How to Choose the Best Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi

It is recommended to get the best baby monitor with Wi-Fi so you can have some time away from your child. A Wi-Fi baby monitor will do just that; Let you go about your daily tasks while keeping an eye on your baby. With all different baby monitors to choose from it’s not an easy task.

Tips or Choosing the Best Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi

Will You Require a Dedicated Baby Monitor? Babies need a lot of loving and attention which is great, but you can’t be with the baby 24/7. That’s where the monitor comes in… Gives you the freedom to do some other tasks or just simply have a rest. I remember back in the days when they first came out they only had the ability to collect sound.

With the newer technology in the baby monitors they can be very effective as a home security camera as well. While they can fulfill that role too, they are designed to give you a view of the little person. I love the night vision feature and I’m glad to see it has become a norm for nearly all baby monitors.

Tracking or Watching Live – If you want to have your baby monitor keep track of the videos then a baby monitor will not be a good choice for you, most have the ability to take snapshots or a short video clip. They detect your baby’s movements and give you a live image of what’s taking place.

Baby monitors provide you with actual footage and some more expensive monitors can give a readout of temperature and humidity. You can have the monitor send you alerts when movement occurs or when there’s no movement. You can even get monitors that have a pendant that your child wears that will monitor their breathing patterns.

Some of the best baby monitors with Wi-Fi I’ve seen are using an internet connection to send you the live feed to your smartphone or other screened device. Some don’t have a standalone screen and you would have to pay extra.

Are Baby Monitors a Safe Solution?

Being concerned about how safe the monitors are especially if someone hacks into the Wi-Fi feed allowing them to watch what’s going on in that room. Unfortunately, the smarter our devices get the smarter the hackers get. However, if you’re really concerned about a security issue with your Wi-Fi baby monitor there are security measures you can take to secure your home.

If you want the convenience of having a Wi-Fi baby monitor in your home you should be keeping your router’s security firmware up to date.

How Does a Baby Monitor Work?

A baby monitor has basically two types: Analog and Digital. There are good and bad points which either style. Being wired or wireless they work in the same way. They consist of a camera transmitter unit and a receiver device that either allows you to hear your baby or watch a live video or both.

Depending on the model you have or are considering the transmitter will be in the room where your child is and the monitor that you see the images or video on will be like a small TV screen. How that signal is sent is the difference between analog and digital. I wasn’t going to get into analog vs digital… But I want to be sure you understand the differences between the two, so you can make an informed decision.

Analog vs Digital Baby Monitors

The main differences between analog and digital monitors are the frequency they operate in. The analog operates in the 49 MHZ band whereas the digital operates in the 2.4 GHZ band. The analog frequency has more static interference from other nearby devices like cordless phones and some taxi companies use the frequency band for their radio communication.

Advantages of Analog Monitors

They are less expensive than digital monitors simply because the technology needed to send the signal is much cheaper to manufacture. There are also considered by some to be a safer choice for your baby. The analog signal is less powerful than the digital and operates at a much higher frequency.

Disadvantages of Analog Monitors

Many of analog baby monitors have a channel selection switch to use other channels if there’s too much interference in your area. Some of the newer baby monitors can switch thru the available channels automatically, which helps some with static interference. Other disadvantages of the analog device are their signal is quite weak and will have a difficult time going thru walls and floors.

Digital Monitors

The digital baby monitor operates in the higher GHZ range providing better signal and much less interference and static. Because the digital signal is not continuous it picks up less static and other background noises. They can deliver better quality data, travel much further thru walls and floors and provide greater signal capacity.

Most of the monitors on the market are digital just like the best baby monitor with wifi I have recommended. There are still some excellent analog monitors around if you’re in the market for one.

Disadvantages of Digital Monitors

Their cost more than the analog monitors due to the more advanced technology used and the higher frequency they operate in. The good news is digital monitors have dropped in price in the past years.

They may be less prone to static interference; they still can be affected by other devices but to a much lesser extent than analog. Some parents were concerned that the digital signal could have an effect on their child; however research has little evidence that supports this. Whichever type you choose keep the device away from your baby’s crib. A good distance is around one meter away and be sure to follow the manufactures instructions on securing the power cord.

Choosing the Right Baby Monitor for You

Hopefully you have a better understanding of the two types of baby monitors now. There are a few other factors that you should consider before buying the best baby monitor with wifi.

Your Home and Location

Your neighborhood and how your home is laid out are important factors to consider. If you live in an area that has homes close together will have a much higher risk of getting interference from other devices in your home and interference from your close neighbors. The digital baby monitor with its encrypted signal will work the best in this situation.

If your home is large and has more than one floor the digital monitor is recommended, because of the ability of the digital signal to go further without degrading. If your home is small house apartment and your location is away from crowded areas than the cheaper analog baby monitor may work just fine for you.

Good Portability

You want a baby monitor that you can take with you around you home, after all isn’t that the whole idea behind a baby monitor? You don’t want to be restricted to staying in areas that have a power source or have a monitor that has poor battery life.

Other Features to Consider

You have a good selection of baby monitors available and if you’re looking for the best baby monitor with wifi there are many to choose from. The most important feature I like is having a video monitor so you can actually see a live feed of your child. This feature is also good if you’re trying to understand your child’s sleeping habits to find out why they don’t sleep well.

Another great feature is having a temperature sensor that will display the temperature in your baby’s room. Having it not too cold or too hot will allow your child to sleep better and longer, and that means you get to do the same too!

Some other features that are available are nightlights, can play lullabies, light shows and the feature that I like is the two-way voice feature which allows you to talk and sooth your child from anywhere you are in the house.

My Review of the Infant Optics DXR-8 Portable Video Baby Monitor

As with all my reviews, the products I recommend are the best sellers on Amazon. So why have I picked the Infant Optics DXR-8 as the best baby monitor with wifi? To begin with and what I use as the best indication that a product is proven to be reliable is the reviews that purchasers have posted.

Having that many reviews and the fact that 73% of those that posted a review gave it a 5 star rating. That a very good indication that it’s a good baby monitor, If we were needing a baby monitor with wifi I certainly would be buying this one.


– Switchable Lens System.

– IR night vision.

– Ability to remotely pan, tilt, zoom the camera.

– Alarm setting.

– Has scan mode [with addition cameras].

– Two-way voice.

– Temperature display.

– Can be expanded to 4 cameras.

– Designed for easy portability.

– Battery saving mode.

– 3.5 inch LCD color display monitor.

– Plug it in and its ready to go.

– Secure 2.4GHZ FHSS signal provides digital privacy.

It also has the ability to interchange different lenses giving you total control over the baby’s room or any other room your baby is in. You can easily change out the lenses to meet the needs of your child as they continue to grow.

– Normal lens gives a clean clear picture that provides mid-range exposure so you’re able to see that your child is safe and secure.

– Optical zoom able lens for when you want a close up while baby is sleeping, this is not the distorted digital zoom other cameras provide, perfect solution if your concerned about safety with having to have the camera close to baby to get the desired image. You can keep the camera further away and use the optical zoom to see up close.

– There is an wide angle lens [which is NOT included] you can add this wide angle lens later as your child gets older so you can keep an eye on them as they move about and play in there room.

– With power saving mode activated it will double the battery life and you still have sound and can switch back to live video any time you want.

– Has sound activated alert with LED lights to alert you to the baby’s crying if you have turned the receiving unit’s volume down.

– Temperature monitor keeps you aware off the temperature in baby’s room.

– Fast and easy remote control to adjust the cameras pan, tilt and zoom features.

Overall the best baby monitor with wifi I have seen and it’s definitely worth every penny