How to Choose Quality Motorized Window Shades

Are you ready to use motorized window shades in your home? Did you know that window shades and window treatments can be made automatically? As the technology in smart homes increases so do your options for using automatic window shades. There are many motorized blinds available; you even have options to turn your existing blinds into smart blinds that you can control from your smartphone or home automation system.

So with all the different options… How can you choose the best-motorized window shades for your home? In this article, I will look at the qualities that motorized blinds and window shades should have to provide you with years of trouble-free service. And for those of you who may be interested in turning your existing blinds into smart blinds, I will cover that as well.

What to Look for in Quality Motorized Window Shades

1] Motor Durability – Choosing to install motorized blinds doesn’t have to be difficult and depending on some factors like how many windows you want to add the treatment to, and the kind of motor that will be required the costs can be quite high. If you’re only looking to have a few automated blinds then the motor quality would be very important.

You’ll also want to check out the warranty that comes with the motor, look for a warranty of at least 3 years or longer, and make sure you read the fine print and that the warranty is not limited or prorated. With the investment of buying good quality items, you should expect a long unlimited warranty that lets you know the company stands behind its products.

2] Good Customer Support – If you’re having trouble installing your motorized blinds you should have access to good customer support that’s there to help you solve any problems. Normally you shouldn’t need any customer support, but it’s nice to know it’s there when you need it. Do some research online a look thru some customer reviews. I find that Amazon has a good rating system and you can read thru the reviews and answer questions, which can be very helpful.

3] Compatibility – Do your research to find out if the motor you’re going to choose will work with the types and styles of blinds and window coverings you have. Many types of window treatments and blinds can be made to work automatically; if yours are not compatible you may have to consider other options or use a smart blind kit to make your existing blinds smart.

4] Remote and App Options – Another thing to consider when looking into motorized window shades is will the motor work well with your smartphone or your home automation system. Make sure before you buy anything that the app is going to be compatible. You should be able to control the blinds from anywhere from your smartphone.

All the motorized blinds can be operated with a remote device, be sure that your choice of motors will play fair with your blinds. There are remotes that act as a hub and can control a few other devices as well, as with your research for a warranty with the motor be sure to find out what warranty the remote is going to have.

5] Motor Noise – How loud is the motor you’ve chosen going to be? Technology and users have pressured the industry to make much quieter operating units. You should be able to see and hear the device you’re considering at the store you’re buying it from. Take the time to see the actual unit operating and pay attention to the level of noise it makes.

6] Its Power Source – Generally motorized blinds are battery-powered and some can be solar powered especially if the window gets a lot of exposure to the sun. There are some that are operated by being plugged into an AC power source or directly hard-wired. Depending on the size and type of blind you’re wanting to automate will dictate the power source.

– Battery Powered. The lowest-cost motorized blind will be the battery-powered ones, which will not require and costly wiring. The battery should be able to control the blind for 2 or 3 years before needing to be replaced. There are other options like solar-powered batteries which are kept charged by the sun and this is a good option if you want to use green power options.

– Plug-in Powered. This option offers you plug and play and forget, just plug it into a power outlet and forget about it.

– Hard Wired. This gives you a clean install, with no wires or cords to deal with, however, this will be the most costly to install and will likely require you to hire an electrician to do the installation and it may also require some drywall and painting repairs after.

9 Things About Motorized Window Shades

How to Choose Quality Motorized Window ShadesMotorized window treatments have been trending, and some of the top makers have been showing off their technologies at various expo shows. And now that they can be easily added to most home automation systems the prices should be starting a downward trend. And some of the big players like Lutron, Q-Motion, and others can be connected to your smart home.

There are many benefits to you as a home owner with motorized window treatments and are definitely worth looking into further. Here are 9 reasons to use them in your home:

1] Energy Savings. Automatic window shades not only provide you with a way to control your privacy in your home they also will cut down on your heating and cooling costs. When it’s a hot sunny day the blinds will close and on cooler days they will open using the sun for light. They can also open and close based on the amount of light coming from the sun.

2] Secure your Home. Not only do they save you energy they can also be a good deterrent from break-ins by opening and closing the window coverings at different times giving your home a lived-in look. Combining the controls into your home automation system will also let you control the blinds and interior lighting from anywhere.

