Smart Home Technology for Seniors Aging at Home

A lot of seniors are leery of new technology, so the technology for the elderly needs to be very basic and very simple to use.

Some smart home technology for the elderly that will keep seniors in their homes longer is tablets, health trackers, wireless monitoring, GPS, and Skype. A lot of the newer devices like smartphones and tablets use features that assist seniors to get the most out of the device and at the same time connect with their kids and grandkids anytime they want.

5 Technology for Elder Devices

1] Tablets – Of the many different tablets the Apple iPad seems to be a favorite among seniors. They can play games, text with their friends and family with Apple’s easy-to-use interface. The features allow them to make the font bigger which makes a big difference for them and they work with many other devices and include lots of other helpful features, which is why seniors like them.

Smart Home Technology for Seniors Aging at Home

2] Health Trackers – These small devices that can be worn every day can keep track of health data that their health nurse or family member can access. These devices are not overly large, can be easily worn, and have a bigger screen that can help them see their heart rate and other vital health information. And in the past few years, the cost of these devices has come down and is affordable for almost everyone.

3] Wireless Home Monitoring – As the technology gets better every year a lot of companies are using technology to let us use our smartphones and other devices to make our lives easier. Popular devices such as the Nest learning thermostat learn how you like the temperature in your home at certain times and will automatically adjust the temperature for you.

Another very popular device is the voice-controlled assistant like Amazons Alexa. Great for seniors who are semi-mobile and can just tell the assistant to perform a task or they can ask questions the best thing is they can have Alexa phone the kids or grand-kids to speak to and some of the newer models even have live video, it great for seniors who are shut-in and want to brighten their day by chatting live with family members.

4] Global Positioning System [GPS] –This technology has been around for a long time and it’s one of the most used by many people and a great system for older adults who want some simple step-by-step directions when they’re out on the road. Alerts you to traffic stops or construction and gives you alternative routes to get to that appointment on time. If you don’t use a smartphone there are good standalone devices that will guide you to your destination.

5] Skype – This is another great technology that’s been around for a while, lets you have a face-to-face chat with family members or friends right on your device. This is an excellent technology for elderly parents so their kids can keep in touch in a more personal way. All that’s needed is a laptop or tablet with a video camera and an internet connection and you can chat live.

Safety Tips for Seniors Who Live Alone

Technology for the elderly alone is not enough; seniors are at a higher risk of injuries due to falls. There also more vulnerable to being taken advantage of by thieves and criminals. Take a look at these 6 tips for protecting older adults who live by themselves.

1] Have Emergency Contact Numbers Handy – No one knows when they’re going to have a fall or similar accident. Keep an up-to-date list of emergency phone numbers with each phone and have that list in your wallet or purse. Most seniors have a smartphone so programming the emergency numbers and those numbers for family members and nearby friends into it and making sure they know how to access the numbers is important.

2] Fall-Proof Your Home – More than half of the falls seniors have is in their own homes. Doing some simple changes to the living space arrangement can help prevent falls. Having proper lighting in dangerous areas and having handrails as well as grab bars where needed gives something to grab onto before the fall occurs.

3] Meet Your Neighbors – Getting to know your neighbors and having a casual friendship with them can be very helpful if an emergency situation occurs. There’s a better chance that your neighbors will check in with you if something seems not right. Add any close neighbors who are close friends to your emergency phone list.

4] Use Motion Sensor Lights…By having motion sensor lighting installed on the outside of your home you will never be in the dark if you’re coming in after dark. This also is an excellent deterrent to keep intruders from trying to break in. Use motion sensor lighting inside your home as well, that way if you get up in the middle of the night your not fumbling for the light switches.

5] Improve Fire Safety – The key to fire safety is to make sure stove elements are turned off and never use candles, get several flashlights or camping lanterns in case of a power outage. Have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors installed and check that there working every few months. If the alarms do go off, leave your home and don’t go back in until it’s safe, and keep calm.

6] Weekly Check-in – Have a friend or family member give you a call or come over for a visit weekly to make sure everything is fine. This is a great opportunity for a get-together and to get caught up with what’s going on in their lives.

