Choosing the Best Smartthings Compatible Cameras

Finding the best smartthings compatible cameras on the market can be a bit tricky, especially if you have a limited budget. But in the past few years, it has become a whole lot easier to find some high-quality smartthings compatible cameras. In fact, if you have less than $100 as a budget you can still get a good selection of cameras that you can use if you want to. With that in mind, here you have a list of some of the best cameras on the market that are seamlessly integrated with smartthings.

Best smartthings compatible cameras Reviews

Samsung SNH-V6414BN

The Samsung SNH-V6414BN is one of the most popular smartthings compatible cameras that you can find on the market. What makes this unit stand out, to begin with, is that it has 1080p support and it does a very good job at offering even a very impressive ultra-wide-angle, something you will enjoy quite a bit in that regard.

On top of that, it does a very good job at bringing in front an outstanding automatic lens distortion correction. You rarely see this kind of stuff nowadays, so it’s always impressive to access features like this and actually get a feel for them.

As we saw, the Samsung SNH-V6414BN worked very well without any flaws. We like the fact that it offers a clear picture during the day and during the night as well. As you know, many cameras don’t really deliver a good image during the night, so having this is definitely interesting and it does pay off quite a lot from that perspective.

We liked the fact that you can get even further with that since the unit can detect sound and movement. You will receive notifications if that happens. Even if it doesn’t happen often, it’s still a nice feature to have, as you might use it at times.


  • Very good quality
  • Excellent sound
  • Possible to view a remote stream directly thru the smartthings app with this camera
  • Large storage and two-way talk


Doesn’t pan/tilt and only has a partial view of a room


Since this is one of the most popular smartthings compatible cameras, you can imagine that the connectivity is pretty spot-on. They do a very good job with the overall quality, and the attention to detail is nice.

This unit’s a solid investment and one that brings in front a lot of potential. So you should totally check it out at the very least, as it’s a wonderful purchase that you need to check out no matter what!


Samsung SNH-P6410BN

What a lot of people like about the Samsung SNH-P6410BN is that this is one of the cameras with the nicest designs. While it can be quite pricey, the reality is that it looks amazing and it comes with all the features you need in a pretty comprehensive package.

They added a 1-year warranty, which is not exactly a lot. But it will totally serve its purpose, and that’s the most important thing for you in the end. That being said, you will also enjoy the fact that the unit has a 1080p full HD streaming and recording. It’s one of those little things that can really work the way you want, and with the right approach, it can be well worth it in the end.

This offers a nifty and comprehensive approach when it comes to value, and all of that does pay off a lot better than you might imagine at the end of the day. While it can take a little bit of time to get used to it, the additional features like audio detection and motion detection are really handy.

And the unit also allows you to add a micro SD card if you want, not to mention you can obtain all the notifications right in front of you if you want. All these things are great and they bring in front rewarding results all the time, no matter the outcome. It’s a wonderful opportunity and one that has the potential to pay off immensely for you in the end.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2 is one of the nicest smartthings compatible cameras and it really has all the stuff you need from it without racking up the price too much. They did a very good job creating a system that’s reliable, professional, and quite easy to use as well. The unit works with Alexa, so it does have voice support and the voice support is actually extremely impressive and interesting, to begin with.

Thanks to this unit, you can easily hear and speak to any visitor if you want to. They do require you to have a rechargeable battery, but at the same time, you can also connect it to the doorbell wires if you want. Monitoring your home with the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is really nice and you do get access to just about all the features you want in no time. The added infrared vision is super good too, and on its own, it can be more than ok.

The ability to access on-demand video is something really cool too, and it does work a lot better than you would imagine being honest. The sheer fact that you can also send any kind of alerts to your phone is super interesting, to begin with as well. It’s that type of thing that really pushes the boundaries and it brings in front some nifty benefits no matter what you do in there. It’s all about pushing the boundaries and finding the right system that works for you here.

The added lifetime protection is something that you rarely find on the market, but it does offer some good results all the time and it’s adjustable as well as adaptable to your own needs which is a good thing.

While using the Ring Video Doorbell 2 we always had a connection to the main unit and the entire experience was pleasant and fun. Of course, you need to adjust a few settings in order to make it work properly, but in the end, most units require that. This is one of the coolest designs that you can find on the market, and that on its own is really interesting.

If you are focused on finding the best value for the money, but as a whole results can be among some of the days. For the most part, this is a great unit and while it’s a part of a certain ecosystem, it still works really well and that’s what really matters the most for all users.

Arlo Q Plus

When you see Arlo Q Plus, you will automatically think that it has a cute design. And yes, it really is one of the best-looking smartthings compatible cameras that you can find on the market. The fact that it has 1080p HD resolution despite being so small is really nice. That means it’s a rather inconspicuous unit and on its own, it can provide you with plenty of benefits in no time.

What we liked a lot about the unit is that it allows you to hear everything very clearly during the night. That can be a great asset for people that want to use this for constant surveillance even during the night. Sure, it’s a small unit, but it’s a rather powerful one and it’s small things like this that can make a whole lot of a difference for you in the end.

The 2-way audio even allows you to communicate with people on the other side if you want to. It’s not a mandatory thing to consider, but it totally brings in front a whole lot of value and quality, so you should totally give it a try at the very least, to begin with.

It’s also important to note that the Arlo Q Plus comes with 7 days of free cloud recordings. You can keep lots of recordings in the cloud-free of charge, something that you can rarely find on the market in such a situation. It definitely works to your own advantage, and it’s something that you do want to take into account as much as possible.

As you might imagine, this works great with Google Assistant, Fire TV, Alexa, and so on. That’s great because you are always in control and you are free to adapt and adjust everything to suit your needs the right way.

It’s also important to note that they have custom alerts you can use to detect zones, people, and so on. It’s simple stuff like this that helps you improve the way you use Arlo Q Plus, and it does pay off quite a lot in the end. Sure, it might take a little while to adapt Arlo Q Plus to suit your needs, but the customization options and great connectivity make it one of the better smartthings compatible cameras.

Arlo Pro by Netgear Security System With Siren 

Arlo Pro’s approach makes it one of the nicest smartthings compatible cameras just because it’s small, fast, efficient and you can place it anywhere in your home. The fact that you don’t have to use wires with it is really exciting, and it gives you a lot of control over the entire process, to begin with.

We liked the fact that you have rechargeable batteries for it, and that on its own is very good. There’s no 1080p here but the small size of the unit basically tells you to not expect something like that. This is still ok because the ROI you can receive as a whole is more than ok for a unit of this size.

It could be a little better when it comes to that, but we do enjoy the fact that it’s waterproof, as that is very interesting and exciting, to say the least. It’s definitely doing a very good job when it comes to offering voice assistant support, and it does support some of the major voice assistants on the market.

Their 2-way audio system is cool and unique, and it allows you to communicate with people on the other side without that much of a hassle. It really helps you see just how reliable such a unit can actually be, and it will improve again and again based on a variety of factors that you need to take into account here.

In total, we find the Arlo Pro to be a cool little camera. It has weather resistance, so you can easily keep it outside without any problem. The night vision on this unit is spot on, and it can help you immensely whenever you want to use it. Adaptability is key with stuff like this, and for the most part, it works more than ok, to be honest.


In the end, all these smart things compatible cameras are a great purchase for anyone who wants to have a wonderful smart home. There are always adjustments and cool things to be made, but in the end, the outcome can be very good if you just take your time to customize everything. Either way, purchasing any of these cameras is a great idea, especially since they can enhance your home security and keep you informed about any issues!