this, the company offers a year-long warranty for any damage, though, you have to go through their policy. Apart from this, the furniture looks a bit glossy and would be the best choice if you are looking for something out of the box and a bit classy.


  • Realistic flames design
  • Touch screen settings
  • Glass doors with spacious shelves
  • The artistic layout on a vintage touch


  • You have to buy a heater separately
  • Small Size heating sinks

3. Carver Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Classic Choice

  • A Premium whitewash built
  • No issue with putting 60-inch TV
  • Realistic flame designs

The Ameriwood Home Carver Electric Fireplace TV Stand arrives with a classy white color that not only renders an attractive appearance but also offers a big fireplace display. Moreover, this model is precisely designed as a 60″ inches electric TV stand and it’s one of those consoles that glass door across the heating insert. The pure white color of the furniture blends even in dark shade walls and if you have a high-intensity colored wall in your living room, this product will showcase brilliant results.

As with most Ameriwood furniture sets, you won’t be disappointed in terms of product quality as the company always produce something cutting-edge that lives up to its name. In this product, the big giveaway is that you will get plenty of space to store your books on all media devices. Furthermore, it’s a classic device and won’t let your feeling goes in vain. Although it’s offered in a single wood layout, still, the single pattern makes it pretty much exclusive to others.

Why should you pick?

Ameriwood Home Carver Electric Fireplace TV Stand provides a combo of white wood and medium brown laminated particleboard on top making this TV stand a perfect deal. With this, you can warm up the 400 sq. feet room in no time. Plus, the dimensions of 54.1″ W x 19.8″ D x 31.3″ H lead the way to a lightweight build. So, you can easily push the console whenever you need to do the cleaning. It got a 23″ inches electric fireplace insert presenting realistic flame effects.


  • Classic design layout
  • Tempered Glass doors
  • Temperature ranges from 64 to 82
  • Elegant looks
  • More space for entertainment components


  • Surfaces may scratch easily
  • Sometimes hard to follow the guide

5. Walker Edison Modern Wood Fireplace Stand

The Underrated

  • Compact layout design
  • Slim built with a modern touch
  • Drawers are available

This stand is the second that wasn’t produced by the Ameriwood Home, but as the name implies here you will get a bit modern design console. There are drawers and a soft closed hinge door that separates the fireplace insert from the rest. This set of furniture is beautifully designed and provides something out-of-the-box feeling compared to others. Besides, it’s a luxurious choice for 60″ inches electric fireplace TV stand.

Although the assembling process will take time, in the end, it is all worth it. The Walkers Edison furniture is classy, and most of the time represents the modern age design. But on the other hand, the intimate set feels a bit underrated compared to the features and option that comes with it. You can choose wood from Dark Walnut, Reclaimed Barnwood, and Slate Grey. With the LED fireplace touch, it looks even more impressive.

Why should you pick?

The Walker Edison Modern Wood Fireplace underlines all the essential parts that bring together the blessing of decent furniture. In terms of design, it’s not lacking in any field. On top of that, it got dimensions of 60″ L x 15.75″ W x 27.75″ D. It will make your living room cooler (not literally, as it offers a 23″ inch fireplace that heats up the room without any trouble). Moreover, it’s not noisy and works silently, so you won’t face any issues while spending quality time with your family.


  • Heater performs well
  • Looks great everywhere
  • Sumptuous flames effects
  • High-quality modern finish


  • Slightly heavier
  • Assembling drawers is a bit difficult

6. Edgewood Electric Fireplace TV Console

Pretty Simplistic Design

  • Open shelves design
  • Big Electric Fireplace
  • Unexpectedly extraordinary

The Ameriwood Home presents the Edgewood electric fireplace TV console as a premium console accommodating four open shelves. Yes, no doors or drawers. But it can be proven good as everything will be in front of your eyes. Although the size has been reduced a bit much. Sadly, you won’t get any upper cabinets apart from the shelves. However, there are three options you can choose from for a 60″ inch Flat-panel TV.

You got the Black, Dove Gray, Espresso, and Weathered Oak, while each of them represent a high-quality build and gives a rewarded feeling when you buy one of these. But unlike the others, this console variant arrives with more spacious shelves, which is a plus point. This cozy treat needs two people to complete the assembly process in a faster and more effective manner. You can do it in a few hours and after that enjoy the grand view with your family and friends.

Why should you pick?

