Corner Toilet for Your Small Bathroom- Pros & Cons

Best Corner Toilet: Have you ever had the experience of owning a low-quality toilet in your house? If you have, what a pity. A toilet seems to be an underestimated household appliance in your house, but it truly plays a crucial role in keeping your life convenient.

A toilet with great functions and features can help to save much of your money on water bills. Besides, it can save a lot of water to help maintain this type of limited resource, and a well-made toilet can do many other wonderful tasks.

However, not everyone stands a good chance of installing a high-quality toilet in the bathrooms because of the limited space. This is not the matter anymore! In this post, we will provide you with the best corner toilet review for you to opt for a space-saving and multifunctional toilet.

But first, let’s have a quick look at things you should focus on when buying a corner toilet.

Things To Consider When Buying Corner Toilet

Exact Dimensions

Actually, not all toilets categorized as corner toilets have the same size. Some models are made smaller than the average, so they can create a little irritation when used. Therefore, you need to determine the actual dimensions before getting to buy any corner toilet.

To spot the most precise dimensions, you should look them up on the official websites and catalogs of the manufacturers.

Water-saving Or Not?

This feature should be included in any type of toilet, not only in the corner toilets. A cornet toilet should consist of a dual-flushing system so that you can decide how much water will be used for flushing. Or else, the corner toilet you choose should consume as little water as possible to wash out the dirty particles.

Why does it have to be a water-saving corner toilet? Water-saving function not only helps you to economize money, but it also protects the limited water source.

Normally, a water-saving corner toilet will consume less than 1.6 gallons of water for each flush.

Power And Efficiency Of A Flush

Many people assume that a water-saving corner toilet doesn’t perform a powerful flush to effectively wipe out bacteria and dirt particles. This is totally wrong. The reason is that the power and efficiency of a flush do not depend on the amount of water utilized for flushing. In fact, the flushing system will decide the efficiency and power of the flush.

There are two common types of flushing systems that will improve the strength of the flush:

The pressure-assisted flushing system will wash away all the dirty particles with one flush only. By forcing the water to come out with pressurized air, every flush of this system is extremely powerful.

The gravity flushing system will take advantage of the weight of water and gravity to wipe out all the dirt and mold.

Height Of The Seat

The seat height depends on who will frequently use the toilet. If your house has more than one bathroom, you need to define the specific group of people who will use the bathroom. Then, you install the corner toilet with a seat suitable for the height and shape of these people.

Let’s take an example! In the bathroom for your children or people with average height, the corner toilet should include a lower seat. On the contrary, in the bathroom for higher adults, the seat of the corner toilet should be medium-sized or higher.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Corner Toilet


  • Creating an open look for your bathrooms
  • Saving space for installing other bathroom equipment
  • Making it simple for you to modify other gadgets in your bathroom after a long time of use
  • You can build a small bathroom to save space for other rooms
  • Apart from the compact size, corner toilets still possess great features like other regular-sized toilets


  • It’s quite challenging to install a corner toilet. The reason is that the main drain and the water supply for a corner toilet are hard to reach
  • Repair and maintenance are difficult due to the inaccessible plumbing
  • Corner toilets will not come in various colors and choices
  • If you now have a traditional toilet and you want to replace it with a corner toilet, you have to break the floor to spot the main drain

Best Corner Toilet Review

Signature Hardware 443130 Braeburn

Signature Hardware is a company founded in 1999. Although it was established many years after brands like Kohler, American Standard, and so on, the Signature Hardware 443130 Braeburn still proves the quality of the brand.

The company created the 443130 Braeburn with a view to bringing a suitable corner toilet for customers who want to save space in their bathrooms. This model features a two-piece design combined with a standard commode and a separate tank. Hence, it is particularly compact to be placed in the corner of the bathroom.

Also, the Signature Hardware 443130 Braeburn is made from polished porcelain with glossy white. The material not only improves the durability of the toilet, but also makes the toilet glossy. Besides, the valve for flushing coated in chrome contributes to the impressive and high-end outlook of the model.

What’s more, this corner toilet can significantly reduce the slamming noise created by the lid and the seat. The reason is that the lid is designed to close softly whether you gently close it or not. Plus, the Signature Hardware 443130 Braeburn consists of a wonderful tramway to eliminate the risk of clogging.

When flushing, this corner toilet generates a flow rate of 1.28 gallons of water. Despite the small amount of water, the flushing system can still wash away all the nasty stains and particles.

However, the Signature Hardware 443130 Braeburn doesn’t have a dual flush system. You just have only one option of flushing.


  • Polished porcelain
  • Water-saving
  • Well-designed lid
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No dual flush


Kohler K-6299-0 Veil Wall-Hung Elongated

When you look for a space-saving toilet, you should opt for a model that can be hung on the wall. And this one, Kohler K-6299-0, can be one of the most optimal choices for your bathroom.