3 Smart Technology for Elderly Devices

While there are many smart technology for elders devices and gadgets out there like medical alert devices which are great, the only problem is with the high monthly cost there out of reach for most seniors. If you’re going to consider using one of these companies, make sure you do your research and be thorough and ask lots of questions.

Touch N’ Talk Medical Alert System (Medical Alert System)

The first thing that grabbed my attention was NO MONTHLY CHARGES.


– True 2-way emergency alert with ONE button activation.

– Convenient, keep it on you wherever you are in the house or yard with its 600-foot range.

– Save money! How much is an ambulance charge and a visit to the ER going to cost? By alerting family members are friends you can save that cost.

– Fast response to 911 or family and friends because there’s no call center to have to call.

– Very portable, take it with you and use it anywhere, just plug it in.

– Speak directly to a person in the event of an emergency, not pushing a button and then waiting for someone to arrive.

– Easy to use, with one button to push and it makes calls to friends and family members.

– Long battery life.

– Low battery alert.

– You can even answer phone calls just like the cordless phone.

– Water resistance, wear in the shower.

– No home phone line? There’s an optional cell phone adapter you can get to use your cell phone to dial out.

If this is something that may be a good solution for your situation you can read the reviews and answered questions as well as the full product information.

Tricella Liif 7 Smart Pillbox (Smart Pill Dispenser)

Another handy device is a smart pill dispenser, how many times have you forgotten to take your pills or can’t remember if you took them? Here’s a cool pillbox that is smartly connected. The “Tricella Liif 7 Smart Pillbox” connects to your smartphone or other devices like a tablet.

Now you can stay connected and you will know if you took your pills and if you took the right ones. It sends alerts to your device/s and reminds you to take your pills with the built-in sensors inside each pill drawer. The app tracks your progress and you can simply tap the date button on the app calendar to see if you’ve missed any pills.

Has a family dashboard in the app that lets you keep track of more than one family member at a time. Alerts can be sent to other family members who can remind you to take your pills, and overall a handy pill dispenser to keep you on track with all your medications.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Fitness Band (Smart Wearable Devices)

These are great devices that aren’t only used by younger folks; this is a great technology for the elderly to use as well. Helps seniors stay on track with their fitness too, and helps them manage their healthy aging and various monitoring abilities, like heart rate monitoring to receiving texts on the device.

The “Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Fitness Band” is a wearable device that the active senior will just love.

I know that the struggles of watching a loved one age can be sometimes overwhelming and with my Mom it’s really hard to have them consider themselves as getting older. But thanks to a different technology for the elderly available you will be able to find a good solution that gives them safety and security knowing they are safe while having their independence.

Devices to Make Seniors Living Easier

There’s no doubt that people are living longer, due to advances in medicine and treatments as well as more people are choosing to live healthier. While as we age certain aspects of our health begin to decline, thanks now to smart home technology there are many devices that can give a better quality of life and allow seniors to stay in their homes longer.

Keyless Locks and Lever Handles –Those older adults who are suffering from forms of arthritis can be quickly frustrated with doing simple tasks. Thank goodness for technology for the elderly there are smart devices that can make these tasks much easier. For example, replacing that old deadbolt lock with a smart keypad lock eliminates the need for keys, and replacing the regular door handles with lever types will make leaving and returning to their home so much easier.

Large Number Phones and Caller ID – Having to rush to answer a call can be an accident waiting to happen for those who have mobility issues. Big-digit caller ID displays let you see who’s calling from a distance away.

Failing sight and hearing comes with the aging process; there are smart devices that are designed to make those with sight and hearing issues to have some relief with big-button speaker phones and big-button remote control devices to make using the devices much easier. Other handy devices like talking thermostats let you set the thermostat simply by speaking.

Security Devices for Peace of Mind – While seniors want to maintain their independence for as long as possible, it does get harder to protect themselves. Installing a video security doorbell increases the level of security and lets them see if they want to speak to whoever’s at the door and by adding a smart lock they can open the door from wherever they are.

Installing a whole home security system may be a good option, but the cost to maintain cameras and motoring fees may be too expensive. A smart lock and a doorbell camera will provide a good level of security at a reasonable cost with no monitoring fees to pay. And most of these devices can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet.