Beyerdynamics: An Evolution of Audio Technology

Beyerdynamics: These days, there is a dizzying array of audio equipment available for purchase by consumers and companies alike. Microphones, headphones, wireless audio systems, and conference systems have proliferated across the world, becoming staples in the lives of most citizens of industrialized nations.

A few people have even begun to take these devices for granted, being so used to having easy access to electronic audio that they don’t even think about the devices that pipe sound out of their MP3 players or laptops. It’s hard to blame them; there are literally thousands of different such products available on the marketplace.

Some of these devices are simple and cheap, existing only to get a single job done as quickly as possible, with little regard for long-term use. Others exist for the long haul, being manufactured to higher standards. One such manufacturer is Beyerdynamic.


Based in Germany, Beyerdynamic is one of the oldest audio companies in the world, and most of their products are made in Germany, even in this era of cheap outsourcing. The company began in the 1920s, as the brainchild of Eugen Beyer, initially producing loudspeakers for the newly emergent movie theaters in an era where German cinema was a global force.

In the 1930s, Beyer developed the first pair of dynamic headphones. After the devastation of World War II, the company recovered and got back into business despite initial difficulties, producing an ever more advanced array of electronic audio devices such as wireless microphones and wireless headsets. The company produces for a variety of purposes, and its products can be found in the collections of air traffic controllers, musicians, and business managers alike.

Beyerdynamic headphones

A Beyerdynamic headphones review can not possibly cover all of the company’s products. Still, a few samples can be noted.

Beyerdynamic DT 1350 PRO

The Beyerdynamic DT 1350 PRO is a set of compact headphones that is commercially available in many parts of the world, oftentimes being for sale in brick-and-mortar electronics stores. These headphones are sturdily built, and manufactured for long-term use as opposed to being a temporary replacement between paychecks. They fit comfortably on most heads and ears, meaning that they can be used for hours on end without the irritating discomfort that accompanies some headphones.

These headphones come in a protective carrying case that is manufactured to the same standards as the headphones themselves; that is, built to last. The sound quality is excellent, viable for both personal recreation and the creation of music and audio content, when even the smallest details can matter.

Most surprising of all, this model of Beyerdynamic headphones comes with a three-button inline remote and a microphone designed with Apple Computer smartphones and tablets in mind.

These devices are somewhat costly; you can expect to pay around $300 USD for these devices. Conversely, they’re built to last, and barring unforeseen and incredibly unfortunate accidents, you probably won’t have to buy another set of headphones for a while after getting this model. Finally, the Apple-friendly features may have problems dealing with Android or Windows devices.

DT 770 Pro

A less expensive model, running below $150 USD, is the DT 770 Pro set of headphones. The sound quality is excellent and usable for professional-level audio production, be it in a music studio, DJ booth, or voice recording studio.

The design is very comfortable, making it easy to use for long-term purposes, such as an extended session of gaming or a day-long music session. This model’s noise isolation is quite impressive, among the best on the market, but not perfect either; it can block out most everyday sounds so you can focus on your audio work, but intense levels of noise will probably break through.

The headphone is also as durable and well-built as the more expensive models, as Beyerdynamics does not build anything that can’t take a little abuse. Conversely, it’s built with plastic hinges on a metal frame that can be rough on them through no fault of the user. They’re built to be practical as opposed to visually attractive, but they’re not exactly ugly either.

iDX in-ear headphones

At the lower end of the cost spectrum is the iDX in-ear headphones model. Like the previous two models, these headphones are built to last and provide high-quality sound, suitable for even professional-grade projects.

Their design is a thing of simple beauty, as the speakers are housed in a slightly concave piece secured with small metal rings that make it easy to get them in and out of your ears. Comfortable and capable of providing vivid sound, this is perhaps the low-end model of Beyerdynamic headphones, coming in at around $135 USD for a pair.


In an expanding global marketplace and digital media-saturated world, hearing audio as it truly is can be vital. Beyerdynamics, while not the cheapest, is among the highest quality on the consumer marketplace, known for being comfortable, providing high-quality sound, and lasting a good long while.