3] Better Looking. No more looking at messy cords hanging down, you will get a new clean, and modern look. And if you have several windows in a row using the motorized window shades they’ll be no more trying to get them to line up, you can synchronize the units to work together as one unit giving you a real professional look.

4] Variety of Attachments. Once you have your motorized hardware installed you will have lots of different options for shades and curtains to attach to the hardware, so there will be something for every room and every taste.

5] Customization. You can customize the hardware to fit different shapes and window sizes. Many home designers use window sizes and shapes that will allow the most light as well as fit in with the overall design of the home. Now you can have automated window blinds that will fit those different shapes.

6] Operate Smoothly and Quietly. As I mentioned earlier manufacturers have really advanced in technology to keep motor noise to a minimum. They operate smoothly and you can set up different stopping points and watch them go to the exact spot you programmed every time, using the old pull cords this was nearly impossible.

7] Versatile Usage. Motorized window shades aren’t strictly for use as window coverings, you can use them to open and close curtains or screens in other areas of your home. Use them to cover a big-screen TV when you’re not using it. Power a curtain to separate a room into two smaller areas or whenever you need to make some privacy areas.

8] Family Safety. There is always a safety risk when you have small kids and cords hanging down and it always seems that no matter how hard you try to keep them cords out of reach it’s just not practical. Using motorized window shades solves this problem and will give you peace of mind knowing that there’s no danger from dangling cords.

9] Combination Units… What a great way to inspire your creativity; combine sheers and drapes with other hangings to create your own look. With all the various materials and styles of window dressing you’ll have a solution at hand. Now add the convenience of wireless operation from your smartphone or wall keypad controller or use it with your voice assistant and control them with your voice.

Whatever your reasons for installing motorized blinds your taking the next step to making your home a lot smarter and saving on your heating and cooling costs. Remember not all motorized window shades are the same, do your research before buying.

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Smart Blind Automation Kit

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article I would look at how you can turn your existing blinds into smart motorized blinds using a simple kit. The Kit I’m going to look at is the “MySmartBlinds” automation kit.

The kit turns regular horizontal blinds into automatic blinds where you can adjust the tilt of the slats to open or close to suit the current situation. Whether it’s to save on energy or to make your home more secure the “SmartBlinds Kit” will let you adjust your blinds from your smartphone or from your smart assistant Alexa.

What’s in the Kit?

– Motor assembly.

– Battery pack.

– Switch for manual operation.

– Adapters for tilt rods.

– Cable clips to deal with cords.

– End pieces for the tilt rod.

– Solar panel with the bundle.

Set up your own schedule with the in-app controls; turn on energy saving when you want it to come on. Your blinds will operate the way you want just a simpler way to make your existing blinds smart.


– Temperature control.

– Energy saving settings.

– Sun-tracking to keep your schedules updated and seasons change.

– Onboard memory that stores your preferences.

– Total access from anywhere from your phone.

– Optional solar charging cable [comes with solar panel].

– App battery updates.

– Bluetooth for initial set-up.

– Optional Alexa connectivity to have total voice control.

– Don’t need any hub or home automation system to use.

– Simple installation, no tools needed.

– Operate from all your devices, smartphone and tablets, and other smart devices.

– Solar panels will ensure the batteries are always fully charged.

Automatic window treatments are fun and give a nice modern update to your home. Just because you’re letting technology run your blinds you still have many options.

Benefits of Motorized Window Coverings

1] Improved Quality of Life – This is particularly true for elders and people who have disabilities which limit their mobility. Rather than having to depend on someone else to open and close their window coverings, they can use automatic devices to operate the blinds from their chair with a remote device or from their smartphone.

2] Step towards Home Automation – If you thinking about having a smart home then motorized window shades are a good place to get started. Having an automated schedule that controls when your blinds open and when they need to close is a step closer to having a smart home.

3] Out-of-Reach Windows – Many newer homes have high vaulted ceilings and windows that are up really high with access to them. Now you can use remote motorized blinds to control the amount of sun that comes into the home during the hot summer months. This puts you in control and helps save even more on energy costs.

4] Safety and Convenience – Hands-free operation and with no cords hanging your home is now a lot of safety for small children. And it also keeps your pets from grabbing the cords and having a tug-of-war with them. There are many options with automated window blinds