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Best Workout Bench For Home in 2020

Whether your a seasoned bodybuilder or new to the gym chances are good that one of your main goals is to increase bench press strength and add size to your chest.  The best way to achieve this is by using the best workout bench for home.While it may not be the greatest test of a man’s strength it is arguably the most popular body part to exercise.
If you’ve ever had a conversation about working out chances are you have been asked the question, “so what do you bench?”  Knowing that you’ll soon be asked this question again is often enough motivation to hit your chest hard with a good bench press workout.  That being said, here are some tips to add some serious mass to your chest and increase bench press strength using your best workout bench for home.
Tips for you
# 1 Train your supporting cast – In every exercise there are prime mover muscles and secondary muscles or what I call “the supporting cast”.  In the case of the bench press the prime movers are the chest muscles and the supporting cast are the triceps.  It’s ok to train them on the same day but make sure that you train the larger muscles, meaning the chest of course, first and your triceps afterwards.  Reason being, if you burn out your triceps first they won’t be able to support you as much during your chest exercises.
# 2 Variety is the spice of life! – As with anything in life, if we continue to do the same thing over and over eventually we’re going to get used to it and it will become extremely easy to do.  A bench press workout is no exception.  Problem is, it should always be a challenge, not easy.Muscles adapt very quickly to any kind of stress that’s placed on them so you have to change things up on a regular basis.  Every 3-6 weeks is best. These changes can come in the form of smaller things like altering  your grip or adding a little weight.  Or, they can come on a larger scale like decreasing or increasing your tempo or switching to super sets or compound exercises.
# 3 Focus on the negatives – This is the one area of life where you can actually benefit from focusing more attention on the negatives.  Don’t just use momentum to throw the weight around.  In some cases this is ok (see above for altering tempos) but you should always maintain good form.  If you’ve never done slow negatives during a bench press workout this will be even more beneficial to you. The negative on an exercise should be no less that 3 seconds.  There have even been studies that show 5-10 second negatives are extremely effective for fast muscle growth.  The reason behind this is that the muscle is under tension for a longer period of time which results in more tearing of the muscle fibers.  More tears followed by time for repairs equals more growth.
# 4 R & R – These of course stand for “rest & relaxation”.  It’s a common myth in the weight training world that our muscles grow while we’re in the gym.  Fact is, we tear our muscles or muscle fibers in the gym and the repair process comes later when we’re resting and sleeping.  Not allowing your muscles adequate time to rest and repair after a hard pec workout can be detrimental to achieving your goals.Overtraining has been proven to be almost as bad as not training at all.  The easiest indicator to tell if you’re ready to hit another bench press workout is to make sure your muscles aren’t sore to the touch.  As long as they are not sore to the touch you’re in the clear.


Best Workout Bench For Home


The Bowflex SelecTech Adjustable Bench Series 5.1 is one of the best workout bench for home gym. Not only is it from a reputable brand, but you’re also getting a 30 year warranty with the bench when you buy it. Since it’s adjustable, you can set it to a maximum decline of 17 degrees and a maximum incline of 90 degrees. It will literally adjust to any of your chosen specifications, making it our number one pick.

Even better, it also has the addition of a leg extension unit, allowing you to carry out your leg exercises safely and easy using this.

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The Ironmaster

The Ironmaster is a seriously heavy duty rig! For starters it will support up to 1000 lbs in weight, or if you prefer it in kilo’s it’ll support a mass of up to 453kg! To put this in an example, that’s around about the weight of 8 people. This alone should let you know that this is one serious player when it comes to benches.

It has been designed so that it will articulate into 11 different positions, and with an movable seat, you can get yourself into a position that will accommodate your body size, whilst at the same time being fully comfortable. It offers a ten year warranty which is still exceptional for a device that has been made to take a sheer amount of weight over the years, and if you’re not needing a setup with a built in extra to carry out leg exercises then this is the best workout bench for home you can have.

The Xmark bench


Xmark Best Workout Bench For HomeThe Xmark bench can hold even more weight than the Ironmaster, with a support of a whooping 1,500 lbs!  Not only that, but it also comes with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the product so in theory if you have it for 5o years, you’ll still be covered if it ever breaks (which is highly unlikely). It is comprised of 11 gauge steel for maximum durability, whilst also being a modest weight so you can move it around without too much difficulty.

One thing that sets it apart from the Ironmaster is that it also has it’s leg attachment  built right in. The added benefit in this model is that it also has an extreme level of padding on it, so there’s really no excuse not to do leg day now! The back support also has 7 different levels of articulation, meaning that you can get the perfect incline or decline depending on your needs. Because of this, the bench is ideal for a bog standard military press, as well as incline dumbbell flys.

Another great feature that the engineers have included is the addition of wheels in the box for it. The benefit of this is that once you’ve assembled it, all you need to do is quickly pop on the wheels to roll it to your position of choice in your workout room. Once it’s been built, simply pop them off and you’re done!


Marcy Best Workout Bench For HomeMarcy have came out with their very own alternative option for weight lifters, and like the others on this page it’s of an extremely high standard. One of the best things about the Marcy is that it’s of an extremely sturdy design, but also has luxurious upholstery in the padding of the unit.

A key benefit of this setup of this over the others mentioned on here is that it has an included barbell rack so you can use these over dumbbells when it comes time to performing a military press. The rack on it will support 6 ft bars as well as 7ft Olympic bars, making it a great choice. Further, there is also built in rest that can be used for preacher curls, making it perfect for those that want to add a severe amount of definition to their forearms. Throw in the addition of you being able to do leg extensions and ham string curls and you’ve got a great bit of gear.

