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Best Coffee Grinder Reviews


Do you have a coffee maker but enjoy buying whole coffee beans? That can be a problem unless you have a coffee grinder. It can be hard to figure out what type of coffee grinder would be best for you. These coffee grinder reviews will help you decide what brand to buy for your needs and well within your budget.


Cuisinart Automatic Burr Millcoffee grinder reviews

Cuisinart has done it once again when it comes to producing the absolute best kitchen appliance. This automatic burr mill is an exceptional piece of equipment to keep in your kitchen. Unlike some of the other coffee grinder reviews out there, this one shows how elegant and stylish it is. You won’t be ashamed to keep this coffee grinder out on your counter. This coffee grinder is very heavy duty so you don’t have to worry about it vibrating itself off of the counter. It works just like a coffee mill without making you use your hands. It is completely automatic. Cuisinart uses a mechanism known as burr grinding to create grounds that are always the same size and have optimum flavor.

There is an 18-position grind selector to give you a wide variety of options when it comes to the size of your grounds. You can produce extremely fine coffee grinds or extreme coarse. Whatever you like in your coffee you can make with this coffee grinder. You can also change the amount of coffee grinds you want to make. If your coffee pot calls for 4 cups of ground coffee, you can move the slide dial from 8 to 4 cups to give a precise amount of product. The grounds chamber comes with a lid to ensure no mess is formed on your counter.


  • Heavy duty
  • Stylish
  • 18 grind selections
  • Slide dial
  • Burr grinding


  • Price
  • Hand wash only


KRUPS Electric Spice/Coffee Grinder41PvifEtLCL

If you don’t plan on using your coffee grinder for just coffee all of the time, this KRUPS coffee grinder is perfect for you. Some people don’t drink coffee every morning and purchasing a coffee grinder can be a waste of money for them. This spice and coffee grinder is great for people like that because it can be used to grind different spices, nuts and even grains when it is not being used to grind coffee. This particular grinder is very small and compact and fits just about anywhere in your kitchen. It is an electric grinder with a 200-watt motor backing the stainless steel blades. You can grind up to 3 ounces of coffee beans at one time. The grinder itself is in the shape of an oval. The combination of the shape and the stainless steel blades ensure uniform grinding all of the time.

You can take this little grinder anywhere you go. If you plan on cooking at a friend’s house and need to grind some nuts, take this grinder with you. It will fit easily in your purse or in a small bag and can travel in one piece. You no longer have to take the equipment apart and bring multiple bags everywhere you go. For the low price, you can now grind your coffee beans, nuts, spices and grains with ease.


  • Small/Compact
  • Oval design
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 4-in-1 functions
  • Price


  • Only 3-oz coffee
  • Not powerful


Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder41ydg3B7KwL

You cannot go wrong with a Mr. Coffee appliance when it comes to coffee products. There are many coffee grinder reviews out there but this one shows why this brand has coffee in the name. The first and most important feature is it is available in two different colors. The majority of the coffee grinders out there only come in one color and it is usually silver or black. This one comes in a black and silver combination or a red and stainless steel combination. The red will make a great accent in any kitchen. This machine uses the automatic burr mill technology as well. This ensures evenly sized and shaped coffee grinds every time you use it. There are 18 custom grind settings to choose from.

The bean hopper is completely removable to make it much easier to clean after using it. The grind chamber is also removable for easy access and quick cleaning. The chamber can hold up to ½ pound of coffee beans. The grind chamber slides right out so you can have access to your coffee grinds instantly after they have been ground up.


  • 2 colors
  • 18 settings
  • Bean hopper
  • Grind chamber
  • Burr mill


  • Not cordless


Cuissential Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder61Imf1bDQTL._SL1500_

If you are old fashioned and like to do things yourself, this next coffee grinder reviews is perfect for you. You can use your own strength to grind the coffee beans. This might make you appreciate the coffee you are drinking more than you would with an automatic coffee grinder. This will take your coffee to a whole different level. This little machine will produce uniform grind sizes to give you the best tasting coffee possible. The grind sizes are very easily adjustable so you can get exactly what you want with this coffee grinder. It is small enough to take on trips with you but very durable and heavy duty. It might feel small and cheap but it definitely gets the job done.

It even comes with a glass container to hold the coffee grinds while you are still using it. This glass bowl comes off of the grinder very easily to make cleaning a breeze. The bottom of the glass container has a no slip base so you can grind away without slipping all over the counter. It is extremely quiet and you don’t have to worry about reading instructions to learn how to use it. This coffee grinder might be the most user friendly off all the coffee grinder reviews.


