VeraLite vs VeraEdge: Best Z-Wave Controller

VeraLite vs VeraEdge: these are two of the best Z-Wave controllers out there. Created by the same company, they are pretty impressive in their own right. But each one of the products comes with its fair share of features and benefits.

If you want to have a smart home, it’s always a good idea to know what you are getting into. And with these two products, you can indeed obtain some pretty impressive results. That’s why we have the VeraLite vs VeraEdge debate here. , so we can help make the process better and more convenient, as you try to choose the better option between the two!

VeraLite vs VeraEdge: Are They Both Great for Automation?

VeraLite and VeraEdge do a very good job at offering you smartphone as well as tablet connectivity. This means that you can install them and then you are good to go. You do need an internet connection for both, in fact, each unit connects to your router. That might seem like a bit of a hassle, but it actively works the way you want and you will be quite impressed with the way everything pays off in no time.

You should have no problem finding the best results with any of these units, as they are fully automated and once you set them up, you are good to go without that much of a problem.


VeraLite As the name suggests, this is one of the light versions but it’s still packing up quite the punch despite the lower price. When you want to get a home automation device, you expect to pay a lot of money for one.

While VeraLite is still a bit pricey for some people, it’s one of the most affordable tools that you can find out there when it comes to home automation. And that does say something about the industry as a whole and the features that you can obtain. But it’s well worth checking out and that’s the most important aspect in the end.

We liked the fact that you can connect up to 70 devices with it. That really pushes the boundaries when it comes to value and it does make it easy to have a fully connected home without problems. There are bound to be some mistakes here and there when it comes to installing those items. But VeraLite will point those out. So even if you encounter minor problems, the results will still be good.

The plug-and-play system used for VeraLite is magnificent. It has all the stuff you need without any problems and it works a lot better than you might imagine. They do a very good job when it comes to delivering all the systems you need in a clear package, and the results on their own are distinct and unique all the time.

The fact that you have 900+ compatible items is nice too. You really have control over a plethora of options here and that’s the most important aspect to focus on at the end. Receiving custom text messages for any issue is a nice touch too. At least you know that whenever there are issues, you receive a notification. And that as a whole is among some of the best possible benefits that you can have, just try to focus on that to achieve the best results.

When it comes to the overall range, we are pretty happy with it. You can go inside and outside without problems and the unit will work very well. People love the idea of adapting and adjusting all these things in order to obtain great results, and you might even be able to boost the range a little bit. It’s all about understanding the features you want and adapting all this stuff the way you want to. Is it a good idea? Of course, but you have to be consistent and you really need to focus on finding the right place for the unit. But it works and that’s what matters the most.

Maybe the best thing about VeraLite and its advantage in the battle of VeraLite vs VeraEdge is that it has a lot of portability. You can take it on trips and it can easily offer you a plethora of amazing solutions that you enjoy. All the little things matter here, and adding up all those features is what really matters the most for sure. It’s always important to understand the possible challenges and with VeraLite you can totally do that.

VeraLite Benefits

VeraLite does come with some nice benefits. You have great security features added in here, which do help a lot especially if you want to keep your home away from strangers or attackers. They do a very good job at alerting you whenever something happens, and that will be a great feature to have all the time.

It also helps you control energy consumption since you have a month to monthly energy settings already created for you. So you just have to pick whatever temperatures you want and then you are good to go. It works extremely well and it will be super adaptable and adjustable all the time, regardless of the situation.

We also like the fact that this controls lights, electronic appliances, entertainment systems, and many others. This is a very good option because you can automate your home easier than ever before. And you have all the control in the world, something that you rarely have in an adequate manner.

The package includes the VeraLite controller, batteries, an Ethernet cable, a power supply, and a guide. Not the massive package some people expect, but not a simple one either. Based on our experience, you do get just about all you want in the package and it does tend to work really well. You just have to check it out and the results will be more than ok. VeraLite has really more good wins in the battle of VeraLite vs. VeraEdge.


VeraEdge is basically the older brother of the LITE version. What this means is that you have pretty much all the features from that version as well as some added bonuses.

This is actually a good thing, as the true focus here is on security and energy efficiency. The unit does an amazing job at putting a true focus on that and it does tend to work really well in that situation. Of course, there are bound to be some challenges here if you want great results.

That being said, it’s always a good idea to push the boundaries as you get a better unit. In this case, VeraEdge does have support for more than 1200 devices. And they also allow you to control 220 of them at the same time. It sounds like a lot, and it really is, because you will rarely reach that number. Yet you do get all the value and efficiency you want from stuff like this, and that on its own will matter the most at the end of the day.

You don’t need to pay a monthly fee, which is actually a very good thing. You have a WPS easy push button if you want to connect to all the wireless devices in the region. They also allow you to control devices from a single app. Stuff like that will always work very well, and it’s super adaptable in its own right. It will work quite nicely in the end, all you have to do is to push the boundaries and really focus on the matter at hand.

Controlling stuff with your own app can be very special and exciting. It also makes it easy for you to have complete home automation in a single package without bothering with any of the menial stuff. The multi-camera viewer dashboard is a wonderful addition and it works very well. They also have a camera hot zone motion detection tool, something you will like quite a lot just because it gives the safety features you need in a powerful and impressive package to boot.

Adding devices and working with some pre-configured settings is always going to be a nice thing, especially if you want a lot of value and quality. It’s definitely a challenge to access all the features and benefits that come around with this sort of thing. You need value, you need commitment, and a lot of attention.

It will be worth it if you use VeraEdge, just because it’s pre-configured and even if you want to make changes, you can do that on the spot. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it situation, and the setup is very intuitive. They opted for the QA format which is very fast and helpful regardless of the situation.

Why VeraEdge?

That obviously depends on whether you want added security and other similar features. This unit does a very good job when it comes to keeping you safe at all times. You can turn off the lights while away from your home, lock doors, set the alarm with a single button, and so on. The home controller has carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, so if there are any potential problems that you have to deal with, the unit will let you know right away.

We like the fact that you can add window sensors and cameras. You just know that there are always some good and fun options for you to have, and the experience on its own can be downright exciting no matter the situation. It does take a bit of time to get used to the feature at hand, and the results on their own are among some of the best for sure.

You want VeraEdge many times in VeraLite vs VeraEdge because it has 2 times the RAM, which is used for offering a more flexible experience and better performance. At the same time, built-in Wi-Fi support will work very well and it will offer you all the features you want in a great package. You will have to pay a bit more when compared to the lite version. So it’s not the cheapest unit, but it does provide you with more security and improved support.

VeraLite vs VeraEdge: Which is the best?

This all comes down to how much you want to pay for your security and other additional features like that. For the most part, tools like VeraEdge and VeraLite are very similar. However, VeraEdge comes with support for hundreds of more devices, and it can also manage 20 more smart tools in case you need that extra number.

VeraEdge also has improved Wi-Fi support and one-touch control, something that comes in handy sooner rather than later. That’s why VeraEdge wins at this moment in VeraLite vs VeraEdge battle.

The installation process is basically the same, although VeraLite does come with a few more items inside the package. It’s also a portable unit, whereas the VeraEdge is not, you have to place it somewhere in your home and plug it in. That might be important if you want portability from your smart home control. Unfortunately, VeraEdge doesn’t give that at least for the time being, but things might change in the future.

When it comes to notifications, VeraLite gives only security alerts. VeraEdge gives energy consumption alerts, and if you get the smoke sensors you can get improved smoke detection alerts. You also receive security alerts too. So from a security standpoint, VeraEdge is very good and it has all the stuff you need in a great package.

In case you want to reconfigure settings, VeraLite requires you to do that manually. VeraEdge is the better option here because it adjusts settings automatically based on environmental changes and occupancy. All the little details count here, and that’s the most important aspect, to begin with. You just have to find a good, creative way to achieve all the results you need and with VeraEdge you can totally do that in no time.

Which one is the best from VeraLite vs VeraEdge comparison?

That is subject to interpretation. VeraEdge does a very good job when it comes to alerts, improved security, and overall better features. But it lacks the portability of the Lite version, so if you want portability and a lower price, you can go with VeraLite. Otherwise, if you have a higher budget you can safely use VeraEdge!