Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet Review

The Kohler Santa Rosa toilet is a stylish, performance-packed single-piece flushing toilet. Designed using the latest sophisticated technology, this toilet is water-efficient, making it a great water conservation appliance.

This Kohler toilet is extremely easy and effortless to clean. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about stubborn stains when using the toilet even in homes with young kids. Generally, the toilet is durable and hence it holds up well against wear and tear.

Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet Review


Kohler Santa Rosa toilet

Details this product

Item Weight
Product Dimensions
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer
Installation Method
Item Package Quantity
Water Consumption
Flush Type
Handle/Lever Placement
Number of Handles
Batteries Required?
Warranty Description
102 pounds
31 x 20.75 x 29 inches
12 Inch
Floor Mounted
1.28 Gallons per Flush
Gravity Flush Toilets
One-year limited warranty

Solid one-piece construction

Usually, one-piece toilets are incredibly strong, solid, and sturdy. This is because one-piece designs ensure that there are no connecting parts but instead, the toilet is solid from top to bottom. Kohler is known to use superior materials and design concepts when constructing their products. Therefore, when you invest in the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet, you can be assured that it will remain intact throughout its life. The bowl and tank in the toilet are constructed using heavy-duty materials that are able to sustain the wear and tear of daily use.

The one-piece construction of the toilet integrates the bowl and tank into a seamless compact design. This not only provides ease of cleaning but also convenience when operating the toilet. The toilet also features a Brevia quiet-close seat that complements the appearance and overall reliability of the toilet.

Comfort and convenience of use

According to most Kohler Santa Rosa toilet reviews online, one of the things that stand out about the toilet is that it is comfortable and convenient to use. The compact elongated bowl in the toilet provides added comfort while at the same time ensuring that it occurs in the same space just like round front bowls. This in turn ensures that the elongated bowl does not take up too much space, especially in a small bathroom.

Another comfortable feature of the toilet is that it features a comfort height functionality. This feature provides chair heat seating which in turn makes it comfortable and easy to sit down and stand up for all people, including children. Ideally, the toilet is a great choice for a typical family since it will be easy and convenient to use by all members of the family.

High-performance and water-efficient

If you can never go wrong when you invest in this Kohler Santa Rosa toilet. This is because the bathroom boasts high performance and efficiency. With this toilet, you never have to flush twice. This is because it clears everything with just a single flush. The cistern and other parts of the toilet are designed to perform optimally throughout the life of the toaster. The toilet uses gravity force and a precision-engineered bowl, tank, and tramway for creating strong siphoning forces when flushing.

If you are looking for a way to reduce your domestic water expenses, then there is no better way than investing in a Santa Rosa toilet by Kohler. Unlike other toilets that use a lot of water when flushing, this Kohler model only uses 1.28 gallons with every flush. Therefore, the toilet uses a considerably low amount of water throughout its life even when used multiple times during the day.

Easy to clean and maintain

The seamless one-piece design of the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet ensures that there are fewer creases and seams. This in turn makes it quite easy to wipe, clean, and thoroughly wash the toilet after every use. What is more to note about the toilet is that its surfaces are non-stick and as such, the possibility of staining is quite low. When washing the toilet, you just need to use a cleaning brush and standard toilet detergents for a sparkling clean wash.

The toilet is the perfect solution for homeowners shopping for high-end toilets that are easy and affordable to maintain. Since all the parts in the Santa Rosa toilet are high quality, you need not worry about the toilet falling apart or breaking down. The AquaPiston flush engine in the tank features innovatively designed and developed parts that are solid and hence reliable for a long time.

Quite-close seat

The toilet seat in the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet boasts quiet and noise-free operation. As such, you can close the seat in the dead of the night without worrying about causing any unnecessary and disturbing noise. The Grip-Tight Cachet (Q3) toilet seat prides itself on an innovative technology that is designed to make it effortless to install and clean the seat. Additionally, the technology prevents the seat from slamming thereby guaranteeing quiet closes.

For purposes of a leak-free operation, the toilet features a durable canister design with 90% less exposed sealing material. Therefore, when using the toilet, you do not have to concern yourself with water leaks that are common in sub-standard quality toilets.

Simple installation

Hiring a professional plumber to install your toilet is an added expense. This is why Kohler designs the Santa Rosa toilet model with a simple installation concept. It is worth noting that the installation of the toilet is effortless with help from the self-explanatory guide that comes with the toilets. For DIY project lovers, installing this toilet is a breeze.

The flushing handle is also high quality and hence does not break. Additionally, the handle is ergonomically designed for a non-slip grip. For such a high-end toilet, it goes without saying that all the parts and accessories of the toilet are designed and built to last.

Pros and Cons of Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet


  1. Strong and sturdy one-piece construction
  2. Water-efficient and compliant with EPA flushing guidelines
  3. Features a soft-close lid
  4. Seamless and easy-to-clean design
  5. Compact elongated bowl for enhanced comfort


  1. The trip-lever is only left-hand sided

Personal opinion

Ideally, the Santa Rosa toilet by Kohler is designed to perfection. The toilet has strong flushing power with less water usage. As such, when you invest in the toilet, you can be guaranteed to enjoy a convenient and exciting experience while ensuring that you do not dent your pockets with high water bills.

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If you are looking for the best flushing toilet worth investing in, you should consider the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet. This toilet is designed to provide you with the best results by guaranteeing that you never need to flash twice. At the end of the day, this is a toilet that will give the best value for your hard-earned cash.

Most Kohler Santa Rosa reviews have it that the toilet is a worthy investment. From its ease of operation, superior design, and overall durability, the toilet offers you more than you bargain for. Its ease of cleaning and affordable maintenance, are some of the aspects that most people love most about the toilet. The attractive shiny white surfaces of the toilet provide an enhanced décor effect in the bathroom. You can never go wrong with this toilet even if you have young kids.

This stylish toilet by Kohler features a comfortable design that is flexible for use by everyone including people with back problems. With the right maintenance, appropriate use, and regular cleaning, the toilet is guaranteed to last a lifetime while ensuring that its performance remains at its peak at all times.