  • Small/Compact
  • Adjustable grind sizes
  • Glass container
  • Nonslip base
  • Easy to clean


  • Manual
  • Price


KitchenAid Blade Coffee Grinder61otAc5oYUL._SL1060_

KitchenAid is one of the leading brands when it comes to small and large kitchen appliances. They did not stop and created a coffee grinder as well. This coffee grinder in particular comes in 3 different great colors. You can get this grinder in an empire red, espresso brown or even an onyx black. The top half of every grinder is stainless steel. This makes it very easy to match this appliance to just about any kitchen décor. There are 160 watts backing this grinder to spin a blade around to grind the coffee beans. It is ultra-quiet so you don’t have to be careful in the morning while your family is still sleeping.

The bowl is removable and completely dishwasher safe. This makes cleaning a breeze after you grind your coffee beans. The blade is also made from a stainless steel material and can be controlled by the touch of a fingertip. It can hold 4 ounces of coffee beans and makes more coffee grounds than that. There is also a heavy duty motor housing to ensure the durability and toughness of this coffee grinder. The blade grinds whole beans to give you a rich and aromatic blend of flavors.


  • 3 colors
  • Stainless steel blade
  • 160-watts
  • Heavy duty
  • Quiet


  • Small

Three Non-coffee Uses for Coffee Grinders

Usually when people hear the phrase coffee grinders, they think of grinding coffee. No brainer, right? After all, that’s the primary reason why these kitchen appliances exist to help you grind your own coffee. By grinding your own coffee, you can experiment with different blends of coffee from all parts of the world. You can save a lot of money grinding your own specialty blend instead of buying from Starbucks or your corner neighborhood coffee shop. With that said, coffee grinders bring a lot more to the table than just their ability to grind coffee beans efficiently and effectively. You can use coffee grinders to  grind all sorts of ingredients. As long as they’re small, and they’re tough, you can use coffee grinders to get them down to a fine enough consistency where you can use these ingredients. Here are three non-coffee grinding uses for your coffee grinder.

Grinding spices

If you like Indian food, and if you like to formulate your own spice blends, you can grind up lots of spices using coffee grinders. All you need to do is make sure that you mix the right spice in the right portions and give the grinding head enough space to work its magic. You can grind all sorts of spice combinations. This is also especially helpful when you are grinding spices for baking purposes. A lot of baked goods taste really good with cinnamon. However, if you add a little nutmeg or even mace, you can come up with all sorts of flavor blends that truly make your pastries and desserts come to life. If you’re baking specialty breads, different spices go round up through coffee grinders can really unlock their full flavor potential.

coffee grinder reviewsGrinding nuts

If you are vegetarian or a vegan, you can make your own vegetarian cheeses through ground nuts. Using coffee grinders, you can grind cashews to a fine consistency. You, then, soak them overnight. Once they have absorbed enough liquid, you can drain them and then run them through a food processor. By using coffee grinders to grind cashews, you ensure a high level of water absorption. The more water a cashew absorbs, the creamier the cashew becomes. Once you drain enough moisture from these soaked ground cashews, you can create all sorts of fine vegetarian cheeses. You just need to add a little lemon and salt to round out the cheese flavor. Nut-based cheeses are superior to real dairy based cheese because they don’t contain high levels of  bad fats and harmful cholesterol. The secret to the best nut cheeses is to run the cashew through a coffee grinder first.

Grinding seeds

If you’re looking to boost the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet or increase your intake of DHA, you should look into using coffee grinders to grind your own flaxseed. Unfortunately, when you go to your nearby health store, flaxseed come in a raw form. If you just eat flaxseed in its natural raw form, you’re not going to enjoy much of its benefits. Why? It hasn’t been ground down. Its oils are still stuck within the seed jacket or seed coating. To fully unlock the nutritional components and value of flaxseeds, you need to run them through coffee grinders. In ground form, the digestive system can extract maximum value from flaxseeds and other high-value  dietary seeds. These seeds are also great if you’re looking to lose weight. They pack enough fiber that you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Consequently, your stomach sends less hunger signals to your brain, and you tend to eat less. When you eat less, you reduce your calorie intake, and you increase the amount of stored fat your body burns. Eventually, you lose weight.

Keep the three non-coffee grinding uses above in mind when considering coffee grinders. Coffee grinders are very flexible pieces of kitchen equipment. Even if you don’t enjoy drinking coffee, there are many uses for coffee grinders that can help you save time effort and energy in your cooking activities.

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