This corner toilet will impress any customer with its versatility because it can be hung on every spot in your bathroom.

This Kohler K-6299-0 Veil is a one-piece toilet. By this we mean, the product, after being installed on the wall, will hide all its components of it inside the wall. To be exact, the tank and the hardware for mounting won’t create a mess in your bathroom. Therefore, the corner toilet from Kohler brings a sanitary sense so that you will enjoy it being set up in your bathroom.

Furthermore, the Kohler K-6299-O Veil features an elongated bowl for your utmost comfort. With the elongated bowl, you can freely place your legs when using this toilet. Also, this model is designed in clean white, so it has the outlook of a high-end product.

What’s more, the straightforward installation is another remarkable feature of this corner toilet. The assembly won’t take you so much time to complete. Plus, the setting up of the seat is so simple that anyone can do the job.

However, you need to pay extra money to buy an extra tank or additional hardware used to mount the toilet.


  • Easy installation
  • Dual flush
  • Space-saving design
  • Simple cleaning


  • Demands extra hardware for mounting


Sheffield Corner 2

best Corner toilet reviews

The first impression this Sheffield toilet makes on you is its elegant design. Plus, with a round bowl, this model can save much of the space in your bathroom. Hence, you can take advantage of the spare space for installing other necessary gadgets.

This Sheffield Corner 2 is an excellent solution for a small bathroom. Apart from the special design, this model features an outstanding flushing system with two buttons for 2 modes of flushing.

When you need to wash away big and solid waste, you can release 1.6 gallons of water with one button. This amount of water is normally used for flushing on many models. On the contrary, for basic washing purposes, you can release just 0.8 gallons of water with the other button.

Moreover, the corner toilet of Sheffield will provide you with a space-saving design. As a result, it will bring you a sense of a spacious bathroom. Besides, this corner toilet is carefully made with smooth curves to create elegance for your bathroom.

Also, these curves simplify the cleaning task for users. Hence, the stains will no longer annoy you.

Additionally, Sheffield Corner 2 has such a quiet operation. The noise it produces while flushing is minimized as much as possible. If someone uses this toilet in the evening, it won’t disturb others’ sleep.

There is one point that we don’t like about this product. The company seems to underestimate the seat and seat cover, so they are poorly made. These two components look like two pieces of cheap plastic.


  • Water-saving
  • Dual flush
  • Quiet operation
  • Simple cleaning


  • Cheap plastic seat and seat cover


American Standard 270AD001.020 Cadet 3

If you are looking for a toilet that keeps your bathroom spacious and performs outstanding functions, this American Standard 270AD001.020 Cadet 3 must be the one.

This American Standard has such a powerful flush. With one flush only, the flushing system will wipe out all the dirty particles and bulky waste. Therefore, your corner toilet will always be in spotless condition.

Also, the corner toilet from American Standard helps to save a lot of water thanks to its water-saving flush. In detail, this model consumes 1.28 gallons of water for each flush. And here is the most noteworthy feature of this 280AS001.020 Cadet 3, comfort.

The seat of this corner toilet has a suitable height for any gender and age to comfortably sit on. Also, the seat is certificated with the ADA requirements.

Apart from the well-made seat, the American Standard 270AD001.020 is designed with an elongated bowl so that you can have more space for placing your legs. Two wonderful features combined will increase the comfort of the toilet to its utmost.

Plus, this model’s bowl height is quite taller than the average height of other corner toilets. From the top of the base to the seat is 17 inches. Hence, it enhances convenience for users.

Furthermore, the corner toilet from American Standard comes with an EverClean surface and a big valve for flushing, making it effortless to clean up the toilet and keep it sanitary. Thanks to this brilliant feature, you can eliminate unpleasant odors and stains in the toilet.

The minor disadvantage of this American Standard Cadet 3 is the noisy loud it generates while flushing.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • EverClean surface
  • ADA Seat
  • Elongated bowl


  • Noisy flush


Troyt Corner 2-Piece Round Toilet

Here comes a corner toilet from Renovators Supply Manufacturing. This one is specially designed for a small bathroom, but it doesn’t mean that the Troy Corner 2 will lack the essential features of a high-quality toilet.

To acquire the space-saving design, the company inserts an excellent tank design into this product. Despite the compact shape, the tank is still sufficient to contain the water needed for flushing.

Besides, the whole product is made from scratch-proof and stain-proof material, which will enhance the durability of the toilet. The heavy-duty porcelain will ensure the toughness of this toilet regardless of improper contact.

With the white ceramic outlook, the Troyt Corner 2 looks exactly like a high-end piece of bathroom gadget. Thus, it will definitely bring a luxurious vibe to the bathroom.

What’s more, this model is a must-have item for people looking for a water-saving corner toilet. The Troyt Corner 2 is equipped with a dual flushing system, so you can decide the amount of water for flushing based on the type of particles you want to wash away.

Moreover, unlike bulky toilets with complicated parts, this corner toilet can be assembled easily with a straightforward guide and simple components.

There is one minor drawback that needs to fix in this model. Its lid seems not to go down fully if you release your hands while closing it.


  • Compact shape
  • Heavy-duty porcelain
  • Easy assembly
  • Ceramic material


  • The lid needs to be fixed


WoodBridge T-0020 Corner Toilet

best Corner toilet reviewsWoodBridge, established in 2005, is a company specializing in manufacturing household appliances. Products of this brand vary from bathroom appliances to kitchen gadgets. Yet, the product that marks the name WoodBridge on the market is the WoodBridge T-0020.

This corner toilet has a luxurious and modern design. As you can see, the toilet from WoodBridge is made with a contemporary style. Also, the square parts assembled together create a sleek shape for the toilet. What’s more, this model looks robust with high-quality construction.

Furthermore, the toilet of WoodBridge includes a skirted tramway. It means that the cleaning of this product is getting easier than ever. Additionally, the tramway doesn’t consist of any groove or corner, so it offers a sleek look when placed in your bathroom.

In addition, the flushing system is another prominent feature of this corner toilet. You will be impressed by how quiet the flushing system of this model is. However, it doesn’t mean that the quiet flush will lead to less powerful washing. In fact, the flush of the WoodBridge T-0020 won’t cause any clog or leak while use.

Another great feature of this corner toilet is the high-end seat. The seat always closes gently and won’t cause irritating noise when being closed or opened.

Despite all the outstanding features above, this WoodBridge toilet is quite complicated to install. The installation of this WoodBridge should be upgraded to be more convenient.


  • Decent outlook
  • Compact design
  • Quiet and powerful flush
  • Softly opened/closed seat


  • Complicated installation


Intelflo Macerating Toilet Kit

best Corner toilet reviews

In this corner toilet, the most prominent feature of it is the macerator pump with 500W. Also, the pump is manufactured with an electric motor to make the pumping easier and more effortless. Plus, the copper wires of the pump enhance the durability of the product.

Furthermore, the Intelflo Macerating Toilet can create a powerful and quiet flush with the stainless steel blades. Thus, clogging has never been a serious problem with this model.

What’s more, the corner toilet from Intelflo features 4 water inlets. We bet that you couldn’t have seen any traditional toilets with more inlets than this one. As a result, you just have to opt for one pump to connect this toilet to a sink, washer, toilet, or bathroom.

The disadvantage of this corner toilet is that it lacks instructions for assembling. Therefore, you have to look up the installation guide on the Internet.


  • Electric pump
  • 4 water inlet
  • Powerful and quiet flush


  • The installation instructions are not included

Things you may be interested in:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Space-Saving Corner Toilet?

A corner toilet is a type of toilet specially designed to place in the corner of the bathroom, hung on the wall, or any other small spot in the bathroom.

Usually, a corner toilet will come with a tank that has a triangle shape. Therefore, you can install the toilet in almost every corner of the bathroom.

With such a unique design, the corner toilet can save up a lot of spare space in your bathroom. Thus, you can place more essential bathroom gadgets.

Who Should Use A Corner Toilet?

Unlike traditional toilets that have bulky designs, a corner toilet is designed in a sleek and compact style. As a result, it is the most optimal choice for people who are working out to save some space in their bathroom.

To be more specific, there is some type of people that should use a corner toilet. Firstly, if you live in a small residence and want to economize the bathroom space for other rooms, you should place a corner toilet in the bathroom.

Moreover, if you are a college student and you are living alone in an average-sized apartment, you should opt for a corner toilet. First and foremost, a corner toilet is simple to install. Next, it won’t take up much space. Finally, it can save water for your water bills every month.

Step-to-step Tutorial To Measure A Rough-In Corner Toilet?

  • Check the longest and widest points of the bowl
  • Double-check for sure

How To Install A Corner Toilet?

  • Make sure you keep the wax ring in place in the flange of the toilet
  • Insert the anchor bolts upwards and through the toilet flange
  • Put the mounting holes of the toilet exactly on the anchor bolts
  • Impose a slight force to keep the toilet tight on the wax ring
  • Nut the anchor bolts by threading washers
  • Tighten the tank with nuts and washers
  • At the bottom of the tank, find the water supply tubes and connect them
  • Install the toilet seat
  • Use glue to stick the toilet with its base

How To Replace A Corner Toilet?

  • Make sure that the water supply must be detached from the tank
  • Uninstall the used wax ring
  • Remove the old anchor bolts

Bottom Lines

We have shared with you the best corner toilet review. If you are confused about choosing a corner toilet for your bathroom, we hope that the in-depth review may help you a little bit. Tell us which one will be your choice in the comment section. Keep following for more articles.