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Bread Maker Reviews


How often do you find yourself throwing out bread because it is already moldy? Stop buying bread from the store and start making it in the comfort of your own home. There are many times where the bread you buy is already stale and hard when you first open it. Read through these bread make reviews and start making your own bread today!


Panasonic SD-YD250Bread maker reviews

When you think of Panasonic, you probably don’t initially think of the best bread maker. They are actually one of the top producers of kitchen appliances, especially the bread maker. This one in particular has many different functions. You will be able to have your dough mixed, kneaded, raised and baked. All of these functions can handle 3 different loaf sizes with a max loaf amount of 2.5 pounds. That is a good amount of bread to make right in your own kitchen. If you are adventurous with your bread making abilities and want to try different types of bread, you can switch the setting to white, multigrain, French, whole wheat and even cakes.

If you are having trouble coming up with a recipe for your bread, this kit includes a book with 40 different recipes. If you are experimenting with this bread maker, this recipe book will be perfect for you. You can even put the timer on for 13 hours and either go to work or run your errands while your bread is baking. One of the best things about this machine is the size of it. It is small enough to sit comfortably on your counter but large enough to make a decent sized loaf of bread.

PROS                                                     CONS

– Many functions                                  – Price

– Multiple settings                                – Color

– 13 hour delay timer

– Recipe book

– 2.5 lb capacity

Zojirushi Home Bakery61jVDwV0RQL._SL1500_

Many of the products in bread maker reviews are simply for at home use to make experimental loafs of bread. This Zojirushi bread maker is for people who are always making bread or bakery products. One of the best things about this machine is the shape of it. Most of the other bread makers are in the shape of a square. Your loafs of bread come out more square than rectangle with the other makers. You will produce a regular rectangular shaped loaf of bread with this appliance. You can bake up to 2 pounds of bread in this professional item. There are two kneading blades within the maker that help knead the dough more thoroughly. These blades also give a higher rise to the dough.

There is a revolutionary heater that is built into the lid to help create the perfect brown crust. This lid also helps with the quick baking cycle. Instead of waiting all day for your bread to bake, you can produce the same bread within 2 hours. If you have stuff to do, you can set the delay timer for up to 13 hours and let it run. There is a nonstick bread pan that is completely removable to make the cleaning process simple and efficient. There is a measuring cup and spoon included to make fulfill all of your baking needs.

PROS                                                     CONS

– Professional                                         – Price

– Free shipping

– Revolutionary heater

– Quick baking

– Time delay

Cuisinart CBK-10041IOCezlU-L

Cuisinart is one of those brands that creates all sorts of kitchen appliances. Their bread maker is one of the many items that is precisely made to be an exquisite piece of equipment. There are many different great features within these bread maker reviews but none that measure up to this machine. With the Cuisinart bread maker you will get 12 programmed menu options. These options can basically take the guess work out of baking. There are also 3 different cruse settings so you can make the perfect flaky crust for your pies. It can bake 3 different loaf sizes; 1, 1.5 and 2 pounds of bread. You can set the delay timer for up to 13 hours to let your bread cook on its own while you go on with your day.

The appliances itself has many unique aspects to it. There is a small viewing window on the top of the lid to let you see where your bread is in the baking process at any given moment. The lid is completely removable to let you pull your completely loaf of bread out of the maker with ease. The pan and paddle are also removable to make clean up a breeze. The handles are made of a material that allows them to stay cool so you don’t have to worry about burning your hands. You also get a measuring spoon and cup and a few different recipes.

PROS                                                     CONS

– 12 menu options                                  – Color

– Free shipping

– Viewing window

– Cool handles

– 3 crust settings

Sunbeam 589141QPPRRDDGL._SY450_

If you are looking for a more simple bread maker, this one is perfect for you. You don’t have to worry about high-tech LCD screens and tons of different cooking options. You simply put 1.5 pounds or 2 pounds of dough in the maker and hit a button and let it run. The greatest thing about this bread maker is how it can be very simple for technology illiterate people or very functional for people who love gadgets. If you want to use tons of different buttons and options, you can. There are 12 different cooking options that are programmable and easy to use. There are also 3 different shade selections with this bread maker. If you want to start baking your bread while you are at work, you can set the delay timer for up to 13 hours.

The control panel is all navigated by touch so there are no bulky buttons to worry about. The number displays are made with LED lights so they are bright enough to see if the lights are not on. The pan is made from a nonstick material so you should never use metal utensils. Plastic utensils will work just fine to get your bread out of this maker. Other bread maker reviews only talk about how the machine works and not how it looks. This Sunbeam bread maker looks very modern and not like your normal maker. You will have your guests wondering what kind of appliance this is if you keep it out for everyone to see.

PROS                                                     CONS

– Easy to use                                          – Hand wash only

– 12 cooking functions                        – 2 lb max

– 3 shade selections

– Free shipping

West Bend 4130061ENjpP3VEL._SL1500_

When it comes to bread makers, it can be hard to find the best one for you. Reading through bread maker reviews will definitely help with that decision. This West Bend bread maker is one of the best for the price. The main feature that sets this apart from others is the dual-blade machine that produces artisan bread that is like bakery-style bread. This will give you the best resulting bread for the amount of money you spend for a bread maker. There are 4 different horizontal pans for loafs of bread. These different pans hold 1 pound, 1.5 pounds, 2 pounds and 2.5 pounds of bread. This gives you the widest variety of loaf sizes of all the makers in this review.

There are 11 programmable settings to give you many options when it comes to how you cook your bread. If you like the crust of your bread to be very dark, you can choose the darkest of the 3 crust shades. The delay timer goes up to 12 hours so you can let your bread bake while you are working or running errands. The great thing about this maker is that it comes with a spoon and a measuring cup. Most of the other appliances do not come with these. There’s even a tool to help you remove the kneading blades to make it easier to clean the appliance.

PROS                                                     CONS

– 4 Loaf sizes                                           – 11 settings not 12

– 3 crust shades                                      – Size

– Bakery-style

– 1 year limited warranty

– Measuring cup and spoon

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