Mobile Home Water Heaters: Sourcing a Best Portable Water Heater

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Looking for best mobile home water heaters that seamlessly serves up your hot water needs in your house? Here the right place for your sourcing because this article lists two options that are selected depending upon the various useful features. We will go around the electric water heater reviews in 2016 to find out which one can be a good fit for your needs.

The difference between mobile home hot water heaters and regular water heaters are that the former one is more compact as compared to the later one. It’s convenience for putting it at any place and changing easily whenever you are planning to move.

Water heaters can be classified based on two things. First, what kind of fuel they use? Electricity or Gas? And second, do they have a tank to store water? Or they heat water instantly? One of them will surely be a perfect match for your needs and budget.

If you are living in the area where you have a supply of electricity then this is a good option to choose a hot water heater, and the compact electric water heater with a tank of 20-gallon capacity is enough for 7 minutes of the quick bath. Another option is tankless water heater that runs on liquid propane and can provide the endless amount of hot water.

Best Mobile Home Water Heaters


Reliance 6 20 SOMS K 20 Gallon Compact Mobile Home Electric Water Heater

ReliElectric Water Heaters


Reliance 6 20 SOMS K 20 Gallon Compact Mobile Home Electric Water Heater weighs 68 pounds which are not heavy when we talk about water heater with tanks. To supply enough flow of water, its pipe diameter is 3/4 inch which allows more water as compared to the 1/2 inch pipe. It is so compact that you can hide it under the counter. It can fit in small spaces with ease. It uses 1650 Watts per hour power at 120 V single phase power supply. It is one of the products that are selling well in the market so you can trust on what so many other people are already using.

Features and benefits

Easy Installation

This mobile home electric water heater is designed such that the inlet and outlet connections are on the side. This makes it easier to install it in tight spaces. It can be easily installed as the things are pretty straightforward. To install, you only need a pipe wrench and a screwdriver. Plus, two wire screws. And that is it.

Smaller Size

It is a compact unit which is 20 inches wide 18.8 inches deep and 33.5 inches tall. Its compact structure makes it ideal for all the small places in your house where you can easily hide it from the view. As it has a very small footprint it is a good water heating solution for mobile homes.

Automatic control

This electric water heater for mobile homes uses automatic controls. It ensures that neither you get water that is too hot to touch nor it is cold which kills the purpose of having a water heater. It maintains the temperature in a certain range that you specify and supply you with a constant amount of hot water.

Enough water for a shower

It provides you with the shower time of 7 to 10 minutes and after the 20 gallons of water would be drained out. But you can increase the thermostat to maximum settings to prolong the shower time. That way it would not be a problem if you shower for more than 10 or even 15 minutes.


It comes pre-installed with the pressure and temperature relief valve to ensure the safety of the people moving around. These valves help to evacuate excess pressure to maintain a safe working environment.

Quality and Durability

Functions are the one thing and the quality is another. If a function does not perform well when it is required, then there is no purpose of having it. Reliance knows that, and so they make products that last. Same is the case with this water heater and that is why it provides you hot water without any problems.

The heating element is made up of stainless steel which helps it to last longer by avoiding wear and tear. Its inner surface of the tank is layered with glass that helps protect against corrosion.

After Sales

We live in an uncertain world and sometimes most simple things go wrong. Although, the product is reliable and last longer due to its better design and quality, but still if something goes wrong you will not be left alone struggling for the solution.

Your purchase is backed a limited warranty from the manufacturer that will last for six years. It is valid for both the tank and the parts. This is enough to give you peace of mind.

Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater and Outdoor Shower

Outdoor water Showers

Eccotemo has a focus on energy conservation which reflects in their energy-efficient appliances. They use advanced technologies to maximize energy savings and minimize energy consumption.

Eccotemp L5 is a tankless propane water heater for mobile homesthat adds comfort and ease in your life. It generates 1.4 gallons of hot water that is enough for everyday needs in your home. Plus, you do not need electricity to run this.

Features and advantages

Lightweight and compact for easy portability

It comes in a very compact and portable design which measures 14.5 inches tall. It has a slim design with only 4.5” deep and 11.5” wide. It is not only compact but also lightweight with about 13.8 pounds. That is a benefit of tankless water heaters as they are really easy to carry and fix wherever you want.

Its compact size allows it to fit in any tight spaces like cabins and hide from the view.

Easy installation

L5 is easy to install as it comes with all the accessories and adapters that are required to attach it with the propane tank and the water inlet.

Saves water

This tankless water heater works on demand only, that is, the heater turns on when the water passes through and shuts down immediately as you turn off the tap. That way a very less amount of water is wasted which is good for the environment. Not only that, but it is also useful in conditions when you have a limited supply of water.


This mobile home gas water heater has a capacity of 1.4 gallons per minute which makes around 5.2 Liters of hot of hot water flowing constantly as long as you need it.

Works on low pressure too

It works even when the water pressure is as low as 20 psi to fulfill your hot water needs in extreme conditions. It has the capacity to work at up to 80 psi pressure. This versatility makes it a useful product in many cases.

A pump can be attached to increase the pressure. That way, you will be able to use it to wash your car or your boat.

Works at low flow rate

The minimum flow rate that it requires to start the ignition is 0.3 L of water per minute. This is the condition which is usually fulfilled in normal scenarios.

Good Performance

This water heater performs well by increasing the temperature from 30 to 35°F at 1.5 gallons per minute. If you increase the amount of water the increase in temperature will be lesser than 30°F. You can use this information to adjust it according to your needs.

Portable Fuel

This mobile home gas water heater runs on liquid propane. The fuel is portable and readily available. It is best suited for the environments where the electricity is not easily available and you want the hot water anyways.

Automatic ignition

It uses 2-D cell batteries for ignition. You do not need any power from the grid to start the heating cycle. That makes it easier and more convenient to use as you do not have to worry about the power from the grid.

Perfect for Camping

If you’re planning to have a vacation or going for a camping trip with your family then this is your perfect companion. Get hot water with the ease wherever and whenever you want.

If you want you can wash your Dog or your horse with the warmth of hot water

Safety caution

We do not live in a perfect world and the accidents happen. To avoid yourself from these mishaps, the unit should be installed by a certified trusted technician. While installing, make sure that you leave the clearance space from sides as mentioned in the instructions.

After Sales

Eccotemp provides a limited warranty on parts. It is valid only if the unit remains where it is originally installed. The warranty lasts for one whole year. Thereafter sales support is just a phone call away. They’re easy to reach and friendly to talk. You will be satisfied with their customer service

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