Best Electric Grill Buying Guide

Electric grill is well used to brown the food already cooked earlier in the oven. In fact, it is also a very healthy cooking method and simple. The only downside is the consumption of electricity because it absorbs a lot for work (we shall see the power of these devices).

Many people said because it is a healthy method of cooking fat and also simple because no special skills needed to oversee this type of cooking. First, you know that the principle of operation of the grill is similar to the barbecue grill.

Except that unlike the embers strives heat generated by the coil is electrically operated. Another difference is the heat source, and then firing from above and from below (for the grill built-in ovens). This speech does not apply to portable grill Piasta examine later. So the most suitable food to be cooked with the grill is the same that you usually cook grilled. In this section we talk about the grill oven.

Usually, being an instrument built in the furnace is operated with a button after connecting the plug to a socket. You cannot adjust the temperature of the coil that heats up; it becomes incandescent and cooks the food with heat. Therefore, the only way to “adjust” the heat source is to avert or bring food to it. Some oven models, however, have the chance to turn one or both of the coils separately. This arrangement helps to regulate the intensity of the heat source. The food to be cooked may be lying directly on baking or be placed in a pan. If it chooses the first option to remember position in the food to cook in the oven for a suitable container to collect any drainage that otherwise would get fat on baking, dirt and spreading burning smell.

Laptop models

The portable electric grill is made of a non-stick plate of various shapes (rectangular, square, round) and in various sizes, an electric heating element that provides heat for cooking, a knob that adjusts the temperature change and an indicator light (usually a red LED) that indicates the machine status: on / off.

The power of the electric grill is expressed in watts. In the case of portable equipment, the power is variable: there are models from 800 watts, more powerful models (and also slightly more expensive) to 1200 watts, or small grill plates or less powerful, cheaper, but not as effective. It always depends on the use made of it: To cook meat or vegetables, should be developed much more heat than enough to warm a croissant or a sandwich. The average cost of a portable grill is about 80 euros. Almost all models of the best brands on the market, are covered by a warranty of two years.

You also can find the grill in microwave ovens that can cook food in combined mode: only microwave, barbecue, or just microwave + grill. The grill has generally a higher power to 1000 watts. The market price of this appliance is composed of approximately 130 euros. Although the oven is often ventilated with double electric grill or grill or infrared. Some of the latest models of convection ovens, also install the fan grill, often in combination with the traditional.

If you have both combinations grill, you can use the traditional electric (usually it is a resistance on the top of the oven compartment) for toasting bread and meat for cooking small or medium thickness. The grill fan, however, can be used to cook meat dishes bulky or large denomination because, thanks to the fan, the heat is distributed more evenly and faster. In this case the “grilling” is perfect even on large surfaces.

IR Models

New technology for the grill, also engaged in the professional kitchen, you can evenly distribute the heat produced by the resistance on a variable surface. In domestic kitchens, it is usually mounted on the combined models. Microwave models, however, mountain grill with the technology itself or quartz grill. The former are used simultaneously in the oven. Infrared grill is ideal to bake and brown to perfection roasts, ducks and geese.

It can be controlled by a large area or small area controlled, the latter more suitable for cooking grilled chops or fish meat and toast the bread. In recent models of kitchens, especially in those who combined several types of grills, power, heat the grill can be adjusted via external knob. There is no need, therefore, as in the traditional models or older dishes away or closer to the heat source moving gratings in the oven. In fact, remember that the power of the grill, being a true method of cooking as others, should be adjusted according to the food to be cooked.

The infrared grill, is also used in professional kitchens and industry. In this case, they are real machines stainless steel, suitable for grilling industrial-scale mixed vegetables, like eggplant and zucchini slices, strips of meat (turkey, chicken) and fish. The products to be grilled infrared wet, salty and centrifuged. The burners of these machines are usually two and half to the tape on which they are made grilling food. The power of these infrared grill is very high: it can be powered by natural gas or LPG. The temperature of the rolls needed to “scratch” foods as if they were cooked on the grill, reaches 600-650 ° C.

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of the grill as a method of cooking are the undisputed point of view so lightly cooked foods. The main disadvantage is that determined by the cost of electricity in our country is one of the highest of the European Union. So, if you do not want too much influence on the bill, do not prefer this as a method of cooking more often.

To summarize the types of grill, remember that: the electric grill traditional works by activating the resistance on the top of the oven cavity and serves to roast (using BBQ) meat of small and medium thick as sausages, bacon and ribs. The meat must be cooked using thick double grill (ie the resistance is below and the one above).

If you do not have the double grill in your oven, do not cook meat with this method very thick. Better to use a cast iron plate to be heated on the stove. If you have a fan oven is better: the grill with fan (which is always electrically powered) can be cooked, it is said, roasts and whole poultry and also large. Grill Microwave: many models of microwave oven is also equipped with a grill. Remember that in this case, the grill is to cook or grill foods that cook quickly, kebabs, chops, chopped vegetables.

Alternatively, you may previously prepared gratin dish, such as potato pies, the pies, semolina gnocchi gratin or Roman. If grill “combo” that are used simultaneously with microwave cooking, be aware that in principle there are two ways of cooking: the first is that 30% of cooking time (which is predetermined by the microwave) , is with the microwave and 70% with the grill. The second option is that the percentages are so conformable: 55% 45% microwave cooking and cooking with the grill.


Some of nutrients and vitamins in food are lost through cooking, with any device. You say “flicker” that is temperature-sensitive vitamins A, C and folic acid. With cooking, destroys about 70% of these components in food. Vitamins are more resistant to temperature are D, K and Biotin. “Cook” if they lost “only” 50%. Attention then baked with the electric grill vegetables: they are good, safe and read but are poor in vitamins. Always better to be escorted by grilled vegetables, fresh salad.

However, cooking on a grill protects food from the loss of minerals typical of boiled water, cooked alias “diet”. Grilling vegetables and fish to grill, prevents iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium to pass almost all the water is cooked, declining food. In fact, the boiled is not the only dietary requirements: we said that the grill, since it uses fat of any kind, is considered a method of eating healthy and more tasty and crunchy. Moreover, use of electric grill while getting a very similar result to the grill and barbecue, does not enter into any food in contact with direct flame and this prevents the formation of toxic and carcinogenic substances (the “scorched” ). Also the food cooked with the grill does not contain residues of smoke and even more during cooking shed their excess fat dripping from food street.

Finally, here’s a tasty recipe you can prepare the grill: Boil 1.5 kg of ribs with very little water and salt in the meantime, prepare a white sauce according to recipe. Arrange the ribs coarsely chop in a buttered pan and sprinkle a layer of bechamel and Parmesan. Continue until all ingredients well. Go to the grill for twenty minutes.

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