Guide on How Often to Change Air Purifier Filter

The pollutants and specks of dust are trapped in an air filter that needs to be cleaned regularly. But How often do you change air purifier filters? The answer to the same is given below.

Air pollution in today’s time is skyrocketing. One cannot catch a breath of fresh air. These minute particles of dirt and dust have resulted in increased cases of allergies and Asthma.

As per the report published by The Global Asthma Report 2018, around 6% of children and 2% of adults in India have Asthma. A lot of that is due to allergies to airborne dust and particles.

One cannot avoid pollution outside, but what happens when this polluted air makes its way into our homes? No need to worry because if technology taketh away, it also giveth.

Do you feel suffocated at home because of unclean air? Here is the solution- Air purifiers. An air purifier is a device designed to purify the air in its intended proximity.

Air purifiers have made its way into many homes where it cleanses the dirt from the air making it breathable. Air purifiers are considered beneficial to people who have Asthma, chemical sensitivity, and allergies.

They work by trapping dust, eliminating foul odors, neutralizing smoke and chemical fumes, and removing germs.

Importance of regular filter replacement

An air purifier works best only if it is appropriately maintained. It requires periodical cleaning and filter replacements. The majority of air purifiers require a filter change; the duration depends mainly upon the filter type.

The first and foremost step of purchasing it is familiarising yourself with changing air purifier filtersIt is essential to learn the process through which you can check if the air filter needs to be replaced or not.

Air purifier ensures that you and your family breathe clean air devoid of irritants. It successfully manages to trap those foreign particles in its filter. As air passes through these filters, dust, allergens, and irritant particles get accumulated in the filter, making it dirty and saturated.

If the filter itself is unclean, the effectiveness of the air purifier diminishes. Not only is there no space left to trap additional dirt, and there is no space for sufficient airflow. Hence, how often to change air purifier filters is- periodically, to ensure its optimal functioning.

Do all filters need to be replaced?

Not all filters need to be continuously replaced. Buying disposable filters can be expensive; hence some sellers understood the long-term investment concept and thus entered permanent filters.

Permanent or washable filters do not have to be purchased routinely. How often to change air purifier filtersfor permanent filters depends upon their size.

Whenever the filter gets dirty, it can either be washed or vacuumed. Hence these filters must be regularly checked and cleaned to ensure their reusability for a more extended period. In the end, all filters need to be either replaced or washed to keep the air purifier running efficiently.

HEPA filters have the most extended lifespan and are very efficient in filtering out microscopic particles. Carbon filters can be replaced every three to four months. It is essential to know the longevity of filters before investing in an air purifier.

How often to change the air purifier filter

People who own air purifiers or are planning to buy one generally struggle with this question- How often to change air purifier filters? While the type of filter remains the main factor that helps understand when to replace filters, other factors play a role.

  • Default indoor air quality- If the air inside your home has more pollutants and dust, then the filter’s lifespan is shortened. For example, if your house is situated on a lower floor in the heart of a city, all the pollution from cars and factories around will have to be filtered. Thus the filter will get saturated faster.
  • Frequency of usage-  This is another major factor that decides How often to change air purifier filters. An air purifier that runs throughout the day, every day, will need a faster filter replacement than the one that is frequently used.
  • Water quality- This factor affected permanent filters. The quality of water at your house affects the lifespan of the filter. Tap water contains several mineral deposits that can reduce your filter’s lifespan by causing the pores’ unwanted clogging.
  • Filters- The lifespan of a filter depends on the type of filter. Four types of filters are used predominantly- HEPA filters, Carbon filters, Permanent filters, and Pre-filters. All these filters have different durability. For example, the HEPA filter has better longevity than Carbon filters.

The frequency of How often to change air purifier filters depends upon all these factors mentioned above.

Signs that the filter needs to be changed

Often because of our busy schedule and overwhelming work, we are unable to concentrate on such aspects.

An air purifier works its best when properly maintained-which includes changing the filter. Not all air purifier comes with an instilled signal device for changing filters.

These signs help you understand How often to change air purifier filters

  • The change in color of the filter to grey. This indicates a deposit of dirt and dust clogging the pores.
  • Your home has more dust than usual.
  • If you have pets, it is easier to understand if the filter needs changing as visible pets dander in the house.
  • The allergies related to dust and dirt are kicking in for you or your family members.
  • The foul order and fogginess because of pollutants are back.

All these signs can help one understand how often to change air purifier filtersAs these start to appear, replace or wash the filter at once. It takes time for these signs to appear; hence try to do a routine check yourself rather than waiting for these signs to show up.


Air purifiers have helped a lot of people breathe fresh air in their homes. The key to the longevity of these cleaners is periodic maintenance. It is vital to research how often to change air purifier filtersfor cleaner and breathable air.

It is understandable that with a busy lifestyle, all these things are often forgotten. Hence it is essential to do proper research into the type of filter required before investing in an air purifier.