PowerBlock Sport Bench

powerbolock Best Workout Bench For HomeOur last entry is the PowerBlock Sport Bench. This is a lot more basic than the others mentioned here, but it comes in at a lower price point. However, since it’s the base model, you can add extra parts on after purchase should you need them. It also pivots to some amazing angles, as well as being made of extremely durable steel in that it’s 2×3, 14 gauge tubing, making it a strong and well rounded edition to any home gym. All in, you’ve got 5 different angles that you can orientate it too, as well as it it coming to you practically assembled with only a few bits needed to complete it’s build. Sadly, there’s no decline option available for this model, but if that’s not a requirement for you anyway than it’s nothing to worry about.

Thank you for reading this page, and we sincerely hope that you’ve now got all the information needed to purchase the best workout bench that is right for you.


Choosing the Best Workout Bench For Home

When it comes to buying the best workout bench for home, you’ve got various choices depending on what kind you want. There are also various price points for each of these. Remember the old adage that if you buy cheap, you buy twice. When you buy a workout bench it’ll serve you well for at least ten years presuming you buy one that’s of extremely high quality. Yes the price will be a tad higher, but if you buy a cheaper one you could end up purchasing several of the over the same price period so in the long run you’ve really shot yourself in the foot.

By purchasing the one that bests suits your needs whilst at the same time making sure you’re not over stretching your budget and living outwith your means, you’ll be actively helping your fitness regime and making sure that you’ve made a purchase that will see you right for the years to come. Rest assured, by the time you’ve read this page you’ll have found the best workout bench for you, and you’ll be ready to make this crucial purchase.

No matter what you’re budget is though, one thing is for certain; if you’re undertaking any kind of workout regime at home which employs the use of weights, then you’re going to need a workout bench. With that aside, let’s have a look at our top five workout benches.


How To Increase Bench Press Performance at Home

There are many ways to increase bench press performance with your best workout bench for home.  If you listen closely you can almost always here people in the gym debating this.  So, whether you’re looking to add muscle mass or strength, here are a couple of great tips you can use as part of your next bench press workout.
#1 – Do More Pushups – This is one of the best forgotten exercises when it comes to building your chest muscles.  Pushups are a great way to add strength and endurance.  By increasing the endurance of the muscles they won’t fatigue as quickly when lifting heavier weights.  This allows you to pump out more reps and ultimately more weight which of course will equate to more muscle growth.
One way to incorporate them into your bench press workout is to do a set of pushups to the point of failure at the end of your workout as a burnout to exhaust the muscles.  An even better way would be to do only pushup exercises for your pec workout.  You’ll want to do this every third workout if your training chest twice per week or every other workout if your training chest only once per week.  Use different variations and tempos to get the best results, i.e. as fast as you can, slow negatives, feet on a bench, stability ballpushups, diamond pushups etc.
#2 Use Pyramid Sets – These can work wonders in helping to increase bench press strength and chest size.  Many people use standard sets or super sets for their pec workout but pyramid sets can often yield the best results.
With pyramid sets you’ll be decreasing repetitions as you increase your weight.  For example, lets say you start with 150 pounds for 15 reps then your next set could be 160 lbs for 12 reps then then you could 175lbs for 10 reps etc.  The pyramid set range works like this, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15.  This is alot of sets.  If you do this for your bench press workout there is no need to do more than two exercises with the pyramid model and you should only train your chest once per week.
By combining pyramid sets along with a pushup routine, especially if you’ve never trained in this fashion, you’ll be able to add size to your chest and increase bench press strength very quickly.


There are various kinds of bench press exercises too.

  • Close Grip bench press workout – allows you to emphasize on your triceps and the grip is to be at shoulder length.
  • Reverse Grip bench press workout – these also emphasize on your triceps and the palms should be facing you while doing this kind of press.
  • Incline bench press workout – builds your shoulders and the position should be on an incline bench.
  • Decline bench press workout – this allows you to pull the maximum weight and should be done on a decline bench.
  • Floor bench press workout – this exercise is done on while lying on the floor and helps in building your triceps with maximum effect.


Bench Press Workout: Problems

bench press workout helps in sculpting a strong and wide chest and also helps in building tremendous strength in your upper body. Most injuries happen while doing the bench press workout because it is the most heavily worked out exercise in the gym. Some other reasons behind the high number of injuries while doing the bench press workout are not using the thumb while making the grip which leads to the weights slipping from your hands, not adding weights gradually and starting with heavy weights which is a wrong technique, not asking anyone to be your spotter because someone should always be keeping a look out for the weight being stuck on your chest.

Shoulder Pain While Doing Bench Press Workout

Another common problem while doing the bench press workout is shoulder pain. This can be taken care of by simply stopping the exercise and reverting back to dumbbells but that is not the proper solution.

The best way to avoid such problems is using proper techniques like bringing your chest and shoulder blades together while doing the press, doing the barbell row and the overhead press before and after the bench press because the bench press concentrates more on the front rather than the back shoulders. Thus if you don’t work out your back then it may lead to muscle imbalances.

Be sure to give importance to grip width, gripping the bar properly, bringing your chest and shoulders together, tightening your upper back and using a wide foot stance helps in achieving better results out of the most popular work out in the gym. Always remember to touch your chest and keeping your arms perpendicular to the floor while doing the bench press workout and also remember to keep the bar above your elbows while doing the exercise. Remember not to push your head onto the bench press because that will only aggravate the ill effects of the bench press workout rather than helping you.

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