In this entertainment set, you will get a dimension of 24.1″ H x 58″ W x 17.7″ D inches. The electric fireplace insert offers an 18″ inches size. With this, it can quickly heat 400 sq. feet of room with zero stress. Superinglingly, the Ameriwood Home Edgewood Console falls in the budget range, and it’s very sturdy- So, it’s a robust decision to pick this one for sure.


  • Minimalistic design
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Budget-friendly
  • Beautiful fire


  • No upper cabinet
  • Small size heater

7. Ameriwood Home Southlander Fireplace

The Dark Horse

  • Immersive design layout
  • Overall simple, but looks fantastic
  • Bigger Electric Fireplace

The Ameriwood Home Southllander Fireplace console is a furniture piece that offers a simple layout with a unique structure. Unlike the above Edgewood version, here you will get everything packed. Besides this, this is the second most selling product of Ameriwood. Well, it’s pretty much justified as it comes with a plain yet elegant design. And on top of that, you can pick the piece of furniture in different colors according to your wall paint. It is feasible in Golden and Black Oak to Espresso and Dove Gray.

After the Farmington Electric Fireplace TV console, it’s the best option you should consider even if it got a small size and got fewer shelves. But in the end, the appearance means a lot, and Southlander Fireplace aced in this department thoroughly. Though there won’t be any upper cabinet, the minimal design is the primary trait, so it is pretty much understandable. Inside the wooden doors, there are two shelves each that can be accommodated to put various things.

Why should you pick?

The Ameriwood Home Southlander Fireplace is a true hidden piece of work, and buying point would be its classy design while the 19. 69″ H x 60″ W x 17. 05″ D dimension is the fittest for the 60″ inches Flat-screen TV. Moreover, the heater renders a comparatively real flame effect that you might not see in other units. Alongside this, this unit can heat up a 400 sq. feet room in just a few minutes. Isn’t that amazing?


  • Modern touch design
  • 400 sq. feet heating range
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Best selling product


  • No upper cabinet
  • Can’t put game consoles on the shelves


What you should consider before buying an electric fireplace TV stand?

There are four essential and primary things you should always think about before purchasing a new electric fireplace TV stand. What kind of TV do you have, what size do you want, what about the looks, aesthetics, material, extra features, etc? The list can go on, but to keep it simple, you only need to focus on the below-given points.

Best according to location

I have seen several times that people didn’t want just a simple TV stand, they want a complete media setup support module that gives proper relief whenever they watch content on it or play games. If you are looking for a corner TV stand, it would be great to choose a small stand that didn’t cover that much space behind.

Or if you are searching for a big TV stand with an electric fireplace, choose the perfect location for that first! In case if you have already decided in your mind, then it’s superb. But if you didn’t, then you should always look for a particular location in your house. And carefully measure the dimensions before purchasing any furniture piece. Once, you are done selecting the place where you want to place, it’s time for measuring the size.

The size that fits well

Now that you have come across the place where you will place the set of furniture, it’s time to take out the measuring tape and start measuring! The ideal size choice for the corner TV stand can start from 45 inches and it can move gradually with the size of the room.

Let’s suppose you have a 400 feet room, the size you should consider starts from 60 inches. You can further increase the stand size requirement according to your needs and what inches your TV is! In general, the 60-inches is the most suitable choice for everyone.

Does it fit your taste?

With every design, you will receive a unique material with impressive hinge doors to drover settings. From classic old-gen models to refreshing modern-era compact designs, there are tons of things you can look after one. Basically, the design consists of several other components like wood material and space in the drovers.

If you are looking for antique versions, you should look for the glass door one, while if you have a taste of the techno trendy. There is a load of options on the other hand. It would add a feather to your gaming console for sure, and provide a majestic view from afar.

Electric Fireplace aspect

When you are purchasing an Electric Fireplace TV stand, apart from the design aesthetics, you should always look at the features of the Fireplace. For instance, the design of the flames, heating ranges, heat customization options, and many more. On the surface, you should consider looking for standards like how much time does the fireplace takes to fully warm up the room.

Secondly, what is the range of the electric fireplace TV stand? It’s a fabulous thing if the fireplace can furnish up to 400 feet of heating with zero hassle. Always look in the description to understand more about the products.

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  • It takes time to assemble the furniture and requires two people to complete the assembling process faster.
  • Look for the additional features and functions you can perform with the furniture set.
  • Does the retailer provide an extended warranty or there’s any money-back guarantee on the product, in a case, a defective product arrives?
  • Is the TV stand movable or not?