Kohler Wellworth Toilet Review

The history of Kohler Wellworth toilet dates back to 1936 when the company launched its first toilet. Since then, the brand has consistently become a pacesetter as far as classy and uniquely designed toilets with impressive features are concerned.

As evident in Kohler Wellworth toilet reviews online, the brand is reputable and popular for designing and developing highly efficient and reliable toilets. The toilet is a unique two-piece dual-flush toilet with a left-hand trip lever.

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Kohler Wellworth Toilet Review

Details this product

Item Weight
Item Package Quantity
Number Of Pieces
Water Consumption
Flush Type
Handle/Lever Placement
Number of Handles
Batteries Included?
Warranty Description
86.3 pounds
1.6 Gallons per Flush
Gravity Flush Toilets
One-year Limited Warranty


For starters, the K-3987-0 K-3987-0 features a two-piece construction that implies that the toilet is delivered as two separate toilet pieces; the toilet bowl and tank. The best thing about this construction is that it makes the toilet portable and hence easy to move around. In addition to this, you can effortlessly take the toilet apart in case you need to undertake a remodeling project in the bathroom.

The workmanship and craftsmanship of the toilet make it possible to have a round bowl that takes up little space. As such, if you have a small bathroom or would like to redesign your bathroom to have more appliances, the K-3987-0 will fit easily and perfectly. In addition to this, the design of the round toilet bowl is done uniquely so that it is comfortable to sit on even for long durations when relieving yourself.


When it comes to performance, you should not have any doubts whatsoever whether the K-3987-0 will deliver to your expectations. This is because the toilet is designed and developed uniquely to possess the best performance.

For starters, the unique class five flushing technology in the toilet ensures that the toilet is not susceptible or vulnerable to clogging. The canister flush valve in the flushing system ensures that it pushes enough water into the toilet bowl from every side and hence increasing flushing effectiveness.

Being a two-piece toilet, it is worth noting that this Kohler toilet features a wax ring that prevents leaking, once you have mounted the toilet. Therefore, with this toilet, you are not likely to incur frequent plumbing costs attributed to leaking. What is more to know about this model just like other Kohler toilets is that its high performance guarantees that maintenance of the toilet is a breeze.

The trip lever is easy to operate and hence you do not need to exert too much effort when flushing down the toilet. This left-hand trip level activates both flushes thereby making this toilet model ideal for people with reading problems such as dyslexic persons who are likely to struggle when figuring out the right flushing button to press. The lever allows users to choose between 1.1 or 1.6 water gallons per flush.

Material and design

This two-piece Kohler K-3987-0 toilet features an all-modern design that enhances a classy, exquisite, and exclusive look in your bathroom.

The toilet boasts an elongated bowl that has a standard height for flexible use by everyone including children and people with back problems. The installation of the toilet is straightforward since it comes with a standard 12” rough-in. There is a 2 1/8” trap way that minimizes the risk and likelihood of clogging.

The only setback about this high-end toilet is that the toilet is only available in white. Therefore, if your bathroom features a unique theme and pattern that does not require a white toilet, you should consider another model.

However, it goes without saying that model has no effect whatsoever on the performance and efficiency of the toilet.

Water consumption

Water consumption is a crucial factor worth considering when shopping for a flushing toilet. This is because it determines how much water you will need to flush down the toilet and consequently the water bills you are likely to incur.

This Kohler toilet is an amazing water-saver as it uses 1.1/1.6 water gallons for every flush. What is more amazing about the toilet is that it has a powerful flushing system that requires you to flush only once. Therefore, with this K-3987-0 toilet, you do not need to worry about wasting water.


The affordability of a flushing toilet is not dependent only on the cost of the purchase of the toilet. Other factors come into play when you are considering the affordability of a toilet. For instance, the operation costs, maintenance, and overall wear and tear are factors worth considering.

Kohler Wellworth toilet

This K-3987-0 Kohler toilet is an affordable purchase with respect to its operational costs, reliability, and durability. In addition, to use minimal water for every flush, this toilet is designed to last a lifetime without requiring any constant repair and maintenance.

It is worth noting that if you take the best care of this toilet seat, it can last for years without requiring any form of replacement or repair.

Common Kohler Wellworth Toilet Problems

Despite this high-end two-piece set toilet being a classy and exclusive toilet, there are a few problems that are likely to occur along the way. However, these problems are not a result of poor workmanship and craftsmanship, they are mostly due to lack of proper maintenance and inappropriate use. Some of these problems and issues include:

  1. If you incorrectly set the floating device, the fill valve may close sooner than it is supposed to. This in turn will allow more water to fill in the tank and consequently cause water wastage. To prevent this problem from arising, it is advisable to ensure that you set the floating device correctly. You can hire a plumber to install the toilet for you if you are unable to do it on your own.
  2. The trip lever may break when you apply excessive effort and pressure when flushing the toilet. Due to this, you should always flush the toilet gently so that the trip lever and the entire flushing system remain in good working condition.


  1. Water-efficient hence eliminates water wastage
  2. Efficient and reliable class-five flushing technology
  3. Durable construction
  4. Wide flush valves that provide for a single flushing experience
  5. Easy to install and clean


  1. The toilet is not comfortable for tall people

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This Kohler Wellworth toilet boasts some of the finest and most amazing features that are designed to bring joy and fun to any bathroom. The toilet is ideal for both home and commercial use in restaurants, hospitals, and even churches. If you are looking for a toilet that is designed to bring about uniqueness, class, and life to your bathroom, then this is the ultimate toilet to invest in.

Homeowners who have invested in this dual-flush toilet by Kohler note that it is worth every penny it costs. From its simple installation to the ease of cleaning and efficient performance, the toilet is designed to meet the needs of all its users. Most people love the fact that it is easy to operate for everyone including children and people with reading and sight difficulties.

The elongated bowl in the toilet is comfortable to sit on for long durations according to most online reviews left on the toilet. However, there are users who have it that the bowls are slightly uncomfortable for excessively tall people. However, the slight discomfort is compensated for by the unique performance and durability of the toilet.